Obama’s Solution: Greater Islamic Integration

The chasm between the American public and the current occupant of the White House has never been so obvious, so wide, and so unrepairable.
This weekend the nation will set record box office numbers going to see a movie, directed by one of the keynote speakers of the last GOP convention. A movie that deals exclusively with the real life drama of how the most successful American sniper in military history targeted and killed muslim terrorists as a part of the responsibility he swore to perform faithfully. That responsibility was to defend and protect the United States of America.
And then there’s that other guy who has sworn to do the same.
What did his actions consist of over the past week?
He started out verbally fumbling all over himself, refusing to identify the muslim terrorists involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre as muslims, and he ended it by lecturing Europe (who just experienced their equivalent to our 9.11) on his theory that if “only” they would “integrate muslims better” they would be much more safe.
Most notably he did not have proper representation at a unity march against muslim terror groups in Paris. And as Bill Clinton said this week, “If Mahmoud Abbas can attend, knowing that Benjamin Netanyahu was going to be there…” Is there really any excuse for our administration?
Maybe there actually is, and maybe he revealed it Friday in his lecture to the European continent.
He said, “Our biggest advantage is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans. There is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition,” he said. “There are parts of Europe in which that is not the case and that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces.”
Besides the fact that it sounds annoyingly arrogant, that is patently a false statement.
America has Islamic encampments right now that number just over 100 locations. One of them not 40 miles from where I broadcast daily at the corner of Broadway and Wall Street. But America suffered a loss of nearly 3000 people on 9.11, add to that the Fort Hood Shooting, the Boston Marathon blast and we’ve also endured a disproportional amount of terrorism from Muslims.
He uses the United States as a way of saying things are peachy, when in reality we are easily as vulnerable as any other freedom loving nation.

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