Trumpangelicals… Who Is They?

Trumpangelicals… Who Is They?

Why are 32% of the Evangelicals who are voting supporting Donald Trump in the primary season this year?

Kevin? What? How can you say only 32% of Evangelicals are supporting the Trumpster?

Because that’s the way it is.

68% of Evangelicals are opposing him. And 70% of Republicans are opposing him. In fact IF he wins the nomination, he is at this point poised to do it with a lower percentage of the vote than Romney and McCain COMBINED.

And since Marco Rubio is losing Florida to Trump he should drop out and make this a true two man race.

But all that aside, my friend and fellow broadcast colleague at Salem Media Group – Steve Deace penned a superb analysis for actual evangelicals and their supposed support for the Trump, what it means, and why it is important.

We get into a lot of other items as well. And I want every one of you to buy his new book A NEFARIOUS PLOT.

But here’s a preview, and some pretty “yuggggggge” Binge Thinking for tonight:

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