Psalm 61:3

“For You have been a refuge for me; a tower of strength against the enemy.”

Whenever we are most __________ what is the one thing that makes it begin to be better? Is it not the idea that are not alone? That we have someone to turn to? Or hide behind? 

If God desires to be such a person to us, is it not of great comfort to know–as cubs under his care–that His mane is just such a refuge?

We say it repeatedly here at the #AslanROARS project but it worth remembering. Aslan’s roars sound ferocious to all who hear.

And while in the heart of the predator that ferocity speaks fear to the heart of the evil one, to His cubs it screams of his fierce protection. 

What a refuge!

What a tower of strength!


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Psalm 61:3

time to read: 1 min