#NeverTarget: Deserved It!

Target Stores have wreaked in recent history.

When I was a wee lad I remember when the lower cost retail chain launched. I don’t believe till that time my mother had ever expressed interest in a store ever as much.

KMart style prices with a Sears or JCPenny quality of inventory you’ve got to understand that in the early 70’s this was a BIG deal!

Not so much now though.

A year or so ago they lost the private shopping credit data of every customer in their system. The loss was enormous and their sorrow at it seemed like a yawn.

I was glad at the time that we never opened a Target store card account.

Now I will need to convince the mother of my sons to abandon the temptation for Target’s goods all together because after today my family is forbidden from using a single cent of the money I work for to prop up the future molestation of children that was entirely avoidable.

Target has evidently decided to publicize finally what has been a quietly allowed policy of letting customers choose the bathroom they’d like to use based on what “gender” they believe they are at that single moment.

It’s not politically correct to say this but you have no right to use a public relief facility based on what genitalia you’d like to have.

Those who differ with me argue that if society forces a person who has a biological vagina (instead of an imaginary one) to be in a room with other biological vaginas that this will somehow do inestimable mental damage to the person who has the biological vagina but wishes they had a biological penis.

Read my lips Target, those of you who can read, and any who may still be unclear on my cynicism here: relief facilities should operate exclusively on the basis of sex–and if that is too insensitive–then hold it till you get home.

Those rules are very easy to understand for my five and three year olds!

This isn’t about mocking someone who has a penis and wishes they had a vagina. Or vice versa. This is about taking out your creepily unhealthy “presence” in the safe space that women deserve to use without fear of repercussion.

By the way… Where are all the “rape-culture” harpies on this?

You’re willing to throw a kid into lockdown for having sex with you on campus–after you said “yes,” but letting penises near you in the ladies’ is perfectly harmless?

What in the name of everything holy are you thinking?

So here’s the deal Target, Springsteen, and Hollywood.

Let all the confused of every variety into the men’s room. Vaginas who want to be penises will have little impact on the people who are desperate enough to use a men’s public facility. But since men like me tend to have fabulous constitutions I’ve discovered I can literally go nearly all day without needing such a stop. 

Those sporting vaginas will be incapable of using wall urinals and take up the already limited supply of stalls to begin with. Penises who are self loathing will either have to wait in line for the stalls or just loathe themselves a bit more.

If you feel like God made the mistake that’s your issue with the Almighty.

You know who’s problem it’s not?

Every father’s daughter who deserves peace and not a creeped out existence in the privacy of her privacy.

Less than a day of Target’s announced policy and problems have already occurred.

The media is painting the states–North Carolina, Mississippi–as being full of holy-roller weirdos for objecting.

In reality it all relates to a theological doctrine, something reformed Christians in particular believe quite strongly: the depravity of man.

Humans can not be trusted. Self selection in our most vulnerable environments is abject stupidity.

And the amount of damage it will inflict specifically on the young girls of families is far too high a price.

Stop it now before many Dads end up cruelly and brutally injuring the creepers that WILL abuse whatever good is intended to be represented in such policies.

But as for our house…


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