BIDEN: Let’s fire the EEOC chair because she’s too Constitutional

It seems as though the administration is willing break historic protocols to insure uniformity in the ranks. The firing of multiple independent appointments—specifically appointments designed to establish independent oversight integrity—must be curtailed because they believe too strongly in silly ideas like the first amendment.

“At the time I was nominated, I was asked if I would commit to do my best to fulfill my four-year term, and I answered yes,” Gustafson said in a letter to Biden. “Unless prevented from doing so, I intend to honor that commitment. I have confidently given this advice to countless embattled clients of the last 25 years: hold your head high, do your best work, and do not resign under pressure. In solidarity with them, I will follow that advice.”

Gustafson was appointed in March 2018 by former President Trump and was confirmed by the Senate in August 2019 to a four-year term, which Biden wanted cut short. The EEOC is an independent agency within the federal government.

“So far as I know, no previous General Counsel has been fired for being appointed by the wrong political party,” Gustafson wrote.

Manchin: Now Open To Filibuster Reform

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, in an interview with the NYTimes, indicated a willingness to do something he had campaigned against in 2020–reform the Senate filibuster.

It should be pointed out that it was former Nevada Senator Harry Reid who eliminated the filibuster for executive branch nominees, only to have his party then whimper and complain years later when the same nuclear option was applied by Senate Republicans to place Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

Manchin is “willing” to “look at” possible reforms, while claiming he’s entirely interested in preserving the parliamentary tool. One such possibility: making members stand and talk for the duration of the filibuster.

The bottom line is the moderate Democrat has signaled a willingness to advance Democrat only legislation—and to change to rules to do so. His “principled stand” is really no longer in question.

It appears all that’s left to discuss is the price.

Is Biden to Harris transition underway?

Anyone paying attention even half way in recent weeks has to note the unusual path that events have transpired on.

The newly elected President has yet to host a live press conference. The uncomfortable incident of the President having his zoom feed cut when he attempted to take a few questions last week went viral. The hardened left White House Press Corp is beginning to complain about lack of access. And Press Secretary Jen Psaki seems to have no clarification on where the President stands on a daily variety of issues.  It almost feels as though the President has spent zero time interfacing with his number one mouthpiece.

Add to that the fact that Biden has punted on important discussions—the first of his administration’s—with nearly one half dozen world leaders and heads of state.

And as I noted in my column this week, even when he does make an appearance, even when armed with note cards, he has the worst case of forgot-what-I’m-doings we’ve ever seen in a President.

It’s been enough to make prominent journalists to ask prominent elected officials “what’s going on?”

Add to all of this the continued presence of the national guard in DC—when no threats are present, the barbed and razor wired fencing around all of Capitol Hill, the massive continuation of executive orders (this week aimed at loosening rules federally to create greater fraud in the future) and there does seem like a strident agenda is being enacted. (Even if the man supposedly enacting it seems more excited about the lime jello being served at lunch than the missile strikes “he has” launched in the Middle East.

Voter Petition To Impeach Cuomo Hits 50k

Earlier today New York Assemblyman Kieran Lalor casually dropped on NY airwaves that his recent petition for the impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo had reached five times its original total goal and this after only a few days.

The state assemblyman appeared on Kevin McCullough Radio. He made specific reference to the number and broad ranging offenses the Governor is alleged to have committed. He then added, “While I had intended to make the focus of the petition tied directly to the nursing home scandal, I found I had to go back and update it multiple times.”

Lalor cited obstruction of justice to the Department of Justice among other specific charges.

McCullough noted that the number of dead from the nursing home scandal has neared 8 times the number of dead from 9/11.

Lalor’s original goal of 10,000 signatures had been eclipsed as of air time by 42,000 names.

For those who would like to add their name got to:

Hear the full conversation here:


New York To Revoke Cuomo Powers

In what could be the first step of many to reign in the tyrannical force that has evolved as Governor Cuomo the Democratic leaders in both the New York State Assembly and State Senate have decided to press forward on revoking the broad reaching emergency powers that they granted the governor nearly a year  ago.

With those powers he wrongfully made the unilateral decision to prevent therapies for CoVid19 from being prescribed by physicians on an outpatient basis, wrongfully prioritized which groups got first access to the vaccines, stubbornly refused open beds on a naval medical vessel and at the Javits Center and fatally impregnated nursing care facilities with CoVid positive patients.

