So… all the really dirty, nasty, stuff WAS true?

So… all the really dirty, nasty, stuff WAS true?



All the grossly immoral, reprobate, disgusting piggish ugly nastiness that the tawdry scandals implied for one candidate turned out to be 100% true.

I knew he protested too much. I knew that he was squealing a little too much like a stuck pig.

I don’t know how women can stand behind the “man” but one thing is for sure. He’s a nasty, na-sty, na-sty, guy…


Donald J. Trump.

Oh you thought I was referring to someone else? Why would I be? There is ZERO evidence of any other current presidential candidate ever having stepped out on his wife.

But we know that Trump did… multiple times.

But that wasn’t the nastiness I was referring to. The grossly immoral reprobate stuff is how he attempted to pretend he didn’t have anything to do with the affair accusations against Ted Cruz. But it turns out he did. His campaign even echoing the softly peddled, and completely unsubstantiated rumors through social media this week with some weird video claiming that one of the randomly pictured women in the National Enquirer story once “wore” a “suit jacket” that belonged to Senator Cruz.

Everyone knows how immoral it is for a true man to offer his suit jacket to a woman who may be freezing in one of those big event ballrooms at a hotel and such.

I somehow missed that the woman in question appeared on Jake Tapper last week and completely repudiated the claims made against her. A woman I’ve always believed to be honorable, God fearing, and an amazingly dedicated mother and wife (especially while leaving in and amongst the slimey non-human animal life forms in Washington DC) was wrongfully accused. What I appreciated most is that she didn’t merely repudiate the claims but went further to assert her life’s priorities and her ultimate goals in life.

So… to be clear #TrumpTrain did play a role in advancing these sick rumors, and attempted to slime good people. And for those who still claim otherwise–everyone involved is STILL considering legal action against those who are found to have been responsible for the smears.

But that’s only PART of the sleazy sickness that pervades the cesspool of Donald Trump’s mind and operations.

I mean lest we forget–he left two women he was married to–for *new* women to be in bed with.

I know that secular minded–non-morally bothered–people don’t seem to get worked up about it. But if you break your commitment to the person you supposedly love more in this life than anyone else… Heh?

But evidently there is another grotesque sickness he has exhibited and publicly joked about on multiple occasions: the sexual prowess of his daughters.

And not just ONE of his daughters, but BOTH of his daughters…

Honest to Pete, he just can’t let it go…


Seriously… it’s ALWAYS on his brain… especially as it relates to her!

It’s just always on his mind…


I quit…

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