Resource Strategies: Ideas To Help You Live Life To The Fullest

I was recently challenged by a long ago listener and friend on something I fully agreed with.

“So is all you cover Hillary and Trump,” came the question. “I would imagine with the ability to reach people that you have, there would be so much more that you could do.”

The words didn’t sting, because even I have grown–at times–predictably bored or exasperated with this election cycle. The options are what they are, I report on the news of the day, and that’s that. Not much more to go on.

But the words of my friend did penetrate deep inside my brain, because the point is a true one. And sometimes you just need to see it from one more perspective to help you get it.

I’ve also realized my life is such a bigger collection of interests, experiences, and I hope goodness in a variety of arenas that I think there might be much more to discover, learn, and spread. This is so especially true for those of us with large media platforms.

I say it on the air all the time but if I really mean it, I have to live it too.

“If we want a different world, we have to grow different people!”

So that’s what my new stream of posts and articles housed here at the Binge Thinker will take space to focus on.

DO NOT WORRY! The political and news analysis that I get paid to give will still be a key portion of my commentary here, but a new category of material will also begin to appear: RESOURCE STRATEGIES: Ideas To Help You Live Life To The Fullest.

Each installment will have singular focus on one area of life. They may be health, financial, relational, spiritual, and various other areas that we just do not discuss in the *breaking news* environment of my on-air commentary. But they will be a resource to you that you can find via #hashtags, topic search, or just casual browsing.

One of the resources I feel truly humbled to be able to bring to the fore in this area are the vast numbers of experts I get to converse with and engage in an on-going, never-ending, always-more-to-be-learned dialogue in these areas of life. So every feature will include some short pithy examinations of the topic, and practical, easy, and helpful take-aways to get you thinking. That is what we do around these parts is it not?

So begin to look for them. You’ll spot them by the light-bulb graphic (the universal symbol for an idea,) filled with gears (because they must be able to function properly,) carved of wood (to represent the work that goes into improving the life you wish to lead.)


And I promise I will do my best to give you great expertise, in compact, simple to use reminders that the most satisfying life we can imagine DOES exist, and it’s within reach, and with basic focus can yet be accomplished.

I look forward to the journey with you!

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