Massive Sexuality Study: “NOT born this way.”

The argument centering on the issue of which bathroom Americans are suddenly confused about using grew out of the issue that centered around marriage which grew out of the issue of “settled science,” which turns out isn’t settled at all but rather downright fluid.

How do we know?

Well mankind’s selfish depravity mainly. 

But the evidence is revealed in a new study that will be difficult to argue against.

Let me back up.

Progressive leftism demands that science conforms to its moral viewpoint. (Or more accurately said, their lack of one.) 

Without any actual objective proof, the left argues that the entirety of the scientific community agrees upon the claims global warming is man made. 

They then poll only scientists who agree with that conclusion and proclaim that the issue is settled.

Scientists who disagree are excommunicated not just from participating in the research but if the left has their way–from the realm of science completely. They are excoriated, isolated, and marginalized.

The left then proclaims the “settled” science, not for the purpose of enlightenment and liberation through the application of learned knowledge. No the left uses the “settled science” as would a bully–attempting to control the lives of those who disagree with them politically.

As this has been repeatedly demonstrated in the area of the demogoguery of global warming, the arena of human sexuality is even more hotly manipulated by leftists.

This week in the Philadelphia Inquirer a new and massive study essentially debunks the idea that sexual activity (orientation) is a hard wired reality.

The study actually proves the exact opposite.

Nearly 34,000 people over 41 years were surveyed and the results were compelling. 

Compelling from the standpoint that the left’s assertions that those who participate in sexual abberration (everything outside of traditional heteronormative and relationally committed and monogamous exclusivity) do so because they are “born that way” is in essence–bogus.

The number of U.S. adults who said they had at least one same-sex sexual partner doubled between the early 1990s – that question wasn’t asked earlier – and the early 2010s, from 3.6 to 8.7 percent for women and from 4.5 to 8.2 percent for men. Bisexual behavior rose from 3.1 to 7.7 percent, accounting for most of the change.

The survey found that only 1.7 percent of men and 0.9 percent of women said they had exclusively homosexual sex.

The survey–the largest of its kind–is in essence admitting that there is far more non-heterosexual activity occurring by far more people in the population that are heterosexual in their own perception than those that identify as homosexual.

In fact over the 41 year period those who engaged exclusively in homosexual activity–the study found relatively unchanged.

This is almost impossible to comprehend since this is the same 41 year period that saw the acts of homosexual activities go from being defined as abberrant behaviors in psychological textbooks to the foremost celebrated form of sexual expression in society. Even a freshly won Supreme Court case finding a constitutional “right” to codify such behavior as a substitute for sacred marriage hasn’t appeared to change the numbers. 

What has changed is the sexual appetite and behaviors of the majority of the culture. “Heterosexuals” now are engaging (or more precisely have engaged) in homosexual activity at rates 10-12 times that of “homosexuals.” Heterosexuals (presumably many of the same) now see nothing objectionable to engaging in homosexual activity–to the tune of 49%. Only 11% morally condoned it 41 years ago.

The study also found that the sexual inclinations were adjustable (manipulatable) by other influences in ones life. There was also a gender disparity in the results.

For women, same-sex experiences are much more common among those who are younger. Only 2.4 percent of women born before 1945 said they had had sex with another woman. More than 12 percent of Millennials and 11 percent of Generation Xers said in the latest surveys that they had done so.

Women who attended church once a month or more were less likely to have sex with other women.

Long story short the survey reveals a great deal. Far more than even the writer of the piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer felt she could reveal.

Sexual behavior is always a choice. 

The left has spent 30 years or more pretending it isn’t and then raising their hands to proclaim the science is settled.

Most recently the abject ignorance of the President to acknowledge human choice in sexual behavior in advancing the abberrant behavior of men in women’s locker rooms and changing facilities is just the latest incarnation of it.

The only difference in the left’s proclamation in this issue and that of the question of the climate is that they wish to use the climate issue to control your life.

And they wish to say that fate has sentenced them to a sexual inclination of (fill in the blank) to control your ability to claim a normative moral viewpoint.

It’s also ultimately the desire (primary motivation) of the left to erase God.

For if the left is “needed” to “protect” the environment, then God is not capable doing as He claims in scripture. The holy writ asserts that God both created and sustains the very earth.

And if God is not seen as the one who creates and sustains, then the left will argue that He is also mute when it comes to moral authority over our choices and behaviors.

The left worships leftism. A godless worldview that is one of the most jealous religious systems ever devised.

God interrupts that.

But it is very interesting that after 41 years. Mankind reveals the truth that even the left tries to hide.

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