Why The Stupid Always Precedes The Evil

Don’t be shocked if ISIS hits San Francisco next.

This may seem rather harsh and unforgiving in the immediate aftermath of Manchester’s still recovering state, and even more so while the death toll continues to climb. But as long as pockets of stupid progressives continue to set policies, people will keep getting blown up, shot, and slashed.

And no where in America are Americans in more danger than where liberal progressives are in total command.

In Manchester terrorists plotted a public event that was already designed to enrage the restrictive societal allowances of what Islamic radical extremists use in their narrative to justify their actions. The degree of skin that Ariana Grande shows in an average show verges on a lingerie showcase and would be one of the reasons why my daughter would not be allowed to attend.

But the desire by the extremists to attack the “infidels” while they are participating in “immoral” activity becomes their rationalization. But it is not their exclusive rationale.

The terrorists hit Manchester because the Brits have purposefully ignored recent trends and failed to take thoughtful “pre-“action to anticipate the issue properly.

How else do you explain the fact that levels of arrests, stop & frisks, questioning of suspects in ports and air hubs have all dropped since 2015?

How else do you explain that despite a 5-6 hour constant viral red-flag being raised on twitter #ManchesterArena, there was zero increased presence in the hall, at the venue, or even a security perimeter? You literally had the red light flashing WARNING, and no one paid attention.

We also learned today that the UK has 3900 radical Islamists, including some 400 former ISIS fighters living within a train ride of Manchester. No doubt many of these were some turning #ManchesterArena viral. Opportunity, motivation, access, and capacity all played a decision into blowing up the children at the show.

In San Francisco only a few weeks ago the city leaders (Mayor/Police Commissioner) made a large public fuss over their personal disgust with the “tone” of the administration has it had been expressed in two separate and highly constitutional executive orders that limited travel from Obama-determined “hot spots.”

In reaction they then proceeded to withdraw their city from participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The JTTF was established to form cooperative efforts between federal anti-terror units and local police to help monitor active threats and keep them neutralized before materializing.

Considering that only weeks before they had taken the provocative step of reiterating their status as a “Sanctuary City” in direct defiance to the federal government’s warning that to do so could cost municipalities, the dual action of partisan stupidity uniquely has established San Francisco as not only a threat to their own citizens, but a national doorway to havoc.

They refuse to enforce common sense immigration guidelines, and now they have become non-cooperative on the national terror front. The loss of federal monies to their city aside (in the tens of millions,) they will also have fewer foot-soldiers to police their city with, while simultaneously inviting trouble on multiple fronts.

The terrorists in the U.K. didn’t hit London. They hit a smaller city, one that had much more open access, and a venue that had nearly no security presence. They knew how, they were watching for when, and the social media blinked DANGER for hours before they actually carried it out.

There are a number of lessons that free people should be taking away from the Manchester attack, but none of them matter, if first among them is not the lesson of thinking ahead, and overwhelming the presence with law enforcement for the public good.

The world is looking to President Trump to do as he promised in his campaign, to keep the fight hot and heavy against the terrorists. In America we must remove those obstacles that somehow keep him from accomplishing that primary task.

We must stop the nutty left, because they will not only get themselves killed, but they become an open doorway to kill many of us as well.

Strategic Patience?

It’s sad when you must be forced to address someone who exhibits bad behavior. It’s especially bad when said persons are over the age of 7.

After spending the entirety of Holy Weekend playing both mom and dad to seven, four, and two year olds, I have an even deeper appreciation for the way the Trump administration has been handling and addressing the world’s hot spots.

I have much greater appreciation for the President, knowing that he was fundamentally moved by seeing Assad gas babies. This tells me a couple of things about his ability to handle the sick man in charge over there, but also about his commitment to the most vulnerable lives among us–children.

I was equally pleased that he gave his generals enough leeway to make the decision as to whether or not they needed to drop the 28,000lbs hay-maker known simply as MOAB. With the death toll of that attack nearing 100 dead, and seeing that 100% of those dead are thus far individually identified as ISIS personnel, it was great to see the generals trusted to do their jobs!

Ask members of the Naval flight communities and they can tell you all to well how when flying missions above the enemy under Obama, they’d identify the enemy and radio back for permission to engage, at which juncture Obama would usually wait an hour to get back to them. Of course the cockroaches had scrambled the minute they heard the jet engines.

Obama described it as an era of “strategic patience.” Which before this last weekend my seven year old would’ve easily understood to mean, “I’m not required to clean up my act until I’m forced to.”

That’s how ISIS viewed Obama, same with Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea.

Which brings us back to Pence’s statement. “The era of strategic pateince is over.” My seven year old knows how to manipulate that to get what you want. Did the previous administration honestly believe that North Korea didn’t?

Now that China knows the President will at times stiffen his back they need to watch their own. Russia sees what we will do to someone who gasses babies. And soon the pacific fleet will surround North Korea.

There is no more “strategic patience.”

The EXPECTATION has become “strategic cooperation.” And North Korea is being told that if they do not play as instructed that additional disciplines can be hatched – in a blink!

FoxNews asks me: “Are Christians At Greater Risk?”

After a most unusual week for me personally, in addition to a controversial move by the president to send missiles in a mission to take out some of Assad’s air forces and destroy chemical weapons stockpile, the start of Holy Week was a disturbing one for me.

I know Assad has gassed close to one half million of his own people. He’s Joe Stalin, he’s Saddam Hussein, He’s a mini-Hitler, but I doubt he will be gassing anyone else–at least not as long as Trump is in office.

The bombings in Egypt however hit me much harder.

Maybe it was because it was Palm Sunday, and I was getting my own daughter dressed in her spring finest when I first heard the report. Maybe it was the fact that these Christians were meeting, even knowing that doing so–especially on Palm Sunday could perhaps be inviting the ISIS radicals to take their despicable actions. Maybe it was the twang of wonder that ran through my body as an electrical current when my Pastor later that morning reminded his congregation that those who perished went from her to GLORY in pretty much a blink. Whatever it was it nagged and gnawed at me all afternoon.

So much so I went back to the ink:


To openly identify with the believers who are truly risking it all, is of literally no risk to Christians here in America, save some snickering around the water cooler.


That’s some tough persecution.

I had worn the sign of the Nazrani (which ISIS uses to mark whole families for extermination when they roll into a town) about two years ago for a few months. Doing so reminded me to pray for them, and to give thanks for the religious freedoms I enjoy here.

The Coptics who died on Sunday have actual tattoos of the Cross in the same spot on their wrists. And they know that by wearing them, they are marked.

They make up only 10% of the entire population of Egypt. Which means that 90% of the population of Egypt are Sunni Muslim. And the worst terror activities of our time have all been perpetrated by fundamentalists within Sunni Islam.

But don’t worry… only 1-2% of Sunni Muslims are fundamentalists.

So only 19-30,000,000 worldwide are ready to hurt others.

I AM standing with the Nazrani, the marked ones, the ones slated for extermination. And I will do so as their brother. Why should we in the west be so unbothered by the plight of those who share our faith?

I will choose to be bothered by it!


