What I think will happen…

Over the past month I’ve made minor tweaks to the basic map that I release today. But I end not far from where I began. And in reality it’s not much different than I’ve been saying on-air for more than two years.

If the Trump campaign ground game truly registered the number of new voters they’ve claimed, and provided the turnout for today mirrors some level of the same energy as 2016 (or greater,) President Trump will claim a bigger victory than he did in 2016.

There is zero doubt that the closing energy was entirely with the President. The rallies were not only exhaustingly more numerous (who could match the stamina) but of course wildly well attended. They were also split-screened with “Biden rallies” that looked like a weekend gathering of classic car buffs sipping on coffee while the local candidate for city council yammered on in the distance.

But there are dozens of reasons why the President earned his second term. The keeping of more than 128 campaign promises, incentivizing explosive job growth (twice,) decapitating terror networks, ending foreign wars, re-establishing manufacturing, establishing energy exports, deregulating the choke-holds on small businesses, strengthening our weakened military, building 400 miles of the border wall, adding 300 judges to the courts, and three justices to the Supreme Court—these items don’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Keeping promises matters.

And as this campaign began to wind down on Monday a few things had become crystal clear to the American people.

They decided they wanted someone who they trusted by far on the economy. They wanted the candidate who was committed to keeping law and order. They wanted someone who would make the crazy world that had spun out of control to begin to cycle back into sanity.

Along the way non-typical supporters flocked to his support. This will in essence explain his more lopsided win this time around. According to my sources he will receive record numbers of Black and Hispanic voters, but he will also record surprising steady support from young people, and suburban women.

He will “shape shift” the demographics and pull states into play in ways not seen before.

But the bottom line is he will likely win more states, racking up an even larger electoral college total.

And the only thing left for us to see is really how long his coattails will be. My own hunch is that retaking the house and holding the Senate are both also within reach.

And now the voters have their say…

Monday Morning thoughts…

Some of you may not realize it but the content never stops being made over here in BingeThinker land. All week long we are doing hours and hours of radio (17-19 hours per week most weeks.) And then there’s the punditry for FoxNews, Eric Metaxas, NewsMax etc.

Since this year’s #MAPs started coming out I’ve also had a ton of even foreign media interest. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, a bunch of patriots on social media, and listeners/viewers — it’s been non-stop.

But in case you missed some of the highlights from the most recent days here’s some convenient connections to catch up:

THE COLUMN: “When Corruption Becomes Commonplace”
We just take a look at the stark reality that everything the left touches has not only become corrupted but corrupts so badly that it expects everyone else to do the same. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way, and leaders from past even Democrat generations felt that way.

RADIO NIGHT LIVE: Guest starring this week: “The Map,” Rudy Giuliani, Kristin B. Tate, Erin Perrine, and #AngryOldJoe. Revisit on-demand.

WHERE IN THE WORLD: My friend Eric Metaxas has had me on a TON in the past month, mostly critiquing the election and where we are at. If you missed it he had me on last Friday for like half the show. (Honored and Humbled!) Watch it here.

LOOKING AHEAD: This week should be absolutely amazing. Just three of the reasons why…
1. Joe Biden called a “lid” on the week – on Sunday. Meaning he intends to not campaign, make public appearances, do any interviews. In fact he’s called the lid THROUGH ELECTION DAY! I’m not sure what to make of it except to believe that he thinks he’s so far out in front that there’s no way he could lose. (Or as normal people call it — #HillarySyndrome.) OR he believes he’s slipped, the difficult questions from the press will be too numerous, and he’s just not egging for the fight anymore. My bet is on the latter.

2. Today is the day Judge Amy Coney Barrett, becomes Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Now some may wonder why this is such a big deal. But to be candid — I never believed we would arrive at a 6-3 majority (for easy cases) nor a 5-4 majority as a backstop. But we HAVE. The President faithfully executed his duties as President. And it is amazing to see what happens when someone keeps his word. It is a DAY to be celebrated! #HappyBdayHillary

3. My newest map (second to the end) will drop on Wednesday at 3pm ET. Salivate away!

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A word about the coming victory…

So we see in the second debate a genuine shift begin to happen in these final eleven(ish) days left in this election.

A few I wish to point out.

