Buhks, Chunes, & the Show…

This is my little spot to point you back to some highlights of shows and resources you may have missed during the week, but would definitely wish to reconnect with.

It’s affectionately titled “Buhks & Chunes” because an Irish songwriting friend of mine has uttered the words a hundred times and I always thought it was catchy. What he is actually saying is “books & tunes!”

We are also going to add highlights of the show that may not be attached to resources but rather just really important content for your use:

This week a variety of resources came to the fore.

The wife/mother/singer/songwriter Julianna Zobrist has some incredibly important things to say about lessons she is in the process of learning and walking through in life.

She is the wife of Ben Zobrist who won the World Series last year with the Kansas City Royals and is now a member of the division leading Chicago Cubs. And after a fresh win against the New York Mets, he had time to make it to a pre-interview showcase.

Julianna and Ben graciously invited me to her showcase the night before and then while Ben put a beating on the New York Mets, Julianna came to the studio and talked music. It was an honest and raw discussion about the challenges she has faced. The complete version of that interview can be obtained in podcast form by clicking here. However you can also watch the Facebook *LIVE* videocast of the discussion as well:


“YOU BLOCKHEAD” –  Everybody loved Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. But not everyone gets to chat with the famous: Lucy Van Pelt.  Tracy Stratford, original voice actor for the girl who always caused Charlie Brown such misery, explained the still new project of the Peanuts’ gang attempt at teaching American children our nation’s great history. 




UPDATE: Our last edition mentioned two resources that have made a bit of news since.

First our friends Keith & Kristyn Getty received the tremendous news that in their debut week their new project Facing A Task Unfinished scored #4 on the Billboard music chart. It also scored #1 for “Praise & Worship” (globally), as well as #1 for “Christian–UK” sub categories. This marks the boldest start for any Getty Music project in their history! We are thrilled for them!

Our friend and colleague Eric Metaxas cracked the Amazon Top 100 for all books with his new title If You Can Keep It debuting at #97. He finished the week at #3 in “Political Science,” and #1 in “Commentary & Opinion.”

And what’s the one thing they both had in common?
See? Speaking to the “Binge Thinker” is always a tremendous advantage!

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