So with all of this as the backdrop, FoxNews’ “Spirited Debate” (which focuses mostly on how religion and faith intersect with the day’s news) asked me to appear and to discuss:


Why Trump is $500 Billion ahead of Obama

He talked about it on trail non-stop. In his first two months he’s already made a significant progress in the opposite direction.

Only the first 60 days on the job President Trump has paid down $101,000,000,000.00 of our national debt.

See the breakdowns:

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Considering in his first 60 days Obama expanded the debt by $413 million, this is considerable improvement.

Extrapolating this pace across an eight year term, Trump would be able to crow about shaving 4.3+ TRILLION from the national debt. This would drop our overall debt owed to under $15 trillion.

Yet with all of his tax reform policies not yet in place this could possibly be low-tide for the debt reduction.

Private sector business professionals are always paying down debt as first priority. Refreshing to see this pleasant surprise in his first two months and am hoping to see improvement on this as reforms take place.

The Chris Cuomo Dilemma

Chris Cuomo of CNN was asked by a Twitter user, on Thursday, a simple question: “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Considering Cuomo had nearly gone blind losing his mind over the outrage that the Trump administration had caused him this week in rescinding President Obama’s far-too-huge overreach or “guidance” in requiring 12 year old girls to see penises in their locker rooms in the first place–it seemed a fair question.

Funny word that term “guidance” (fancy term for executive action that in essence threatened the local schools of America to comply with allowing penises into the 12 year old girls’ locker rooms across the nation OR they—team Obama—would withhold funds from said school districts’ hot breakfast and lunch programs. So starve the poor kids if the school district disallows the showing of the penises to the 12 year olds.)

Actually to say that Trump rescinded the “guidance” is an overstatement. He simply ripped it up, told the Supreme Court it was none of the federal government’s business, and will now allow the states to decide what each wishes to do on the local level. Federalism as it should be.

But I digress…

Since Cuomo is evidently a huge fan of penises in the 12 year old girls’ locker rooms, he couldn’t restrain himself and literally got into a twitter war with any and all that drew exception to his “worldview.” After some 90 tweets leveled at the Trump administration over a period of minutes, the question listed above was finally leveled at him.

“What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

It’s important to note that Cuomo is a father of not one but two daughters. So surely he has immense respect for the sacred bond between fathers and daughters. Surely he would take into account the still relative innocence fathers would like their daughters to still know at the pre-teen age of 12. Surely when he ridiculed disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner for sexting a picture of his penis while laying next to his own child to a 15 year old girl, there was some understanding of the morality involved. Surely he would want to be that protective father that would wish to keep even the remote chance of sexual harassment or worse (assault) as far away from his own 12 year old girls as they could ever possibly be.


So how did the man—who lets face it, got his current gig because his dad was a governor and his brother is one now—respond in this incredibly opportune moment to answer a concerned father?

I quote, verbatim, without any editing: “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”

Forget the fact that he evidently failed capitalization & punctuation in grammar school, let’s break down the substance of his statement.

His first assumption is that it is first and foremost “a problem” for the said 12 year old girl to not desire to see penises in her locker room. In other words if the girl at age 12 is not completely at ease with the presence of a penis being in her locker room space he—Chris Cuomo—is making the judgment that her ability to reason is faulty. That of course, what every 12 year old girl should greatly desire to see in her (aka the girls’) locker room is practically nothing but penises.

His second assumption is that the girl is unable to make such a discernment of her own decision making. So much for empowering our girls to think for themselves. In other words she could only come to the decision that she was uncomfortable viewing penises at age 12 if in fact someone else made the decision for her, or brain washed her into thinking that it was a bad thing. It makes me wonder what advice he gives his daughter if while on a date some undesired penis appears and proceeds to date rape her. Is it still her inability to think for herself that would deem such an action as unwanted?

His third assumption is that for a father to give good guidance to his daughter it is done to be over protective, and that the daughter must deem her own father as someone who is intolerant. No healthy parent child relationship could be viewed in such a manner. Though I do wonder if Cuomo practices what he preaches if his own daughters will question him one day as to why he wasn’t more protective of their innocence when he had the chance.

And his solution to all of it?

Teach tolerance…

Tolerate everyone… except for little girls… whose daddies love them… and who would like to stay young ladies, just a bit longer.

This is Chris Cuomo, a political legacy, and a major face on the second most watched news network in the world.

This is Chris Cuomo who spent nearly a hundred tweets defending this garbage.

This is Chris Cuomo father of two daughters.

This is Chris Cuomo & “THIS IS C-N-N!”

Kevin McCullough is afternoon drive host for Salem Media Group of New York, the nationally syndicated host of “The Kevin McCullough Show” & “Radio Night *LIVE*” Saturdays (9-11pm EST) .  Ranked as 11th most listened to talk host in America by TALKERS magazine. A weekly commentator on the FoxNews Channel. His best-selling hardcover from Thomas Nelson Publishers, “No He Can’t: How Barack Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change” is in stores now.

Why Trump Wars

In the disruptive era known as the Trump administration a war has been launched. It can not be considered anything less than this. Part of this is the fault of the previous administration. Part of it is the will of the masses who overwhelmingly elected the President. And a major part of it is finally having a President who punches back.

Critics look at the President and insist that he change his tactics, his strategy, and his methods. Supporters are so shocked by his ability to stand his ground, they grow breathless watching each day go by.

In only his first month in office it has become a literal blood sport. And I for one couldn’t be more pleased.

It is the President vs. the established media.

It is a battle as intense and as unrelenting as any President has ever faced in office. And perhaps for the first time in my life it is one where the media is both befuddled as well as seething with outrage at the resistance they face.

It is also one the media might very well be winning.

On Thursday of this past week I had occasion to be part of two dinners that evening. The first stop was a gathering of only six people. They ranged in age, socio-economic mobility, and all were well educated and highly skilled at what they do. A series of questions was put to everyone at the table. And to a person the answers given by nearly all except me were generalized summaries of what I have seen “reported” on some of the hot button issues of the day. Topic after topic, the answers were closely aligned to what one might read on the opinion page of the New York Times or Washington Post. As the conversation delved from the surface of several of the issues to the deeper facts to establish why their answers took the positions they did it became readily apparent that they in fact lacked a series of facts significant in scope to the matters.

My point is not to nit-pick my dinner companions that night but to rather point out, that to the degree that CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks, and several of the mainstream papers were able to project Trump, his policies, decisions, and actions in a certain light. Average news consumers that do not look much deeper than that reflected those positions.


Earlier that day I had been asked by Fox News to explain or defend Mr. Trump’s rationale in only selecting the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Townhall.com at his joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The broad stroke slant on the narrative of that matter by CNN’s Jim Acosta specifically was that the President was avoiding CNN and MSNBC out of “fear” in having to answer “real” journalists asking “tough” questions. Never mind the fact that Katie Pavlich of Townhall was the person who got the first question and leveled two fairly direct issues at both the President and the Prime Minister. And while CNN’s Acosta, and later Jake Tapper went into seeming editorial meltdown over Trump’s refusal to “play ball” no one seems to have noticed the previous eight years when a legitimate news operation like Townhall.com was disallowed a single question from the Obama White House. That same operation would regularly also freeze Fox News out of events, and on many occasions the President would attempt to isolate and marginalize Fox News in specific and repeated comments from the President himself. Yet for the totality of his time in office, Fox News never lost the top spot of the most watched, most accessed 24 hour news source in America.

