Angels, Shepherds, Songs…

Angels, Shepherds, Songs…

Angels from the realms of glory…

Too overwhelming of a possibility for most of us to believe could actually happen! Yet it did.

Another significant part of the amazing reality that is the birth of the promised one!

As Ray Pritchard puts it:

It is impossible to miss the supernatural element in the birth of Jesus. Angels pop up all over the Christmas story. An angel tells Mary she will give birth to Jesus. An angel tells Joseph to call his name Jesus. An angel warns Mary and Joseph to flee to Egypt. An angel tells them when it’s safe to return to Israel. An angel announces the birth of Christ to the shepherds, and then the angelic choir serenades them.

Many miracles surround Christmas—the angels, the star, the dreams, the prophecies, and most of all, the virgin birth. But those miracles are just signs pointing to the greatest miracle of all: That someone from the “other world” has visited our world. Someone from the world of light came to the world of darkness. Someone from the eternal came to the temporary. Someone from heaven came to live with us on earth!

The Angels have also been part of the most magical wonder for kids as they are drawn into the story. One of my children’s favorite parts of this year’s favorite Christmas book. Try for yourself.

Merry Christmas Eve!

My prayer is that none of us miss the miraculous!

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