Hillary: Strange & Deeply Disturbing

Hillary: Strange & Deeply Disturbing

On the day after the FBI announced that it was reopening the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the former Secretary of State implied in a speech to supporters on the campaign trail that the FBI’s actions were strange, unprecedented & deeply disturbing.

It may be the least self-aware statement a politician has ever made while running for office.

Ironically, “strange, unprecedented and deeply disturbing,” where the identical emotions and thoughts that were quietly revealed to the media via the voice of one of the investigators of the original 100 agents that worked the case. In the stunning revelation the agent confessed that all 100 agents that worked the original email case believed Hillary Clinton had violated national security so badly that she should have her national security clearance revoked. Similarly all six of the department of justice attorneys that work the case believed that she should have been indicted.

These agents and attorneys believed the evidence in the original case was so strong that it was disheartening, dismaying, and literally sickening that the Justice Department nor the FBI moved forward with further inquiry. Prosecutors across America went on cable and print outlets to decry the actions & to proclaim that had they been given the same case that they not not only would have indicted, but would have argued a guilty verdict to a successful conclusion.

Fast forward to this last Thursday, in unrelated circumstances, as FBI agents poured over the sexting details of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Something profoundly disturbing and connected to the Hillary Clinton email case was discovered.

Enough of a something was found that it forced the FBI director’s hand to take actions that he had specifically attempted to avoid for many weeks–the reopening of the FBI’s efforts in Hillary Clinton’s criminal email endeavors.

The very thing he had hoped to avoid–which was to take further action, close to the election–was now forced upon him, his investigators and now the voters of America.

Predictably, without missing a beat, Hillary Clinton rose to the occasion of defiant hubris, strong disdain and likely greater abuse of the American people.

As rumor swirls as to what the evidence may actually prove, armchair analysts have been proffering their thoughts throughout the weekend.

Mine are as follows:
1. Hillary’s people are some of the least intelligent when it comes to using technology.
2. Such recklessness has not only opened up threats against our nation but now her very campaign.
3. With the knowledge that the device is retrieved from the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner home, and that it is likely that both used said device for extended periods of time, it is likely that direct evidence that contradicts previous testimony has been discovered.
4. As Ms. Abedin was Hillary’s closest and personal confidant, it is entirely possible that tens of thousands if not all thirty thousand email that the campaign attempted to bleach from the original servers had a second “carbon copy” home that most forgot about.
5. Given that in the leaked emails from John Podesta alone there appears to be systematic attempt to commit felonies such as suppression of evidence, destruction of evidence, collusion, and corruption, one can only guess at the gold mine of criminality tens of thousands previously undiscovered but believe to be destroyed emails might contain.

It is understandable that the Clinton campaign spent most of the last several days contacting lawyers, and publicly calling for the release of more information.

Being kept in the dark is not a position that anyone with the last name of Clinton is in any way familiar with. As each minute transpires, in which they do not know the actual facts of what the FBI now does, the gnawing in the pit of their stomach eats away at their deceptive souls. It also prevents them from formulating lies to counteract what has been uncovered.

The vast majority of observers also rightly point out that this kind of surprise–again through an unrelated investigation–was created by only one person–Hillary Clinton herself.

Had she but followed State Department protocols and used her assigned server for official State Department work this conversation would never be occurring.

Had she turned over her emails when so instructed by a federal judge and a Congressional subpoena, this would not have happened.

Had she instructed her aides to do the same… etc.

Every last ounce of this last minute panic that she feels in her heart tonight, is of her own doing, her own creation, and perhaps finally her own reaping.

Hillary Clinton claims that the FBI–merely doing its job–is strange, unprecedented, and deeply disturbing.

Given the fact that it is entirely possible that she is looking at actual prison time I understand her panic.

Kevin McCullough is afternoon drive host for Salem Media Group of New York, the nationally syndicated host of “The Kevin McCullough Show” & “Radio Night *LIVE*” Saturdays (9-11pm EST) . Ranked as 11th most listened to talk host in America by TALKERS magazine. A weekly commentator on the FoxNews Channel.

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