So about Trump “winning…”

So about that whole talking point that #TrumpTrain keeps making, constantly, on and on, until you wanna smash their lips through the thread of a tennis racket (*Trump’s idea for how to handle opponents, not mine*):

“Our guy is the only guy who can beat Hillary!”

Yeah… Except for being completely wrong it’s a really clever statement.

According to the latest poll–in a state where few have been done–Trump would lose BOTH to Hillary AND to Sanders… BAD!

See in order to win you have to get more votes than the Democrats…

I say this because the #TrumpTrain still doesn’t even tend to understand that a majority means 50% + 1.

I also say this because I grow tired of hearing #TrumpTrain accuse #NeverTrump of advocating cheating (though I’ve not heard even one #NeverTrump advocate or offer one strategy that would include cheating.)


I’ve heard many, many, many–in fact mostly ALL–#TrumpTrain passengers actually insist that the nomination be “given” to Trump even if he never approaches 50.19% of the vote (1237 delegates to be precise.)

That in a word would amount to cheating because he would have failed to reach the minimum requirement necessary to have earned the nomination.

What’s also damaging to #TrumpTrain is just how well Cruz performed against Hillary and Sanders in the same poll.

He slaughtered both of them.

       Cruz 60% vs. Clinton 32%

       Cruz 52% vs. Sanders 38%

Incidentally he is getting 50% in the GOP match-up in the new polling in Utah. If it holds through tomorrow’s elections it would mean that he would now have registered actual majorities in 2 states of all the races held. No other republican candidate has even one state secured with a majority.

The GOP can not win in November by losing what should be strongly held red states. And Utah must be dependably red for the GOP to have a chance at defeating Hillary.

They need someone who can expand the base bring in *new* voters–while simultaneously getting past supporters activated as well.

And so far in poll after poll after poll…

Trump loses in general election match up after general election match up. And that means he is not bringing *new* voters into the process for the GOP. What he is doing is motivating Soros, MoveOn, and BlackLivesMatter to cross party lines in open states and vote for him because… He is the easiest to beat in November.

Democratic big wigs are even producing videos basically encouraging it!

In his own party’s primary it appears he will slip to third in Utah… In a three man race… That’s called last place.

We will soon see for real. Utah votes tomorrow!

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