Much of the smug elitism of the political left resides in established media. And why wouldn’t it? When 90% plus of members of the majority media class votes uniformly for one set of ideals and the party of those ideals are in power, there will be a comfort level with both the administration and with those who cover it that will often times look the other way on stories that should be investigated more deeply.

The press in America should be hostile to every administration, but in America they are only hostile to those they disagree with philosophically.

Mr. Trump is not only not of their mindset in this regard, but he thoroughly has open contempt for the cozy nature the press has conducted itself with in recent past.

And they have no idea what to do to counter him.

They plan to sabotage him in open press conferences, but he has demonstrated—as he did this week—that he is ready to combat them. If one only watched the network coverage of his pressers this week you might come away thinking he was flailing at every turn. But if you watched them unfiltered, you saw his readiness to command the stage, the issue, and the debate. Additionally the “established” media have also been relegated to an even smaller role in the day to day press operations. The administration has masterfully allowed entry and engagement into the press office by making six “skype” seats available at many White House briefings now. This allows a reporter from New Hampshire to San Diego to now get a question before them, and that further dilutes the influence of the “bigs.”

The President is also leveraging different tools in this war. He has some 46 million followers on social media. And he uses it. No one in the press has anywhere near that reach all on their own, so when or if they decide to print something he finds disagreeable—he responds. And they are not accustom to being disputed.

Lastly much like President Reagan, President Trump has a propensity to prefer talking to the American people. In the last several days he has hosted events at Boeing in South Carolina, and another in Melbourne, Florida that are not “official state business” events. Past Presidents have held such events but the tax-payers have always paid the price. So long as the speech given addressed some sort of public issue the White House at the time felt justified in the cost. President Trump is having his campaign operation pay for these events. Leaving the tax-payer free from the cost. And he is using such occasions to have a personal chat with American voters to keep all who are watching on track with what’s on his agenda.

The press despises the fact that in such transparency, (media not considered “establishment, social media reach beyond recognition, and willingness to go directly to the people) they are being rendered useless, and their editorial is beginning to reflect the acrimony of a jilted lover, instead of someone doing their actual job.

Make no mistake, if my dinner party in lower Manhattan was any measure, they are still wielding tremendous influence.

Yet it will be interesting to see how this plays out, because the one thing they never counted on is a White House that would punch back!

Best Day ever… for me… at Fox News.


So it’s not every day that I get to do a hit at FoxNews. So the one time per week it rolls around I genuinely want it to be worth the effort. I always study the hit topic, try to come up with cogent preview discussion points, and try to then be as winsome as possible, while equally defending the ideas I am presenting.

Today was crazy even by those minimal standards though.

First off the car service that was scheduled to take me had mixed up their records and had planned to pick me up NEXT Thursday. I got on the phone with my producer and after some quick decision making the options were cancel the appearance of have me drive in, cut it close on time, most likely NOT get my discussion points turned in on time, and hope to get make-up on before the camera would go live.

As I got on the road I noticed that actually trusting my GPS was a good thing because I was able to arrive–taking a route I had NEVER taken before–forty-five minutes before my hit. I got into make-up right away and had Lady Adele work on me. We talked about how her name sake had really cleaned up at the Grammys. And we both agreed it was really stupid for Adele to apologize to Beyonce’ for beating her out of the two biggest awards of the night. Beyonce’ may be the #QueenB but #AdeleIsTheBoss.


The producers got me situated for my hit and then the live program went to a press conference from Speaker Ryan. (And if you’ve known HOW MANY hits I’ve had canceled in the past because politicians were holding press conferences… but I digress.)

Sure enough, they come right out of the presser and into the story… Here’s how Jon Scott set it up:

As soon as I finished I bolted back to the green room to pick up my gear. On my way to the escalator “Mr. Daytime” himself – Bill Hemmer says to me from across the hallway, “Hey great job just now! See you soon.”

Once back to the green room I prepared my coats and things to leave and the 14th floor texted me and asks if I can come do a feature for FoxNews.com to discuss Trump’s media habits.


Once up there, I look at the monitor, and what to my wondering eye should appear, but my Friday contributor… doing her hit from Washington DC (Charmaine Yoest, Senior Fellow at American Values.)

We text each other to learn that while she had been setting up to do her hit, she had seen my pop on the main channel.


Then out of the blue Greg Wilson calls to me as he enters the waiting area, “You’re Kevin McCullough… you know… I used to listen to Hannity, but I find myself listening to you much more every night.” (*****DAY MADE****)


Then I had the chance to do my second hit, this time with Rob Schmitt:

Molly Dodd, Kevin Casey, and Lauren Schneider said “hi” in various cameos that bridged my FoxNews past with my day today.


Only to be topped off with a text from the producers of Happening Now saying that Jon Scott, the executive producer, and the ratings seemed to indicate that Ms. Jessica Ehrlich and yours truly scored very high (and might have to look at pairing us up as a “regular.”)

Long story short it was some of the most consecutive fun I’d had at the big building on 6th Ave in a long time.


It was one of the weirdest series of events I’ve witnessed.

This past Saturday as George Soros began busing in “spontaneous” protestors to local airports, I reported the events as they occurred. On the night it was occurring I reported the facts of how many were being detained/released, approximate crowd sizes, and other such factual information.

Because I had little to no additional information I decided to withhold commentary until I did. You can see for yourself…

Hour 1, Hour 2

I did what I often do then, went home and fell asleep…

But when I awoke on Sunday morning, Christian missionaries I knew working with an organization in DC were sputtering obscenities, liberal friends were sharing steam-out-the-ears-emojis, and even some less diligent were posting befuddled confusion about what had happened on Saturday–the first full day of the new executive order instructing our security departments to pause immigration from dangerous areas, and to refit our vetting process.

Much of the bluster-sputter was because of a highly slanted New York Times’ piece that was high on emotion, low on fact, and off the chart in rhetoric. That coupled with an individual’s own overly-vexed anxiety that the media has been feeding everyone since November 8th could easily have accounted for half of all heart attacks on Saturday night.

Soon–and I knew it wouldn’t take long–some of us were able to dissect the issue at hand.

Reading the executive order in question is always a good idea… But why bother doing so when you already hate the President? I’d love for my left of center friends to answer this… Sadly they stopped reading when I mentioned the emojis (or was it the cursing missionaries?)

I digress…

David A. French, a near candidate who would’ve opposed Trump in 2016, a lawyer, and a man who served his nation in Iraq then penned the best analysis I’ve seen on the matter.

I also decided to have Mr. French on today’s show and he expounded on the legal, historic, and cultural ramifications of the order (good and bad.)

Also another 24 hours since, even though there were initially 109 total people detained on Saturday. All of them were eventually allowed to get where they needed to be. The rate of detention as of today is almost nil.

The administration needed to implement immediately so as not to send the signal to those attempting to use the refugee process to suddenly burst in under a deadline. And remarkably it is all but completely calm in the detention areas of airports now.