It is arguable that the decision to ever grant Governor Andrew Cuomo emergency powers was one of the most flawed decisions of the entire pandemic. Fortunately Democrat leaders in both state houses have seen the error of their ways in their decision to revoke said powers.

Cuomo’s bungled handling of nearly 16,000 nursing center deaths is the object of multiple investigations.

The official statement as released this afternoon:

YouTube to Rudy: Strike Two

YouTube has banned former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a second time.

The Google-owned video publisher has chosen to invoke editorial control in areas pertaining to content related to the mayor’s podcast. Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense is an original content video podcast that the former Trump advisor regularly promotes on his NYC based radio show on 770 WABC.

And it’s that very observation that’s worth noting. WABC radio runs a disclaimer before the Giuliani radio show. He regularly and frequently opines on his own experiences in dealing with the election of 2020 and even discusses his own legal entanglements via the multiple lawsuits facing him.

YouTube is a enforcing its own viewpoints by censoring the mayor by preventing him from discussing — his own perspective and experience in arguing for election integrity.

So evidently even if you have first hand knowledge and experience but it runs against the group think of the publisher that hosts you — you must adjust your reality to match their imagination.

That’s a losing game plan for YouTube, Rudy, free speech & America.


Wolf Appoints His Own Henhouse Watchdog

If anyone needed more proof that partisan control of every office statewide warps the perspective of those in power, simply study New York.

Fresh off the slaughter of tens of thousands of nursing home victims from his plan to impregnate such facilities with CoVid positive victims, only to be followed by what appear to be legitimate accusations of sexual impropriety (backed by text messages and emails), now another victim steps forward.

After a bit of a pathetic non-apology, New York’s Governor is trying a new angle: feigning sincerity and “opening” an investigation into his own misbehavior. He’s gone so far as to try to appoint his preferred investigator.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo has indicated that he will appoint a retired judge to serve as an independent investigator. However, that judge has ties to former Cuomo aide and close confidant Steve Cohen. This is unacceptable. If the Governor appoints the investigator, how can that investigation be truly independent?”

When this was not received as desired the Governor finally turned to the Attorney General’s office to request a lawyer be assigned to his investigation and that he would work with to get to the truth.

Oddly no one in the press has the motivation to tell Cuomo, “Come forward, admit your actions and the need for an investigation ends.”

Cuomo is attempting to skate on all of the bad behavior and this attempt to initiate his own investigation is laughable on all fronts.

Fortunately the AG—Tisch James—has shown needed independence and could play a needed role in bringing justice for the all of the tens of thousands of victims in New York.

The “Squad’s” Jihad Against The Innocent

Let it be clearly understood: when the newly empowered progressive squad doesn’t like the outcome of one of their progressive wish list items, they will seek out disingenuous vengeance.

Normal people don’t do this. Normal people learn why they were wrong and either work to improve their proposal so that it lawfully can be accomplished or they seek to change the qualifications/requirements so that their proposal aligns within a legal framework.

Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, or Ilhan Omar.

Upon learning this week that the minimum wage increase proposed in the $1.9 mostly non-CoVid stimulus package was not eligible to be included in the legislative reconciliation process, instead of seeking out a lawful response the two issued veiled threats against the parliamentarian that ruled the issue illegal.

Never mind that the minimum wage increase violates the rules to be included in the reconciliation process on not one but two distinct points.

Nope… to the brat-like squad members, if they can’t have the rulings they desire they are looking to  vocationally behead  the governmental mechanisms preventing them from doing so.

The Senate parliamentarian—it should be noted—is a non-partisan position whose entire job is to enforce the parliamentary process.

The reactions of Ocasio-Cortes and Omar reveal a great deal about the vendetta-type mentality that lives in the hearts and minds of the future of progressives. It is distinctly un-American at its very core.



33% of Military Refusing CoVid19 Vaccine

According to a new report from the Department of Defense nearly one in three service members have thus far refused the CoVid19 vaccine.

Pentagon officials had been mum on the numbers until a recent request from the ranking member of the House Armed Services committee Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama.

Even though they would like to see all US Troops be fully vaccinated there is a stumbling block from requiring it. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are only approved by the FDA for emergency authorization use.

More at Stars And Stripes.

