Actual Audio: Hillary Lying To Benghazi Families

Actual Audio: Hillary Lying To Benghazi Families

She said she didn’t. She claimed she never told the family members that their loved ones (and our heroes) were killed by spontaneous demonstration.

She claims she never implied that anything in Benghazi was connected to the YouTube video.

She claims that she never had two different stories when she issues a State Department statement to the public (the night of the attack) and said that it was connected to public demonstrations, and then fifty minutes emailed her daughter confirming it was an Al Qaeda mission.

She claimed she never  had two different stories when she told the Egyptian government that it had nothing to do with the video but then turned around  and to the faces of the Benghazi families led them to believe that it was just a spontaneous demonstration reacting to a stupid YouTube video.

Hillary is a far worse deceiver than her husband ever was. Either that or she just doesn’t believe we will fact check her.

But last night in the final hour we released the exclusive audio that proves she did what she claims she didn’t. Her voice, her words, no fog of war, not even late at night–just a somber, middle of the afternoon at Andrews Air Base, and exactly what she told the families of those who lost their lives in Benghazi.

Fantastically blatantly dishonest…

Scarily, sadly, disrespectful to our heroes, their families, and to we the people.

This person must never be allowed to become Preaident!

Listen to the second half of my final hour from last night’s headline making broadcast:

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