The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

When the President was first elected, I pledged to wait from the day of his election–to his then swearing in–to begin critique of his public policy. I promised to do so because in the day of the first “post racial” President I felt it was a necessary discipline to criticize him on policy, actions, behaviors, and decisions rather than abstract arguments like birth certificates and “the President is a secret Muslim” conspiracies.For the duration of his presidency I have kept this rule. I have not bought into the conspiracies, I have observed what our courts have said about the birth certificate, and I have narrowed my critique to what his actions are. In my nine-week number one political best-seller NO HE CAN’T I refined those arguments to four specific sections of critique–and even complimented him on an attribute I found admirable.None of the above has shielded me from the irrationally insane defenders of the President from labeling me racist, homophobic, bigoted, and the usually invoked stuff the left throws out when they have absolutely nothing to debate you of substance over.Early in his Presidency I felt his view points were just wrong, as time went by I believed his goals were misguided/short-sighted, as his term continued I believed his policies were damaging, but now I believe his decision making is treacherous.It is for that final item that I have publicly now finally called for what many normal people who listen to me on close to a 1000 affiliates a day have been saying–some for months–that the time for impeaching President Obama has come. They believe this is imperatively important if the Senate is won by the opposing party in November.For the record I was on-the-air and on the record supporting the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. Lying to a federal prosecutor is a felony and in every sense of the word a felony is a high crime. But I also believe direct imperilment of the nation–treachery–is as well. And on the level of treacherous acts the President’s administration stands singularly cast as the worst Presidential administration in American history.Highlights as to why:1. Fast and Furious Scandal: running high powered weapons to major drug cartels on purpose ended up getting border patrol personnel killed with the same weapons in just days to weeks following.2. Black Panther Case Nullification: with an actual conviction in hand against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, blocking the free access to polling stations, and literal threatening of press who showed up to cover it, as well as those they believed to be against the President, the administration purposefully voids the consequences of the behavior that was dangerous to the welfare of the voting public.3. 2009 State Dinner Breaches: any breach of security is problematic but to do so more than once is pure recklessness.4. Benghazi Attack on 9.11.12: No idea where the President was during the attack from 5:16pm the night of till nearly 6:30am the next morning. His lack of action the evening of the battle, seems to have led to a deadly malaise that comes with voids in leadership vacuums.5. The Benghazi Cover-Up: The lack of truth telling about everything related to the attack is a crime that still haunts the victims’ families of the ambassador, the navy seals, and the retired air-man who all lost their lives that night. What we know that the President knew was that as of 5:30-5:45pm the night of the attack, the Pentagon notified the White House that this was not a spontaneous demonstration, that it was terrorism, and connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that the White House then developed talking points–in the midst of a contested Presidential election–that told factually untrue things about the origin of the attack. The Ambassador to the United Nations–at the President’s behest–told these to the nation on five separate Sunday morning news network broadcasts. The President then repeated these points, along with the Secretary of State to the victims’ families at Andrews Air Force base. The President then repeated these false assumptions again to the world at the United Nations’ general assembly. And even as the military has now supposedly found and arrested the terrorist behind the Benghazi attack, the administration has yet to admit that the action of 9.11.12 was an orchestrated terror attack.7. The Bowe Bergdahl disaster: Pretending to obtain the “freedom” of an individual who walked away from his unit, in betrayal of his nation, who declared jihad against America, and desired to become and be part of the Taliban is a national embarrassment. But on it’s own it is an acceptance of the betrayal of the nation. Hosting this individual’s parents in a Rose Garden ceremony, while his dad speaks to him via television in the language of the terrorists is unfathomable.8. The Release of the Taliban 5: Allowing five of the worst terrorists captured in the fight against us, admitting that he fully believes they will return to the fight against us, and in a straight face attempting to argue that it was the right thing to do defies credulity. The problem that they have already taken visitors from Al Qaeda, the Taliban of Pakistan, the Taliban of Afghanistan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah demonstrates that they are far from being “in custody” and likely are already scouting out locales to begin planning their next contribution to the intifada against the USA.9. Changing the Rules of Engagement on USA Border: With a flurry of rules being changed and implemented in the last two weeks, Border Patrol have been turned into a feckless, powerless, agency that is disallowed to do even what their name implies. And since the rule changes have gone into effect, hundreds per hour, and thousands per day are violating our border’s sovereignty–among them Syrians, Egyptians, and Saudis.10. Watching Al Qaeda Take Iraq: Forgetting that 4000 brave Americans paid the ultimate price to give freedom to the Iraqi people, the greatest cost of this passive action is the possible beginning of a testing ground for a new Al Qaeda territory, where they may plan, train, refine, and execute plans against the free world. The confiscation of vehicles, weapons, and ammunition coupled with the robbery of up to one half billion dollars will make defeating them difficult under any circumstances–much less ones where a complete lack of discernment or priorities is understood.Each of these ten items has contributed to the direct treachery that we face as a people. Each of them crossing a threshold by which the President’s actions went from being merely offensive or damaging to the health of the United States, to actually being dangerous to our welfare.One could make an argument that any of them singularly might be grounds for impeachment. But the sum total of their impact collectively leaves little doubt that whether his motives are negligent or intentional, his decisions are not trust worthy, and for this he deserves to be removed from office.

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