Obama Sold El Chapo A Cannon?

Obama Sold El Chapo A Cannon?

It shouldn’t surprise many but there have now been as many as possibly 70 firearms that have ended up in the hands of the highest powered bad guys.

It is simply a horrific reality to learn that the weapon found in the home of El Chapo (a fifty caliber big enough to take down helicopters) was sold in essence by the administration to the criminals.

But the larger point is unmistakable. The Obama administration has been 100% talk on gun safety in this world, and 0% effective.

It is grotesquely disingenuous to say that guns are a problem–while attempting to disarm Americans–but thoroughly ignore a plan wholly conceived to actively put guns into the hands of the worst creatures possible.

The next President must roll back every limiting executive action that the current administration has implemented to attempt to prevent us from defending ourselves.

And it would be wonderful if the next President also prosecuted the former Attorney General and his ilk who got our border patrolmen killed, and armed thugs that should never be allowed to be near such weapons.

Bottom line — arm as many law abiding citizens as possible, and enforce laws that prevent terrorists, drug lords, and convicts from getting them.

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Obama Sold El Chapo A Cannon?

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