When Irony Bites The Tax-Payer

Though the networks were woefully slow to report on it, President Biden dropped bombs on Iranian funded terror groups in Syria this week.

Retired four star General Jack Keane said on my show today that it was a solidly justified response to bad behavior by the Iranians in recent weeks. This admission by a general whose opinion I hold in high regard is comforting given the general mistrust half their nation has in the current administration. A mistrust exacerbated by the go-it-alone approach this administration has embodied since coming into office.

According to reports the raid was carried out in response to a series of hostile incidents by Iranian backed Shias in Iraq. One of these instances injured innocents and took the life of one American serviceman.

The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin felt confident about the rational, execution and effectiveness for the mission.

It also seems to send a clear message that when bad actors take the lives of Americans there will be payback. And in this part of the world it is mission critical to send that message clearly in a post Trump administration especially.

Trump supporters attempted to draw contrast with Biden over the use of such strikes. But such comparisons are not remembering history properly. President Trump did order targets in Syria hit—the first time with President Xi from China at his dinner table—early in his presidency.

These strikes seemed targeted, and the evidence of civilian collateral damage has been non-existent.

In short I’m fine with the action taken. I’m sort of the opinion that we can’t show our strength to especially Iran “too much.”

But there is a significant point in this escapade that annoys me. When I brought it up to General Keane he indicated I had touched a “raw nerve.”

And I can understand why…

It was originally the Obama/Biden administration that delivered billions of American tax-payer monies to Iran in the first place. Iran then used those cash supplies to immediately fund terror operations and networks globally. President Trump suspended the said Iran deal when he came to office.

So we likely funded the bad actors who spent the last week attacking our green zone in Iraq. We then had to go fly F-15s to bomb said bad guys out of operations.

And here’s the most unnerving thing about it: President Joe Biden is making the fastest beeline possible to advance the same deal that put us in this situation to begin with!


The Navarro Report: The Immaculate Deception

A brand new 36 page report. Six damning areas to examine. More than enough evidence to swing the election. All six of the battleground states exhibited these irregularities/illegalities. Multiple strategies (possibly a dozen) at play. Error “acceptable” rates 1000’s of times higher than FEC allows. Glitches, surges, and no poll monitors when 100’s of 1000’s of votes added in the dead of night–coordinated across all swing states.

It stinks.


“Witnessing the theft of an election…”

What follows below is the first hand account of a credentialed poll challenger, trained via the “Election Integrity Fund.” He has agreed to be publicly interviewed. We are planning on booking him after sunrise this morning to appear on my show today. He comes to me via a close lifelong family friend. This is a summary of what he will likely share on my show, and we will make the podcast immediately available. I believe this testimony as shared below is actionable evidence for litigation against the Michigan Board of Elections or whatever equivalent office they may have in that state.  Feel free to repost, distribute, quote, copy and use as far and as wide as you’d prefer. I’ve been extended the permission to do so. This person will be on the record as of today, and I pray this will help us resolve the Election 2020 fiasco as quickly as possible. The following are his direct words, script, and first hand account:

Election Maelstrom and Outrage in Detroit:
Free and fair elections with genuine transparency and accountability are essential to sustaining our democracy. We should all want to know — how is the actual transport, security, reception, counting, accounting, authentication, adjudication and tabulation process conducted? What happens when the chain of custody for ballots is fraudulently compromised?

I voted in person early in the morning on Election Day when the polls opened in my home precinct in Owosso, Michigan. Long lines before 7AM. Very smooth, very quick. Then I immediateley drove to Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit to watch things unfold on the election counting floor in person.

Two weeks ago I completed two hours of training through the Election Integrity Fund to become a credentialed poll challenger. I have been in conversation with others regarding the nature of election fraud, and suppression, and its various characteristics. I admit, and deeply regret, that perhaps like many or most people I have taken the integrity of our election process for granted. I thought it was high time to witness the process personally.

Arriving on the counting floor (approximately 100,000+ square feet?) inside Cobo Arena and convention center I signed in and witnessed what appeared to be a well ordered and comprehensive ballot accounting system. That is, until I started asking questions and watching closely.

