But was it a smear?

In their feistiest debate to date Bernie tries to imply that Hillary is corrupt because she took bigger gifts from fewer people (“big Wall Street”) if you will. But Bernie has taken in tens of millions from many more donors. It’s as though somehow the morality of one another is being judged exclusively on the grounds of the SIZE of the gifts and the numbers of people giving them.

But is that the basis for ANY moral determination?

Isn’t money merely an amoral tool? Like a fork, a pencil, a tractor, isn’t money and the morality attached to it determined by how people use it?

I think she’s living a dual existence and it’s hard for her, but I also believe that the lack of moral enlightenment prevents both she and Sanders from discussing actual issues related to the people they are asking the support of.

What say you?

Some of you weighed in on #QueenHillary on-the-air:

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But was it a smear?

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