One Week at Camp…Changes You!

Do you approve of the way Biden is handling the war in Ukraine?

Tonight, millions of children will go to bed without a bedtime story from their dad or a goodnight hug from their mom. This seems unfathomable to the McCullough tribe because we look forward to bed time in such a significant way. It’s literally our favorite time of the day many times.

Because 2.7 million kids have a parent behind bars. These kids are more likely to live in poverty, go into foster care, or engage in high-risk behaviors. So much of which is avoidable when parenting provides that stable home. These kids’ only fault is that they were born to the wrong parents.

Fortunately Prison Fellowship is there for them. Reaching out, loving them, and in recent years helping them find God and much improved sense of self and discovering that life can be different for them.

Last year, Angel Tree Christmas campaign delivered a gift and the Gospel to over 290,000 kids. But it doesn’t stop there. Prison Fellowship now extends care for prisoners’ children through their Angel Tree summer camps.

With scholarships to attend an Angel Tree summer camp, children can build relationships with caring camp counselors, hear the Gospel and experience the love of God in the Great Outdoors. If you have fond memories of a summer camp experience, (and I DEFINITELY do) then you can help a child make those same great memories.

Join me in partnering with Prison Fellowship to send 24 kids (one bus load) to camp this summer.
Our family is committed to sending 4 kids… so we only have 20 left to get all of them there!
Help us!
$200 sends one child to camp. Your donation of any amount will help.

CALL 855-240-7721  That’s 855-240-7721

Or click on the Angel Tree Camping banner (above) to make your donation today.  

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