1. Before the debate… a shift has been underway benefitting President Trump. On social media the viral videos of the enormous crowds that he is drawing and will continue to draw up through 11/3 are inescapable. All of them in battleground states, rally after rally the crowds are surging—exactly as they did in 2016. But aside from that consider this. If Hillary lost the rust belt simply because she didn’t buy five more plane tickets in 2016. If she campaigned so poorly as to barely be able to handle a single campaign event per day. How much worse are voters viewing it as Joe Biden isn’t seen for a full week in the lead up to the debate and the final push. A shift has been occurring…

2. At the debate… Because of the rousty nature of the first debate, because of the “controversy” about which Townhall forum had more viewers, because of the number of breaking news items going into the evening of, voters were rope-a-doped into salivating for the final match-up. What the media (and Democrats but that’s being redundant) were hoping for and in essence promising—was another two fisted brawl. In debate one Trump jumped in too fast, and at times saved Joe Biden, from the things he did NOT save him from last night. Stumbling, bumbling, fatigued Joe made bad statements and because he’s not particularly quick—doubled down on them on the reg. Blatant lies “nobody lost insurance on Obamacare, I had no knowledge of Hunter’s business, I’ve never promised to ban fracking” were important enough for constituents on both sides of each of those issues to question his veracity. But it was the pledging to do away with 11 million jobs and the oil industry all together that got people’s attention in Pennsylvania, Texas, and other energy rich states. Couple that implosion with his inability to lay a glove on Trump on the “emotive” issues of CoVid19, race, criminal justice reform, and foreign policy and it was a doubly bad night. Add to that Trump’s unquestioned knock out moments “Who built the cages Joe,” and you see a trifecta in Trump’s favor.

3. After the debate…I’m one of those who question whether debates do much… most years. But the truncated campaign cycle coupled with the lack of daily access to both candidates has prevented the voters from seeing the two side by side. Hence this debate—maybe more than most—is so vital. After the ridiculously low expectations of the first debate’s outcome Trump looked polished, in command, and knowledgeable without ever having to consult notes. Biden—after four days of prep didn’t appear half as prepared and because the interruptions did not save him this time he led himself out to pasture repeatedly.

As of now nearly 47 million of the ultimate 160,000,000 ballots to be cast have been. A tad more than a 4th. Democrats see this as their advantage but they probably shouldn’t. Traditional GOP areas are seeing as great if not greater spikes than anything happening in Democrat districts.

Also realize this: 10-12% of self identified Democrats are voting for Trump. Meanwhile he’s holding a lock on 97% of his base. And due to Republican efforts in places like North Carolina, Republicans have added upwards of 600,000 new voters—400,000 of them previously unaffiliated. Meanwhile Democrats have added only 93,000.

The race was already tightening, everything that has happened since Trump’s CoVid19 bout has trended in his favor, the debate did nothing to change that and he has more new voters ready to support him than any President of the modern era!

Arrogance is not equal to Abortion…

Tim Keller, the long esteemed theologian and pastor in NYC not long ago began demanding that the church make room for progressive politics.

He argued that while the Bible addresses great sins, that it is silent on the ways of best addressing such sins. He argued that while it is clear that the Bible doesn’t condone abortion, but then turned to say that the Bible is silent on ways to best eliminate, reduce, or slow down the rates of abortions.

He is correct, in a sense that there is no chapter and verse that says, “you must vote pro-life.” But no serious student of scripture argues that they way to best reduce the killing of innocent children is to exalt, vote for, and campaign for those who have promised to *expand* the practice if elected.

Christians firmly believe that if we take the wisdom of God, as revealed in the scriptures, in its totality we can and will come to fairly strong certainty on the “Godly” approach to not merely abortion, but every issue of our lives.

It’s why the scriptures have been given to us.

Now, another esteemed teacher of scripture (amongst evangelicals) is weighing in with similar vageries about why he can’t make a distinction in the voting booth between the two candidates this year.

John Piper argues straight forwardly that Donald Trump’s sin of arrogance is in essence equal to Joe Biden’s sin of child killing.

Piper makes a definitive distinction from Keller in that Piper claims clearly that this is his own personal quandary and he does not put his criteria on other people to struggle with. Keller took the exact opposite approach–commanding the church to accept fuzzy thinking and lack of clarity, instead of seeking the total wisdom of scripture.

But Piper does have a logic/rational problem. His entire argument is based on the comparison of personal sin (immorality, vulgarity & arrogance) as being equally destructive as public sin (abortion, sexual anarchy, etc.)

And on a personal level they may be.

But they are woefully different when it comes to the impact on innocent lives beyond one’s own.

They also ring a bit hollow.

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is a blank slate on immorality? Does he believe any man is? Scripture says to “look” and “lust” is to commit adultery. By that standard no man alive, not Piper, not Keller, not me is innocent.

