Definitive Video and Timeline of Lewandowski/Fields

Definitive Video and Timeline of Lewandowski/Fields

The most definitive timeline of the Corey Lewandowski incident. Not surprising it took Megyn to compile the exact timeline, with all the supporting pieces of evidence contained therein.

If this were a court of law, Lewandowski would be pronounced guilty–by a jury of his peers, by a judge, by pretty much anyone with eye-sight.

David Wohl does exactly what people hate about the Trump camp. He lies–repeatedly–and attempts to shame anyone viewing the actual evidence of which there is plenty from believing their own senses. Shapiro perfectly summarizes that fact at the end.

It does not matter if it doesn’t appear to be “very serious” to Donald Trump. The law is written as the law is written.

It is piggish and disgusting that repeatedly time after time Trump and everyone around him continuously treats the people that they believe are beneath them as though they are disposable trash.

And that list of people that he treats that way is getting longer by the day.

But who wouldn’t be surprised by Mr. President Punch-them-in-the-face?

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Definitive Video and Timeline of Lewandowski/Fields

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