Why Trump is $500 Billion ahead of Obama

Why Trump is $500 Billion ahead of Obama

He talked about it on trail non-stop. In his first two months he’s already made a significant progress in the opposite direction.

Only the first 60 days on the job President Trump has paid down $101,000,000,000.00 of our national debt.

See the breakdowns:

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Considering in his first 60 days Obama expanded the debt by $413 million, this is considerable improvement.

Extrapolating this pace across an eight year term, Trump would be able to crow about shaving 4.3+ TRILLION from the national debt. This would drop our overall debt owed to under $15 trillion.

Yet with all of his tax reform policies not yet in place this could possibly be low-tide for the debt reduction.

Private sector business professionals are always paying down debt as first priority. Refreshing to see this pleasant surprise in his first two months and am hoping to see improvement on this as reforms take place.

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