This didn’t stop actors at the SAG awards, Bishops/Pastors/Priests in pulpits, and lots of truly uninformed mouthpieces from sounding off on things they had nearly no accurate information on.

Which is sad really… if for no more than the sake of one’s own dignity.

But let me demonstrate some points that should give EVERYONE a much greater degree of comfort.

  1. TRUMP isn’t the first President to call for a pause. FDR banned Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Carter banned Iranians. Clinton banned Haitians. Obama banned Iraqis and Cubans. And in Obama’s case with the Iraqis it was specifically because two Islamic radicals had used our refugee program against us, had begun to recruit for ISIS, and were shipping weapons to their “brothers.”
  2. TRUMP’s order is temporary. 120 days for the worst offenders. 90 days for the slightly less. If the new vetting system is not in place by the end of the 120 it reserves the right to continue to pause on Syrian refugees. (Probably should also include Yemen because both countries are Islamic radicalization cesspools.)
  3. The majority of the order is focused on instructing the Departments of Defense, National Security, and Homeland Security to focus on finding the vetting soft spots and to report back on how to eliminate them. But throughout there are timelines that they must respond by.
  4. Green Cards will be accepted and Visas will eventually have greater validity. To be candid those issued under weaker rules most likely will not always be seen as favorably. But U.S. citizens will NOT be endangered.

In the time since lawyers for the Attorney General’s office in Washington state and attorneys for CAIR have filed a lawsuit against the order claiming religious discrimination. They have. It will go nowhere.

So where do we go from here?

The embarrassment of how unimportant this issue will be within the next week will begin to set in on everyone that made it ground zero of the meltdown of the century. That’s ok. We’re going to love them as if it never happened!

The Depts of Defense, and Homeland Security are going to begin compiling the information to see how vetting systems should be improved (as the order instructs.) And this is important because Paris, Brussels, Munich (Christmas Eve rapes,) Istanbul 1, Nice, Istanbul 2, Berlin, Istanbul 3, Chattanooga Recruitment Station, Minnesota Somali Mall Stabber, and Ohio State University Driver/Stabber, WERE ALL ATTACKS carried out by people that used the “refugee” story to sneak into the victim country and worked their evil once inside.

The Trump administration will win these court challenges. The law says the executive branch can suspend people from coming in from anywhere for any reason. History says every President that has had this challenged has always won the argument because… the law says.

The vetting system will be improved, strengthened, and put back together with greater confidence.

Immigration will resume, refugees will be welcomed. And the lives of both the immigrant AND the American will be better as a result.

Lastly and this truly may be the best part. Americans will see for themselves the pathetic con that the progressive left played on us. The marchers will see with their own eyes that things are better 120 days from now, and the nation will have greater reason to focus on the other significant challenges awaiting our new President and the nation he desperately hopes to help.

Don’t let your hate for Trump blind you to the truth of actual events.

You’ll never get back all the days of bitterness wasted in such a pursuit.


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It’s WHO you are! (2017)

I love to brag — about YOU!

Each year at year’s end I get all the data of all of my different enterprises and all the nitty gritty of where everything we did for the year shakes out.

And while we hit personal new record numbers of ratings, all time personal high in net profits for our shows, and all time new levels of listener engagement, my personal favorite–is something else entirely.

It’s in the “doing much good” that YOU do through the year that makes the most energized going into a brand new year!

For instance this year you were so generous that you supplied:
— 3,276,942 meals to people who were hungry and would not have eaten without your help.
— 23,279 individual people were personally helped by your efforts.
— 2,962 Bibles were given to persecuted peoples who can not get them otherwise.
— 573 children were individually cured of leprosy.
— 516 persecuted  Christian families were given essential, life sustaining aid, in Iraq and Syria.
— 230 years of Christian education provided for children.
— 214 life saving ultrasounds were provided for mothers and babies in distress.

In all you gave somewhere near one-half million dollars and these were the people, services, and gifts that you were able to give generously to those in need.

To say I am humbled that such generous people would listen to me and be willing to partner with the ministries and charities that I personally give to and am engaged with on such a deep level is moving.

And it makes me want to say “THANK YOU!”

Because we are changing lives, every single day!

Resource Strategies: Living Best in 2017

What if “physically living better” could be dramatically improved in an easy five simple steps? If you could get healthier, more mobile, have better overall mental acuity?

Would you at least give it a try?

You’ve listened over the years as I’ve lived my life on-air in front of you. So you know that when I tell you I’m going to do these five simple steps and urge you to do them alongside me–you know two things actually.

1. I actually will do them…
2. I know that you can as well…

By the way there are a number of other areas of life I can and likely will encourage you to take action on in 2017. I just thought if we got some success going on a few doable small things, that maybe–just maybe, we could take some bigger steps a bit later.

So I asked Kellie Lynam a personal trainer, who also has a background in human behavior & psychology for some insight, and here’s what she came back with:

Stay hydrated:
Water is essential for optimal organ function. We’re made up of more than 1/2 water. Proper hydration (1/2 our body weight in ounces) can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, lower maximum heart rate and enable the body to burn calories more efficiently.

Eat mindfully:
Eating mindfully aids in digestion and better absorption of nutrients. It also helps distinguish between true and emotional hunger. Tips for eating mindfully: put your fork down while you chew, Savor flavor, color, texture. Chew slowly, eat at the table, turn off tv and put away cell phone!

MOVE everyday:
Exercise improves mood, keeps us physically fit, boosts energy, builds muscle and strong bones, strengthens immune system, etc. It can be as simple as taking stairs instead of the elevator, or as complex as beginning a workout routine, but focusing on it — even a little bit will go a long way!

Write down your goals/intentions:
This forces you to clarify what you want. Motivates you to put goals/intentions into action. Becomes a personal road map. A study by the Harvard MBA program showed that those who wrote down goals accomplished more than those who didn’t.

Take a probiotic:
The scientific research on gut health is growing exponentially. The bacteria that lines your gut affects a whole lot more than you’d think (read BRAIN MAKER by Dr Perlmutter.) Taking a probiotic replenishes “good bacteria” in the gut that may have been eliminated due to our diets and lifestyle choices. The good thing is, you can begin to reverse the damage by taking a probiotic. Helps to heal digestive system, optimize digestion, eliminate sugar cravings, strengthen immune system and increase energy.

So what do you have to lose? Let’s do it together! Let’s get a little bit headed in the right direction and see if 12 months from now it made a difference! After all very tiny rudders steer very long journeys, and the tiniest move makes a huge difference!

Kellie Lynam, NASM C.P.T, KL Fitness, (201)465-3388

Leaner, Cleaner, Simpler – 2017 and forward!

Oh how much difference a year makes!

Last year at this time I reported to you about the status of 4 of the 5 broadcast entities that I hold responsibility for, and for reasons that I will explain, none of those entities any longer exist. But growth was aggressive this year and the results proved it. More on that in a bit as well.

