Purposeful Partnerships

Purposeful Partnerships

We are grateful for the partnerships we are honored to be part of. Confidant that they bring to your life what they promise. And with some we can make a difference for others:

My Pillow – 800.504.2641 (code: KMC)

Balance Of Nature – 800.246.8751 (code: KMC)

Landmark Capital – 844.604.2575

Christian Solidarity International – 888.676.5700

A New You In 40 Days – 844.The.Diet

BioActive.com – 800.879.6504 (code: AM 570)

Blue Rock Energy – 877.280.4909

Brooklyn Spine Center – 800.707.5010

Experience Israel – 855.867.2536

Kellie Strong – 201.465.3388

Lord’s Diamonds – 212.789.8500

Mike & Brian (Fellowship Home Loans) – 800.300.8919

Park West Tavern – 201.445.5400

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Purposeful Partnerships

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