America should be GOOD! Not “Great!”

America should be GOOD! Not “Great!”

Goodness has been a hard thing to see in the election of 2016.

Most of the reason is because we haven’t demanded it from the candidates.

The two front-runners of each party have lied to the voters repeatedly. Pretty much about everything, every day, every time.

Couple that with the entire “Make America GREAT Again” theme and a major deception is being played out. “Winning” has become the priority, but we have replaced what winning used to mean with more or less “getting our way.”

As I am in the midst of raising sons my thoughts quickly revert in these moments to what I want my boys to take away from this moment in history.

Is it the picture of a man telling his political opponents or his global competitors to go “fxxx” themselves? Is it to follow a man who said as recently as Saturday night that the number one abortionist in America (384,000 abortions annually that we paid $1600 apiece for as taxpayers) does “wonderful things?”

What do I want my sons to take away from the election?

Is it that it’s ok to lie to the American people about building a wall when he already knows he will not build it and that Mexico will never pay for it? Is it ok to lie about it because as he points out in his book The Art Of The Deal, every negotiation has to start out with something so fantastic and huge that no one has the strength to call you out on it?

Our founders, many of whom I doubt Donald Trump has ever read much less taken to heart talked at length about America’s greatness being tied to her willingness to use her financial and military strength to also be GOOD!

Morally good…

When no one else will…

The video above details exactly what they looks like.

Please watch.

Please consider!

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2 thoughts on “America should be GOOD! Not “Great!”

  1. I am not a follower of Donald Trump but give him his due by correcting Kevin McCullough’s remarks about him and the wall on Mexico’s border. Trump did NOT say he would get Mexico to build the wall. With my own ears I heard Trump say:
    1) WE will build the wall we were supposed to build.
    2) Mexico will pay for that wall.
    3) Mexico will pay by virtue of the U.S. withholding funds earmarked for Mexico and using that money to pay for the wall.

    Why did I hear something vastly different from what Kevin thinks he heard?
    Or is Trump saying different things at different times?

    1. Trump has expressed his build the wall in MANY different ways…I don’t think he knows how he’s going to do it…he’s just bloviating that he will do it…he probably will…I’m not a Trump fan either…his overwhelming bullying and arrogance is a huge turn off for me…it wasn’t that way at first. At first, I liked the idea that he was paying his own way,and asking questions/addressing issues that everyone was thinking about, but no one was responding to, but the only thing worse than being accountable to big businesses and special interests is being accountable to NO ONE!!! If Trump doesn’t like what someone says, he sets out to destroy them…whatever happened to agree to disagree…he flounders on faith issues…I don’t care if he’s a Christian or not, but he should be honest about it instead of floundering through scriptures and their references…just say something like, “I believe in God, but my faith isn’t all that important to me.”

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America should be GOOD! Not “Great!”

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