Pastors: Just F#$&ing VOTE Trump!

My mother said to me many times throughout my formative years, “The use of profanity is the sign of a poor vocabulary.”

Many more times she would remind me that we should think and fill our minds on “whatever things are pure.”

And maybe more times than those combined she would remind me that “Love is patient, Love is kind.” (Capitalized for emphasis because His Love is superior to all others!”

There are many reasons why every day Christians have no business voting for “Planned Parenthood’s Man Of The Year in 2015: Donald J. Trump.” But I can NOT fathom how believers who serve in public places of ministry (Pastors of huge mega-churches, Presidents of Christian Universities, Writers of Christian devotionals, Christian actors, and people who put any importance on work of genuine kingdom focus) can publicly encourage others to defy their consciences, and their knowledge of even the three admonitions at the beginning of this piece, and vote for a man who openly talks about others like this.

And hear me clearly. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m not saying I’ve never thought ungodly thoughts about our enemies. I’m not saying that my heart is ever 100% pure–though I desire it to be.

But this kind of vain vulgarity, in public, and taking those who are captive at his event to the equally profane places mentally is NOT something Christian ministry leaders should be advocating and patting on the back.

Christian leaders will be people that some will look to for rationale on who’s good and not good to vote for. And for Christian ministry leaders to automatically pick one of the worse options is anathema. 

It also seems to me that in order to do so, when equally strong candidates exist, here this early in a primary, is an abdication of prophetic influence, voice, and responsibility.

So pastors, presidents, writers, actors, who name the name of Christ I have but one question for you and for Mr. Trump.

What business has The Holy with the profane?

In Mr. Trump’s case I guess it’s just because he has such a weak vocabulary?

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