About Those Planned Parenthood "Idiots"

This week the future of Planned Parenthood careened into near elimination for the first real time since its creation.

That’s correct. It’s taken way too long, but the organization founded by the racist Margaret Sanger, and who wished to use it for the elimination of black children, is heading towards it’s final end.

It has too. The sickness is too public, too harsh, too hellish for America to now ignore.

One way to tell is that those supporting its insanity are demonstrating their own lack of reality in the pushback. Thanks to thirty months of incredible undercover work by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood is about to get a sieve in it’s taxpayer jugular, and with any fortune the carcass will not take long to expire. The only unjust aspect of it all is that even with the prison time that what appears several Planned Parenthood executives now deserve—their punishment still won’t be quite as crunchy as those illegal breech abortions, partial-birth, and born alive (all three of which are illegal.)

One of those fighting back on their behalf is someone named Rebecca Watson. She fancies herself a “skepchick” (which must mean “blogger with a penchant for artificial hair color.”)

In a foul-mouthed YouTube–on July 28th—titled: “Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F—ing Idiots,” Rebecca let loose, “It’s weird for those of us with two brain cells to rub together, that this is even a thing. Because first of all, obviously Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell BABY PARTS. Jesus f—ing christ, get a hold of yourselves. Baby parts!”

She proceeded to then claim the portions of the baby’s body were mere “tissue” and that the “parent” was desiring to donate it to research to stop Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s.

Her only reaction to the currently released videos by the Center for Medical Progress (4 at time of this writing) is that they were maliciously edited.

The goal of the video was to garner widely recognized attention—a level of which she succeeded as evidenced by this column. In the social media circles it even surpassed Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, and her appearance on the sympathetic George Stephanopoulos broadcast. Though I had never heard of Rebecca Watson her nasty mouth, belligerent, profane ignorance was sitting in my newsfeed and in the very headline she was screaming that I was an f—ing idiot.


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