Last year at roughly this time I was able to tell you that we had moved the late night show up to afternoon drive here locally on AM 970 The Answer. Pretty much everyone was happy with the move. Advertisers got a much better time slot. The station picked up a big, white hot show that was locally produced, and of course the audience numbers were bigger. We rebranded/imaged the content away from the “Late Night” persona and fought like mad to step up the pace. Our new focus began to reinforce the findings  of some study work that had been done on our audience. This in  addition to rolling into an election year we had intense interest! We were given an opportunity to shine and we tried as best we could to take advantage of the opportunity. And towards the end of our first full year in the timeslot, and focusing on the things that our audience study told they wanted we enjoyed the most listened to single hour of the day for the station for two of the final three months. In measurement by cume and in share we have consistently tripled what had previously been in the timeslot previously. We are by no means satisfied and ramping up additional strategies to promote, attract, and deliver what talk radio listeners need.

In addition our Syndicated work continued to grow, and in fact we had the largest expansion of syndication we have had in more than three years. More than a dozen additional television markets, and more than two dozen radio affiliates picked up our products.

More on all of this as we go along.

AM 970 The Answer also saw some additional weekday changes due to the untimely knee injury of New York legend John Gambling. Between his grandfather, own father and himself the John Gambling show had been on the air in New York consecutively in excess of 90 years! We miss John but wish him well with his recovery and with all the playtime he’s getting with his grandkids now. The new line-up for AM 970 since runs like this:

The line-up runs:
6am – Joe Piscopo
10am – Mike Gallagher
1pm – Dennis Prager
3pm – Michael Medved
5pm – Kevin McCullough

An astounding line-up and a quick pace. Join Us Daily. http://am970TheAnswer.com

Another change taking place today:

With the audience growth of afternoon drive on AM 970 at 5p and the continued consistency on AM 570 at 3pm our sales team has begun to utilize the power of both station’s dayparts to add revenue. In addition to hosting the talk show on AM 570, I’m also the daypart host for the entire afternoon drive on the station. Hence I literally am on both stations as the PM drive host against each other. But considering all the other non-traditional ways I’ve been creatively inserted into almost every on-air possibility, this seems normal to me now. When you add up the amount of commercials endorsed, newscasts produced, daypart hosting, anchoring of our special cause campaigns, and the actual hosting of talk shows, mine is the most heard presence on the cluster of two stations.

The Kevin McCullough Show (nationally daily syndicated) is in as high a demand as ever, releasing daily at 4pm EST, and covering for a national audience the biggest stories of each day. The biggest markets – Los Angeles, Phoenix, DC, and Atlanta release at 5pm EST.

Over time seeing the effect of the synergy between the two daily broadcasts, cross promoting the efforts of each, it sort of hit me that the task was being complicated by two many different “brands.” In reality the shows are in essence the same–a look st the breaking news of the day through the lens of Kevin McCullough. My job is to ensure they know what is happening since they last tuned in, what it means to them, and why THAT matters. When you combine that effort with my desire to obliterate confusion, amplify truth, and to pursue clarity, I realized we are making the process harder than needed.


Hence as of 2017 we will pare down the number of “talk shows” and in their place–Monday through Friday–create sort of an endless stream of content. “Kevin McCullough Radio” will replace both “The Kevin McCullough” as well as “After Hours with Kevin McCullough” and narrow our focus even more on reporting the breaking news of the day/minute and provide even better for our listeners “what it means” to the listener and “why it matters.” And when we are off air, the resource to keep “Kevin McCullough Radio coming will be found online and via social media.

With the election of 2016 finally behind us. Breaking news and front page stories will dominate the conversation as opposed to a primary focus on politics. My Monday-Friday team is excited about this and we are all gearing up for the pace this will put on all of us.

The News That Makes You Think” will now be powered by “Kevin McCullough Radio” having been picked up by two more networks and now has 1200+ affiliate releases each day.

Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* — This broadcast came to an uncelebratory end, after about eight years. And in its place is an infant broadcast that works to draw an audience via television as equitably as it does the long term radio listenership of Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE*.


Radio Night LIVE — This broadcast took the timeslot of Baldwin/McCullough. Adapting the highly successful imaging and format from the previous “Late Night with Kevin McCullough” the show focuses on a humorous, sometimes tongue in cheek, irreverent look at the news and news makers of the week. The popular “Ladies Lounge” feature was carried over as well–featuring the voices of brilliant women in media. The house band is The Hot Sardines who had helped us beat up the cold NYC late nights previously as well. The response to the new show has been as strong as any work we’ve ever launched – 15 new television affiliates (most in major markets) and an additional number of new Salem Media Group radio markets as well. We stand in teasingly grateful for the supportive team at BizTV, SalemMediaGroup, GCN Radio, and the extended affiliate family we are unable to name here. The new show has expanded the footprint of what was already the most syndicated live weekend radio talk show in production. The staff has expanded from 4 to 7 persons and the feedback we continue to receive confirms this signature product of our portfolio is still a hot performer!

Digital Listenership has also become a high priority for us. Given that every station we are on (for the overwhelming most part) has begun to use digital streaming, given that we are now podcasting every episode of every show, and given that TuneIn, IHeartMedia, iTunes.com, ChristianRadio.com, ConservativeRadio.com, GCNLive.com, all have track of separate streams it is nearly impossible to know exact numbers on who is where. But that’s not to say that we aren’t able to track some, and what we have uncovered is just humbling. On my two primary stations in New York alone, we fluctuate between 200-300k streams per station per week–this includes all doorways into the station–apps, websites, and the aggregators. On the CRN network they report 750k-1,000,000 streams per month. Obviously those numbers are network/station-wide so our portions of them are much smaller. Our podcast archives are seeing dramatic growth. Since the launch of our SoundCloud page we’ve seen an increase year over year since the first month of 5000%. More than 112,000 individual users have or are using the archives at any given time. And our podcasts have been promoted on more than 1400 different web-page urls, and more than 300 individual listening apps. (And none of that includes any numbers for iTunes which Apple does not release.) This also doesn’t account for any viewership live via our television partner “BizTV’s” digital delivery, nor any of our numbers of online viewing each Saturday Night via UStream.


TheBingeThinker.com – The online home of all things written editorial from me went live last year. A couple of exciting developments from its first year online. The first is that dozens of my columns on news or political editorial went viral. The second is that we have launched two additional verticals of editorial and will aggressively be promoting them equally to the op-ed in 2017. “Resource Startegies” focuses on helping readers access the massive brain and knowledge of some of the best people I have access to from every area of life. A food motivated vertical will also look at varieties of food and various subsets of subjects. We are also adding writers for these verticals and if you have interest in joining us we’d b eager to take a look at some of your work.


FoxNews — Many have noticed, and a few have asked, “Are you a regular contributor on the FNC now?” To be very clear about imagethe exact parameters of everything: “contributor” is a very tricky word in the hallowed halls at Fox. And though I am now a weekly guest/commentator on the News Channel, I am not yet an official contributor. My name came up in the conversation of those who make those decisions, and we prepared the materials needed for the application process. I will keep you posted as no one would love to be a contributor at the most watched news channel than yours truly. None the less if you perceive that I have been contributing a great deal of commentary to FoxNews mostly on Happening Now weekday mornings, you would be correct. Usually Wednesdays or Thursdays you will find me cheerfully disagreeing with a bevy of center lefties and attempting to get clarity mixed into the equation at every turn.