Spread out across the massive floor space at Cobo Arena are 134 counting boards (picture an assemblage of 5 processors at 6 tables arranged in a rectangular arrangement) representing 503 precincts with about 930 poll workers paid by the Wayne County Election Board. Their original pay was $250 per day but I’m told a Zuckerberg-funded foundation upped the pay to $600 per day, including substitute poll workers who watched television in a large holding area on the second floor. Table supervisors were paid $700 a day. The Department of Elections hired and trained 99% Democrats and 1% local Republicans.

Poll challengers thus have a massive floor area and simultaneous processes to inspect and cover constantly. Typically, one Republican one Democrat assigned assigned to each precinct counting board table. Republicans here are outnumbered by at least a 10 to 1 ratio and the hired poll workers themselves are virtually all Dems as noted. It appeared to me that most of these people are simply trying to do a good job and get paid. But not all. The process lends itself to the legerdemain of a shell game.

The electronic tabulation machines here are new ($25K each, about the size of an inkjet printer) and manufactured by Dominion (look ‘em up). They have been malfunctioning. We witnessed it. they were also jammed repeatedly necessitating repeated reruns of ballots. But the ballots were easily recounted multiple times if the simple reset button was ignored. And it was, and that may have been unintentional but in our viewing no one was there to cover every single set of tabulation scans. So, for example, in processing sets of 50 ballots at a time, if even one snagged in the machine it required re-running the other 49 ballots separately. This happened repeatedly.

There is only one IT specialist here, a partisan Democrat who was both elusive and refused to answer questions.

When ballot counting is busy the room is noisy. It’s also intense and testy at times. Police officers at every entrance. People wandering between the tables, poll challengers watching, the news media observing from their allocated space at the far end of the room.

Poll workers, supervisors, observers, and challengers are legally disallowed from wearing any attire to indicate political affiliations and yet there were workers openly attired in Black Lives Matter shirts. The election department officials were indifferent. Union members also went unchallenged for their political attire.

Many issues, problems, and unanswered questions in the processes here. Tensions mounting. Some of the poll workers became physically aggressive with verbal bullying. Later, I witnessed poll challengers being blocked from viewing tabulations we’re told to step back 6 feet from the ballots. Impossible to read from that distance so many poll challengers brought short-distance binoculars like opera glasses.

The Democrats far outnumbered Republicans here and had fresh poll challengers coming at regular intervals. I witnessed several congenial adjudication interactions as well as some that were contentious. Multiple boxes of ballots were still waiting while up to 56 tables of counting boards were inactive.

Meanwhile, there are major data transfer and chain of custody concerns — ignored and unanswered by Christopher Thomas, appointed by current Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

The major news networks have camera crews here. I talked yesterday to the lead reporter for CNN and he had no interest in discussing any actual facts or details on the problems or real issues but one of his colleagues later interviewed me. Entirely superficial and probably already a

At 3:45AM the Wayne County Department of Elections delivered 38,000 ballots with unknown provenance. When challenged even by the head of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers they refused to disclose point of origin. Ballots harvested after 8 PM are illegal. Michigan Election Law is clear. There is a joint witness requirement for the adjudication of any contested ballots. It is being completely ignored.

There are huge chain of custody issues in this process. Earlier, hours went by on the ballot accounting floor where there were virtually no ballots being processed at all. Then they were suddenly swarmed with ballots in the middle of the night when they were the least number of challengers on the accounting floor.

Challengers were originally told the Dominion tabulation system computer was protected by firewall, yet it was occasionally showing a system compromise warning. We were told by the department of elections supervisor that it was autonomous and not connected to the Internet and not subject to hacking or compromise. An independent system test by a challenger found out that was not true either.

Late this afternoon, although they were not keeping accurate records of the number of the poll challengers and observers on or off the floor, Republican and independent poll challengers were disallowed from entering the floor at the most critical time in the tabulation process before the news media was seeking numbers to make a predictive projection and have a presumed presidential winner in Michigan. Observers and poll challengers already on the floor contested these assertions and as I was there, I agree with their concerns and protest. Wayne County Department of Elections officials even went so far as to place cardboard on the windows preventing observers and challengers from seeing the counting floor from outside. It was outrageous, and one of many acts of obfuscation and contempt.

It’s a real maelstrom of contention and contempt here at Cobo Arena. It has been eye-opening. And shocking. It can be reasonably argued that we have been witnessing the theft of this election by gross negligence, systemic design, and constitutional contempt. American citizens, whatever their political persuasion deserve to know the facts.