Bedtime Masterpiece Classics: This Is Not My Hat!

Bedtime Masterpiece Classics: This Is Not My Hat!

The week before Christmas we launched one of our new projects: Bedtime Masterpiece Classics.

Honest to goodness bedtime stories, read by an honest to goodness dad who LIVES to read bedtime stories to his own kids.

The graphics are always shot on a simple iPhone and the soundtrack is purposefully simple. Simple sound design, simple music, and very simple graphics with just a skosh of movement to create intrigue while the read of the book is designed to both comfort, and draw in the young person.

This is only the second in what we trust will end up being a treasured collection of children’s bedtime masterpieces that you will want your children to come back to again and again.

Now… about that little hat…

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Bedtime Masterpiece Classics: This Is Not My Hat!

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