Final Tally — For now, and we know this number will move soon, but with the new networks, stations, digital users, podcast downloads, and the limited metrics we can see, we are confidant that we have never reached as many people as we are now. Unique radio outlets now being reached number 787+, daily affiliate releases of any single piece of content we produce 1780+, digital universe total reach 900k-1.2m per month, television affiliate households reach 66 million households. Put a different way, there is no day of the week content we are making isn’t being heard or seen.

At the beginning of this new year I want to pause, reflect, and thank YOU for making all of this possible. I also renew my solemn commitment to you to do all of it to the very best of my ability and to the highest quality that can be found in talk radio! With the headlines screaming out for someone to try to make sense of it all, I am eager to man my post and help you–each day–for the coming year–do just that!.

Thanks for joining me, thank you for your prayers (I will never view them as mere platitudes) and here’s to many more hours spent together on television, internet, smart-phone, tablets, and of course radio!

No He Didn’t

In the campaign of 2008 it was the battle cry of the new found optimism of the political cycle: “Yes We Can!”

It was everywhere.

The presidency of Barak Obama had been sold, like a product to a nation that was war weary, financially disturbed, and hopeful that breaking an historic racial barrier might also bring about a better psychology to a nation that had been convinced through an effective campaign that traditional American values were the problem.

Because there had been a financial downturn, and because the war on terror had dragged on and bogged down the nation honestly believed that a purveyor of “hope and change” would bring both to life.

By the end of his first term and with his only achievement being his late night, smoke & mirrors passage of the Affordable Care Act, it became clear that for whatever the pitch had been in the campaign he wasn’t going to do what he had promised–either literally or by implication.

Hence my best seller in 2010, “No He Can’t.”

Meticulous inventory of his pledges, paralleled with his lack of action. To date, the only additional thing he succeeded with (from the time of publication) was the eventual kill of Osama Bin Laden.

Historically and categorically it is easy to say he has been a failed two term President. Campaigned largely on dreams, and following through in as ineffective a way has been seen in the modern era–and that’s compared with Jimmy Carter, previously esteemed as the worst President ever.

Now we know that he allowed his secretary of state to do largely illegal things. He ignored the threat his predecessor warned of by emptying Iraq of strength that gave birth to the rise of ISIS. He demanded an agreement with Iran that gives them nuclear weapons a
on a fast track. And he’s turned the nation’s bathrooms into a judgment free-gender neutral assault zone that literally no one in the nation wished for.

All of that, however, was just up until the election in November.

I am convinced that President Obama will have done more to injure his legacy–and America’s standing in the world–in his final eight weeks in office than in the previous eight years.

He has attempted to throttle our own ability to find and use energy supplies that are by every right–our own.

He has pardoned and shortened the sentences of more felons than the previous Presidents of my lifetime combined.

He has stabbed one of our most precious allies in the back labeling them murderers, criminals, and occupiers.

He has consistently refused to respond to terror threats while making a show of supposed Russian hacks during the election–no worse than they have conducted for most Presidential elections in recent memory.

He has also added the equivalent of 18 new regulations per law for every federal legal statute on the books. (In short he added 97,000 pages to the legal federal code.)

He’s emboldened our enemies, he’s trounced our small businesses, he’s grabbed millions of miles for environmental whackos unproven theories, and he’s kicked our allies in the teeth at every turn.

“Yes we can,” was his election commitment.
“No He Can’t” was my best selling analysis.
“No He Didn’t” will be his enduring legacy.

Happy New Year America, a new leader has arrived and he’s already accomplished more as President Elect than his predecessor did in his entire term.

It’s time to Make America TRULY Great Again!

Kevin McCullough
“Binge Thinker”

10 Reasons To See (& ❤️️) “Rogue One”

Having seen all of the STAR WARS feature films and being fully apprised of the best and worst of them all, I thought it might be helpful for any on the fence to have some valid reasons to go see what’s been marketed as the first “stand alone” episode.

10. Truly original story… Unlike THE FORCE AWAKENS, which did almost frame for frame a carbon copy of A NEW HOPE… ROGUE ONE tells a completely original, inventive, and emotionally engaging new narrative.

9.  Best “flying” of all the films… I’ll let my pilot friends tell me if they liked the flying portions as much as the others, but as an amateur, the flying scenes were not only more numerous than in most of the previous films but felt more authentic. There were also a variety of atmospheres in which these flights all took place hence adding to the challenge to “get it right.” Which they did!

8. Better “context” of the setting of this film than all of the prequels combined. The prequels were clunky in part because large portions of them felt more modern than the 4-6 episodes. Not good if you are trying to ultimately tell a cohesive story. ROGUE ONE’s attention to details in this regard causes it to feel exactly proper where it is.

7. Much more honest “rebellion…” These rebels smell, look, and sound like people who have been on the run, and fighting the empire their entire lives.

6. The star systems… way more of them than any of the previous seven. The variety, their numbers, and their scope just added to the backdrop of the already superb context.

5. K-2SO… he will quickly become on of your favorite droids. For all the right reasons!

4. I cared about the characters… these characters have flaws. But you end up seeing their hearts and fears. Loved each and every one.

3. A crash like you’ve never seen… a star destroyer running into another one is AWESOME!

2. The Death Star… its way more ready than what you ever led to believe!!

“1. “You may fire when ready!” Once you see what was said it will make all the sense in the world.

Resource Strategies: Survive The Thanksgiving Feast, Thriving On Choice!

It’s not what Thanksgiving is about… exclusively. Is it?

Thanksgiving is about seeing your loved ones, hugging those close to you, and making sure they know how much they are cherished. If you’re in the McCullough home there will be grazing stations that will start early, maybe even by noon. Nibbles of cheeses, salamis, olive bread, sourdough, rosemary crackers, olives, pates, pickles, a variety of wines that match and if necessary some veggies… you know… for the people that “can’t have fun.”

In and amongst the grazing hopefully you get to enjoy some catching up with loved ones.

In our home there will probably be considerable time spent erecting legos in some sort of Star Wars universe. This will inevitably give way to cracking open the Star Wars universe illustrated picture books, and probably involve at some point an initiation of one of the Star Wars movies on a spare Apple TV.

The main screen in the residence will of course be reserved for that hallowed and sanctified use of preliminarily scanning the early afternoon Detroit Lions football game, but the main event will be whether or not the Dallas Cowboys will or will not be victorious on their home field. This process will be then interrupted by the most important event of all.

The real food. It will have been cooking for hours, the house is fragrantly aromatically saturated in all that it is. And as you come through the kitchen and head to the dining room you get your first glimpse of it.


The fully dressed table.

There it sits, a beautiful scene of careful culinary expertise that if you’re not careful may end up adding 4000-5000 calories to your intake for the day.

In recent years I’ve been attending much more carefully to my overall health. In 2015 I completed a weight loss plan of 30 lbs in 40 days by more or less returning to real clean pure eating, balancing hormones, tempering sugar and carbs and getting fully hydrated. The experience was phenomenal and I will write about it at some point in the future. I had doctor supervision through the process and only ate actual real food. My plan was supervised by Dr. Carey Skorski, of the Bay Ridge Holistic Health Care in Brooklyn.