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is not vulgar? The day President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Joe Biden whispered in his ear (but on an open mic) and said, “This is a big f–king deal.”

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is free of arrogance? “Oh shut up man!”

Likewise Trump has been pro-choice earlier in his life. Has he said and done sexually immoral things? Perhaps. Has he done them recently and specifically during his time serving the nation? If he had–Christian voters would be the first to call them out.

This isn’t a tough equation. There are different standards in the effects of these sins. To pretend otherwise is one’s prerogative. Thankfully Piper says his choice in doing so is for him alone to wrestle with. Keller has been more authoritarian in his view by saying the church must see these things in this light.

And if you’re wondering if the Biblical mandate is on their side… It isn’t.

So follow scripture to the best of your ability and understanding. All of it.

He will illuminate your path, and you’ll have a clear conscience–with clarity!




Democrats: “We don’t deserve power…”

As the nation is waiting for the date of the election to come and go, it also awaits Monday’s vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

It strikes me that most of the nation feel like Senate Democrats in particular–are bad at their job. The people rejected all of their options from the Senate. In fact they turned to a guy who had been out of the game all together for four years. They had plenty to choose from. But even Democrat voters said, “No thanks!”

In 2018 the voters said the same. When given an option to take both Houses of Congress away from President Trump, the voters came back and said, “Nope… We want Republican senators to stay in charge of the judiciary.”

Now, when they have done such a poor job so as to be repetitively rejected by the American people, they agreed to simply just not show up for a simple vote.

I believe the American people see this is fundamental proof as evidence that their hunch was right.

The American people approve of Amy Coney Barrett in multiple polls by clear majorities. They dislike the actions of the Senate Democrats in the same majorities.

The truth may hurt, but its still true.

About my map… updated 10.21.2020.

There will no doubt be more than a few questions about why I feel so strongly that President Trump will win an honest and potentially overwhelming victory on 11/3.

In the release of this my third map of the 2020 election cycle, there will be some changes that are noteworthy.

But let me preface all of these by saying this. According to those who work in the internal polling operations of BOTH campaigns, people are saying the identical things. The Biden people “believe” that “every state is in play.” They believe Texas, Florida, and even Kansas are possibilities for the former Vice President. The Trump people tell me that California and New York while they certainly appear to be outside the margin of error for most polls, are closer than they “should” be.

It strikes me too that those states don’t need to be “won” for Trump’s aggressive campaign to have been worth it. California and New York could contribute 10-12 congressional seats of the 17 or so needed to retake the house, mix in the possibility of 3-4 from New Jersey and you’re starting to get very close.

Unlike any election in the modern era, turnout will matter more for this election than ever before. Advantage in new voter registration (especially in battleground states) appears to advantage Trump.

That Biden has gone underground this entire week, while #HuntersLaptop continues to be discussed, and now the attempt to squelch the discovery of it by the establishment media and big tech has only added to the effectiveness of the Trump narrative that “he’s the one fighting for you, so they are coming for him.”

A couple of final notes. We will release another map a week from today, and another one on the day of the election. Our final “prediction” will come in that final election day map. There will only be red or blue on that map. This one and the next will show shades to indicate momentum or strength.

On that note, on this map, please note that if he holds only the dark red we’ve selected here, the President wins. You will note that only the dark red also drops a state he won in 2016. And even if he drops Pennsylvania–which we have as a dark red currently, he could still win with a pick up in Michigan OR Arizona individually, or by picking off Nevada/Minnesota/New Hampshire in multiple combinations.

We will have more to say about election night combinations next week. There are NUMEROUS options to discuss, but if he takes the map as straight red vs. blue today he racks up more states, more electoral college delegates, and likely wins the popular vote. 14 days left.

Threat Letter Midnight…

Imagine returning home from an evening out, or waking up to retrieve your morning coffee and paper (who are we kidding, no one gets the paper any more) but finding attached to your front door this little gift left for you from your favorite little #AntifaSCUM. Since James Woods posted on twitter and I retweeted, I have dozens of people DM and email me to say that they had indeed gotten this same communication.

Take ANY threat seriously. Talk to the police–they ARE our friend!

Buy a gun if you do not own one. Buy ammo. And do what is necessary to protect your life, family and nation.

The only way tyranny of evil wins, is good people doing nothing.

