10 Reasons To See (& ❤️️) “Rogue One”

10 Reasons To See (& ❤️️) “Rogue One”

Having seen all of the STAR WARS feature films and being fully apprised of the best and worst of them all, I thought it might be helpful for any on the fence to have some valid reasons to go see what’s been marketed as the first “stand alone” episode.

10. Truly original story… Unlike THE FORCE AWAKENS, which did almost frame for frame a carbon copy of A NEW HOPE… ROGUE ONE tells a completely original, inventive, and emotionally engaging new narrative.

9.  Best “flying” of all the films… I’ll let my pilot friends tell me if they liked the flying portions as much as the others, but as an amateur, the flying scenes were not only more numerous than in most of the previous films but felt more authentic. There were also a variety of atmospheres in which these flights all took place hence adding to the challenge to “get it right.” Which they did!

8. Better “context” of the setting of this film than all of the prequels combined. The prequels were clunky in part because large portions of them felt more modern than the 4-6 episodes. Not good if you are trying to ultimately tell a cohesive story. ROGUE ONE’s attention to details in this regard causes it to feel exactly proper where it is.

7. Much more honest “rebellion…” These rebels smell, look, and sound like people who have been on the run, and fighting the empire their entire lives.

6. The star systems… way more of them than any of the previous seven. The variety, their numbers, and their scope just added to the backdrop of the already superb context.

5. K-2SO… he will quickly become on of your favorite droids. For all the right reasons!

4. I cared about the characters… these characters have flaws. But you end up seeing their hearts and fears. Loved each and every one.

3. A crash like you’ve never seen… a star destroyer running into another one is AWESOME!

2. The Death Star… its way more ready than what you ever led to believe!!

“1. “You may fire when ready!” Once you see what was said it will make all the sense in the world.

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