But losing weight for me was only a portion of my journey. With three wee ones–under the age of six–I began to realize that my level of activity (and hence my need for strength and endurance) needed some work. So I have begun a program of strengthening my core, and gaining strength through resistance weight training and conditioning. I have been humbled to have been given the help of a personal trainer but as I have seen results I am now taking the next step to the level of physical capability that I hope to maintain for the active childhood years that my kids need me. I am doing this for them!

So the setting goes like this, I began working on the resistance training in late summer roughly ten weeks later we are hitting the holiday stretch where now the temptation will be to lose ground and I desperately want to get through this stretch both enjoying the time with family–especially my wee ones–and not lose ground on the progress I continue to strive for in health improvement.

So I asked my personal trainer, Kellie Lynam CPT, for some thumbnail guidelines I can put into play for navigating that beautiful dinner table, enjoying the hard work of those that prepared the amazing meal, and still feel good about how I feel following the meal.

The helps are surprisingly simple:

  1. Before the day… get into the mindset of moderation and prepare mentally what I plan to eat, and what I plan to avoid. (Amazingly even just thinking it through in advance will help you not only make better choices, but feel better about what you decide to allow yourself to indulge in.)
  2. Start the day… get up and eat a healthy, high protein breakfast. This will help your metabolism begin to function at a strong consistent level and begin the process of burning calories earlier than if you go into a quasy “fasting” mode waiting for the one big meal.
  3. Throughout the day… stay hydrated. If your holiday gathering includes alcoholic beverages this helps you drink less and help offset the the dehydrating effect of each glass of wine. But it also helps your body not confuse thirst for hunger (whether you imbibe or not) and this in the end will help you manage caloric intake.
  4. At the big meal… fill your plate 50% with as many leafy, fibrous, veggies as possible, filled out with 25% protein, and yes 25% starches. The issue your aiming for is balance in enjoying the amazing hard work of the chef. Eating all salad may be interpreted as rude but more importantly eating the protein and carbs (after the high protein breakfast) will keep the metabolism churning. And if you go over the normal amount of what you eat on a given day this will be a helpful outcome.
  5. During the meal… Eat SLOWLY. It normally take nearly fifteen minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it is full. Being overfilled in a rapid fashion will leave you uncomfortable and the negative effects that come with that. Eating slowly allows the full enjoyment of all the flavors of each dish as well. Greater satisfaction will be achieved by taking your time.
  6. After the meal… Be the first one to jump up and offer to help. Getting up and staying active has a benefit of continuing the metabolic activity. And keeps you and the food from continuing to eyeball each other with those knowing, forbidden, lustful looks.
  7. Throughout the day/night… Watch the liquid calories. Sugary drinks should just be a no-no from the start. And if you imbibe, the clearer the liquor or just red wine are your best options.

This little checklist is simple, it’s easy, and I hope its super useful because the one downside of holiday gluttony is the physical way it causes you to feel about yourself, and sometimes that winds up getting reflected in how you end up ending the day with others.

Don’t let it.

Decide this holiday that you will own the way you think, plan, process, and end the day — proactively. And as you build the lego sets, play games, break out the Christmas music, or cheer the playoff bound Cowboys to glory you will take deeper fulfillment, greater meaning, and much longer lasting enjoyment from the day, the loved ones, and the memories that you will share for a lifetime to come.

Happiest of Happy Thanksgivings!

Dr. Carey Skorski, Bay Ridge Holistic Health Care, 9201 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY
844.The.Diet, ANewYouIn40Days.com
Kellie Lynam CPT, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 201.465.3388, [email protected]

Snowflakes Lives Matter

Dear Special Snowflakes,

I wanted to take a minute to write you specifically, so that you would know that your feelings matter to me.

I know the past week or so has been really super, incredibly, terribly, horribly hard for you. You believed that Hillary Clinton would finally break that non-existent glass ceiling and that the warm and fuzzy snuggles you’ve had since President Obama came to office would keep on keeping on. Beer summits, Lin-Manuel Miranda free verse nights at the White House, and free weed for all, this is what you’d hoped Hillary would bring you. That and possibly turning the day after the Super Bowl into a national holiday.

When that didn’t happen you believed it had to be someone else’s fault, because let’s face it, this is what you’ve always been told. Why would you know otherwise?

I also understand very deeply how important it is for your narrative to not be messed with. After all most of you that are now “expressing yourself” grew up with a public school curriculum that reminded you that your feelings are never wrong and that “looking out for yourself first” is the most important lesson in life. When someone doesn’t affirm this I know the cognitive dissonance has to come near making your brain explode.

Yes you never knew the lessons of losing because when your team scored fewer runs they still got trophies. You don’t much like God nor his ten commandments because they seem like a serious drag on your positivity with all the “thou shalt nots.”

I get that you don’t know the difference in using the f-word or not in polite conversation, and I know that some of you may even be angry that your parents made you live your entire life as the actual gender that matched your anatomical genitalia.

Life has been hard for you.

Suffering through history lessons in… er history class, and sometimes hearing things about historical figures that weren’t quite as gentle as what your fluffy professors would like to teach you they were. To be candid, it’s a miracle that so many generations before yours suffered through such indignities.

Even though you can’t articulate nor even defend your actual worldview, I know how much easier it would be for you to just never have to listen to anything that runs counter to it to begin with.

I know on Snapchat, Instagram, and facebook you have this image of yourself that you are carefully crafting and how easy it is for you to just unfriend someone when they don’t like your newest “Sex-tie.”

So I can only imagine how bad the last two weeks have been.

Donald Trump, you’ve been told, is an “orange Jesus,” a not nice person who dislikes people different than him, and may actually cause a lot of disruption to your whole vibe. And because your world is filled with only one point of view, when that point of view tells you that the world may end if this happens, you naturally start asking your teachers for safe spaces. But after a while you grow bored there so you need coloring books and play-doh, or maybe even puppies to cheer you up. Because you know #FeelingsMatter.

Yes it’s true, things may get a bit harder for a while. New anchors will mostly huff and grumble their way through his picking of his cabinet and his inauguration. They will fill your minds with teasers like “how great would it be if we got rid of the electoral college?” In some instances I’ve heard college professors have even taken to encouraging you to harass the members of the electoral college into trying to sway them to reverse their votes from Trump to Clinton. One lady I heard they’ve harassed with over 8000 phone calls and emails. Because you know #RapeMelania.

When none of this works those same news anchors, and academics, and others who believe that you should live according to your feelings (instead of facts) will likely blame the outcome on something else. Because you know #NotMyPresident.

They will still continue to attempt to get you to harass those who differ with you though. Like if a Vice President goes to see Hamilton they think it’s a classy move to curse so loudly and out of control during songs they perceive apply to the administration they will encourage you to do so long enough to stop the performance—multiple times. Because you know #LoveTrumpsHate.

And if you can’t get a ticket because they’re being sold for that old fashioned capitalistic idea of a profit, just wait outside and chant for him to f-himself as he leaves. Because you know #WhenTheyGoLowYouGoHigh.

Whatever you do though, pay no attention to the beliefs, words, or ideas that Alexander Hamilton actually believed because he was a dangerous dude who would’ve opposed everything your twice rejected Queen Hillary believed.

