Psalm 55:22

Psalm 55:22

“Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow His children (the righteous) to be shaken.”

Got burdens?

About to lose your home? Too much month for the money? Too much stress for the day? Too much pain for the heart? Too much worry for your mind? Too much distraction for your focus? Too much anxiety for your day? Too much day for your rest? Too much restlessness for your sleep? Much uncertainty? Much fear? Much much?

The psalmist says “cast…”

He didn’t say drag, strain, lift, or push.

Cast… Like casting a fishing line, or tossing paper in a waste bin. Cast your “much” on Him!

He’s God, He’s powerful, He’s capable…

He’s Daddy, He’s present, He LOVES…

So cast all of your much… He’s got this. And He LOVES his children!


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Psalm 55:22

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