Why did we have to apologize?

Why did we have to apologize?

There was something truly stomach churning about watching our finest having to grovel to Iranian state television thugs:


I don’t know about you. But I am thoroughly unsatisfied with every piece of the explanation I have heard over the matter of 10 of our Navy being held as captives in Iran for even a single night. Within minutes of learning of the issue, why didn’t our President and all proper lines of command take all necessary action to immediately demand their release?

Will we ever know?

We were first told they had mechanical failure. What were the parts that failed? How did the repairs take place? Can anyone verify any of it?

We were told that they were treated well. Why were their hands commanded above their heads as though they were criminals? Why were they forcibly taken from their boats?

We were told that they were going to be on their way shortly… at 5pm on TUESDAY. Why was it well in to Wednesday before they appeared to be?

Why didn’t the President address the matter in the State Of The Union–knowing most Americans were concerned for the safety and welfare of our sailors? Was it because he was as feckless on the matter as he is on the issue of our private citizens that Iran is also illegally holding?

Why did Vice President Biden insist that no apology was given, when clearly our boys were coerced into offering one?

Why did John Kerry even get to open his mouth?

See why I’m dissatisfied?

This incident stunk from the first moment it was reported on Tuesday. Even after their supposed release, it still stinks. I believe there is something else far more nefarious that either happened or was on the brink of happening, that we will only find out about someday in the distant future.

Sadly I also doubt our top officials have the stomach to do anything more to reveal any more details.

Iran is not to be trusted–haven’t been since they busted up their free society in exchange for some whack-jobs in bed-sheets. Their people desire to be free, and they are suffering too.

It is those who choke hold the power into their tiny few hands that believe they are preparing for the end-of-days showdowns with the biggest Satans on the planet that we must watch.

But it would be nice–so, very, nice–if we had an administration who had the backs of our servicemen and women as much as they have ours.

It’s my feeling that we failed them last night.

I HOPE… I’m wrong!

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