For example:
“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism.”

“Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint.”

“The inquiry constantly is what will please, not what will benefit the people. In such a government there can be nothing but temporary, expedient, fickleness and folly.”

“I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to be.”

A Hamilton-sized betrayal of such magnitude might cause a nationwide snowflake suicide watch. Because you know #SnowflakesLivesMatter.

What I most want to tell you though is simple, “You will be okay in the end.” The icons you worship have led you to believe that the world is falling apart, but in reality for the next few months and years, things are going to radically improve.

But in order to do so, just about everything you’ve ever been taught in your precious little snowflake life will have to be unlearned.

And the lesson you will have to take away from it all, is that America will survive for another generation.

Hang in there!

With respect
Kevin McCullough

Hillary: Strange & Deeply Disturbing

On the day after the FBI announced that it was reopening the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the former Secretary of State implied in a speech to supporters on the campaign trail that the FBI’s actions were strange, unprecedented & deeply disturbing.

It may be the least self-aware statement a politician has ever made while running for office.

Ironically, “strange, unprecedented and deeply disturbing,” where the identical emotions and thoughts that were quietly revealed to the media via the voice of one of the investigators of the original 100 agents that worked the case. In the stunning revelation the agent confessed that all 100 agents that worked the original email case believed Hillary Clinton had violated national security so badly that she should have her national security clearance revoked. Similarly all six of the department of justice attorneys that work the case believed that she should have been indicted.

These agents and attorneys believed the evidence in the original case was so strong that it was disheartening, dismaying, and literally sickening that the Justice Department nor the FBI moved forward with further inquiry. Prosecutors across America went on cable and print outlets to decry the actions & to proclaim that had they been given the same case that they not not only would have indicted, but would have argued a guilty verdict to a successful conclusion.

Fast forward to this last Thursday, in unrelated circumstances, as FBI agents poured over the sexting details of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Something profoundly disturbing and connected to the Hillary Clinton email case was discovered.

Enough of a something was found that it forced the FBI director’s hand to take actions that he had specifically attempted to avoid for many weeks–the reopening of the FBI’s efforts in Hillary Clinton’s criminal email endeavors.

The very thing he had hoped to avoid–which was to take further action, close to the election–was now forced upon him, his investigators and now the voters of America.

Predictably, without missing a beat, Hillary Clinton rose to the occasion of defiant hubris, strong disdain and likely greater abuse of the American people.

As rumor swirls as to what the evidence may actually prove, armchair analysts have been proffering their thoughts throughout the weekend.

Mine are as follows:
1. Hillary’s people are some of the least intelligent when it comes to using technology.
2. Such recklessness has not only opened up threats against our nation but now her very campaign.
3. With the knowledge that the device is retrieved from the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner home, and that it is likely that both used said device for extended periods of time, it is likely that direct evidence that contradicts previous testimony has been discovered.
4. As Ms. Abedin was Hillary’s closest and personal confidant, it is entirely possible that tens of thousands if not all thirty thousand email that the campaign attempted to bleach from the original servers had a second “carbon copy” home that most forgot about.
5. Given that in the leaked emails from John Podesta alone there appears to be systematic attempt to commit felonies such as suppression of evidence, destruction of evidence, collusion, and corruption, one can only guess at the gold mine of criminality tens of thousands previously undiscovered but believe to be destroyed emails might contain.

It is understandable that the Clinton campaign spent most of the last several days contacting lawyers, and publicly calling for the release of more information.

Being kept in the dark is not a position that anyone with the last name of Clinton is in any way familiar with. As each minute transpires, in which they do not know the actual facts of what the FBI now does, the gnawing in the pit of their stomach eats away at their deceptive souls. It also prevents them from formulating lies to counteract what has been uncovered.

The vast majority of observers also rightly point out that this kind of surprise–again through an unrelated investigation–was created by only one person–Hillary Clinton herself.

Had she but followed State Department protocols and used her assigned server for official State Department work this conversation would never be occurring.

Had she turned over her emails when so instructed by a federal judge and a Congressional subpoena, this would not have happened.

Had she instructed her aides to do the same… etc.

Every last ounce of this last minute panic that she feels in her heart tonight, is of her own doing, her own creation, and perhaps finally her own reaping.

Hillary Clinton claims that the FBI–merely doing its job–is strange, unprecedented, and deeply disturbing.

Given the fact that it is entirely possible that she is looking at actual prison time I understand her panic.

Kevin McCullough is afternoon drive host for Salem Media Group of New York, the nationally syndicated host of “The Kevin McCullough Show” & “Radio Night *LIVE*” Saturdays (9-11pm EST) . Ranked as 11th most listened to talk host in America by TALKERS magazine. A weekly commentator on the FoxNews Channel.

NatGeo’s MARS: A Global Series Event

“Think HBO meets PBS,” said Julia of National Geographic at the after party of the launch of the most expensive broadcast production in the history of the National Geographic Channel.

Julia was right.

What we had just witnessed was a television pilot to the new television series: MARS.


Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and scientifically accurate executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are attempting something in this television series that no one had ever tried.


I wonder if it had even ever been thought of.

As the pilot opens the enormous numbers 2033 fill the wall sized screen. And immediately you’re let in on a piece of the story. A crew, racing across an evening MARS surface obviously attempting to get “somewhere” before it’s too late for what we learn later to be the team captain.

Then the enormous numbers 2016 flash across the blackened screen and footage from a documentary with the private sector, commercial kingpins of privatized space travel tell the cameras their secrets as to how life will eventually be sustained on the planet MARS.

Combining a story telling style of J.J. Abrams’ hit show LOST with the power of the scientific but aspirational effect of the best documentary you’ve ever witnessed, MARS takes a fictional look at what will possibly happen in the future, but basing it purely off of the science they have in hand now.

Oddly but sweetly the “2016” portions don’t end up feeling like a documentary at all. They have the net effect of emotionally engaging you in what amounts to character back story on the feature’s primary star: the red planet itself.

The cast is internationally assembled, and serenely cast.


My prediction is without hesitation that MARS will easily break all records in NatGeo original program viewing.

After the debut, NatGeo bussed the party to Duarte’s Square in Chelsea where for the next week the MARS interactive experience will be opened to the public.


Salman Rushdie to Cuba Gooding were in attendance and the buzz I picked up in the room was high pitched. Astronauts lent their insights. And NYC media did our part in observing the film and the event to be able to relay to you the energy  behind the project.


The pilot was intense but felt appropriate for family viewing.

National Geographic also let me in on their plans in addition to the broadcast. They have finished a beautiful coffee table style classic book based on the film that delves much deeper into the scientific challenge that landing humans on MARS presents.

My six year old had a difficult time putting it down this morning to get out the door to school.

A special edition of the magazine is going out, an online virtual MARSscape has been produced in 3D, and more studies and resources will be on board soon.

I won’t tell you how the pilot ends. You owe it to yourself to tune in November 14th to see for yourself.

But if you’re a fan of space, great television, tremendous acting, amazing science, and epic storytelling you will regret it if you miss even a second!

More info at: www.MakeMarsHome.com, #CountdownToMars.