Why The Pregnant Man Did NOT Give Birth!

“Stop right there,” read the text from one of my production crew.

I had just sent over the show prep topics for my Saturday Evening broadcast and the headline of the first story up had caused him to literally stop in his tracks.

In a sense of disbelief the producers of my show googled “pregnant man gives birth.” Even though the story was less than a day old, more than a million hits in google news popped up:

It wasn’t restricted to British press and it certainly swept the world of “journalism” (however yellow it will come to be known in this era) as fast as people could kick out a shocking title for it and cite the source that cited the source of the source that was cited before that last source… was cited.

The problem is the story is 100% untrue.

Yet being untrue—literally, scientifically, metaphorically, biologically, chemically, linguistically—didn’t stop a million outlets from printing it, as breathlessly first cited by the British media outlets.

The actual story—in reality—isn’t nearly as exciting, breathtaking, or groundbreaking as the headlines and media companies wanted you to believe.

As I awakened early on Saturday my attention was first drawn to it by a prominent pastor in the New York area tweeting it out. “Just when you think the world couldn’t get any crazier…” He hash-tagged it #BizarroWorld.

Because of family duties it took me a couple of hours before I got around to reading the article he had attached. What I found was nearly criminal use of tortured language, a basis for citing malpractice against every outlet that reported it in the terms they did, and a bonafide reason to label “fake news” across the modern journalism landscape.

The story is a fraud, and not ONE media or press outlet had the guts to call it what it was.

So here goes…

The aforementioned “man” listed in the story is in fact not male at all. She is a female who had begun living as a man and was openly considering the act of transitioning to perhaps have the surgery that would make her anatomically male. She pumped hormones through her system, she grew some facial hair and her voice lowered a bit. But if you were to test any (and every) cell of her DNA it would ping *female.* She is in essence female in literally every cell of her being, and no reassigning of genitalia nor overdosing on hormones and supplements can change the cellular DNA of what sex she is. She will always be female.

Born as Paige, and later changing her name to Hayden, she decided that would begin to live as a male in preparation for perhaps obtaining the expensive surgeries to alter her external anatomy (as best as surgeons are able to do such.) But before she did—like many young women in life—she decided she wanted to have a baby.

It’s important to point out that the desire to have a baby is different than the desire to raise a child. And the desire to have one’s own baby is distinctly a maternal, female, & mothering instinct. She went so far as to request her eggs be frozen so that she could try at a later date, but the doctors felt it unwise and discouraged it.

It was at this moment that she decided that she desired to have a baby, more than to continue with the transitioning process she had undertaken.

The result?

She halted the process of transitioning to appearing to be a man.

She enlisted a sperm donor, and she conceived (a uniquely female ability.) And the conception worked. And today she is a mother.

She has not yet re-engaged her transitioning process, though she pledges to do so. She still has no male anatomical resemblances. Her cellular DNA is still 100% female. And her female capacity is likely more alive than ever before. It is likely her breasts are producing milk, she is likely experiencing fatigue and postpartum after effects, as well as healing from her pregnancy.

It would also surprise absolutely no one if she never returned to the path of transitioning from one sex to the other—which to repeat is only achieved on a very superficial appearance level at best.

It made for shocking headlines. It made for progressive high-fives. It is seen as a “win” for those who would like to deny basic science and attempt to reconstruct all of society in a godless vacuum.

But they can’t, because the code on changing cellular identity has never been cracked.

Paige can change her name to Hayden. She can add external genitals, and attempt to have her milk glands removed. She can cut her hair, grow a beard, and speak with a baritone pitch.

But none of it changes the fact that God allowed her to become a mom.

And that’s one of the best miracles anyone could ask for from life!

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