The *ONLY* person who has a copy of the hard drive…

Mayor Rudy Giuliani sat with me for an exclusive yesterday to discuss the veracity of the #HunterLaptop issue. It is clear that the mayor is methodically combing through the information found therein. He makes some newsworthy revelations, a startling prediction, and some important observations. He gave us more time than we had air-time for hence here is the full and uncut conversation in its entirety:

News They Don’t Report

Couldn’t be more excited than to be able to let you know that I am accepting an offer to create a new vein of content that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Many of you know that I have for many years strongly believed and supported the work of Christian Solidarity International. The good they do fighting human trafficking, human subjugation, & human slavery is so desperately needed.

My listeners have helped liberate more than 200 human trafficked slaves in the last 12 months. And we hope to do more in the future.

Attempting to raise awareness about the condition and circumstances of these beautiful but oppressed people is something that can help the outcome. So to that end I’ve agreed to become a national advocate for CSI to the degree that I can say something powerful or positive on a microphone somewhere and it moves someone to take action to stop what they are doing is a humbling responsibility–pray for me that I will be faithful to the opportunity.

Just knowing where such tragedy is happening and what is being done about it is also part of the equation. So to that end I will engage different experts in the days to come to update us and keep us informed as to where the persecution breaks out and how the local governments are responding to it. Christian Solidarity International will simultaneously be fighting back in each and every circumstance attempting to battle these atrocious evils.

Here’s an initial discussion with myself and Joel VanderSpek laying out the big picture:

She still stands…

Every year the same things happen.

Every year the city of New York, the greatest city on earth, commemorates her darkest day—09/11/01.

The streets surrounding our studios were literally the hallowed ground at Ground Zero that fateful year. And there is not a day that goes by as I commute through these nearly sacred spaces that I don’t give pause to think about what happened here.

This year was no exception.

Graced by the presence of the families of the victims—most of whom have returned every year since—American news networks look on as we mourn the loss, celebrate the lives, and strengthen the resolve that were all irrevocably changed in this handful of minutes in 2001.

It is THE day where we fulfill our promise to never forget.

And we are faithful in that.

For the last several years a much smaller event has come to pass within more or less the same week of 9/11 every year.

It happened again last night.

My flagship stations, the New York cluster of media outlets for Salem Media NY, invite our closest friends, clients, show hosts, advertisers, programmers, and family aboard a beautiful dinner cruise and say “Thank You!”

It is one of the toughest tickets to get, but for the 270-300 that we include it’s a must-not-miss!

Part of the reason is because of “Captain Fred” and “Francesca” our hosts for the evening that put together all the details aboard the gorgeous ship ATLANTIS.

My morning man—the legendary SNL Sinatra impersonator—Joe Piscopo usually wows with an assortment of American Songbook, Springsteen, The Old Man, and last night a bigger than usual dose of Hendrix.

Then when his show stopping set is completed we make our way to the top of the boat (3 levels high) for an up close view of Lady Liberty.

And as we do there is a calming quiet that comes across the vivacious (at least the rest of the night) crowd.

Everyone stops, looks at her, sometimes mutters things under their breath, sometimes even saying something out loud, about her beauty, her resolve, her enduring symbol.

Last night, all I could think was “She still standing.”

Despite the corrupt politics of New York State and New York City. Despite the constant terror awareness we live under. Despite our seeming inhumanity to our political opposites. Despite the evils in this world that plot otherwise.

Liberty stands. Like a beacon. Unmoving. Never dim.

Suddenly the gripes I took there with me, the petty grievances, the gross offense of being over looked or turned invisible, the “junk” just seems to melt away.

When evil showed its head, the spirit, meaning, and force of free people, loving their God given liberty, and all that is required to keep it secure responded and sailing up to her one more time reminded me, as long as God tarries—Lady Liberty always will!

God Bless America!

One Week at Camp…Changes You!

Tonight, millions of children will go to bed without a bedtime story from their dad or a goodnight hug from their mom. This seems unfathomable to the McCullough tribe because we look forward to bed time in such a significant way. It’s literally our favorite time of the day many times.

Because 2.7 million kids have a parent behind bars. These kids are more likely to live in poverty, go into foster care, or engage in high-risk behaviors. So much of which is avoidable when parenting provides that stable home. These kids’ only fault is that they were born to the wrong parents.

Fortunately Prison Fellowship is there for them. Reaching out, loving them, and in recent years helping them find God and much improved sense of self and discovering that life can be different for them.

Last year, Angel Tree Christmas campaign delivered a gift and the Gospel to over 290,000 kids. But it doesn’t stop there. Prison Fellowship now extends care for prisoners’ children through their Angel Tree summer camps.

With scholarships to attend an Angel Tree summer camp, children can build relationships with caring camp counselors, hear the Gospel and experience the love of God in the Great Outdoors. If you have fond memories of a summer camp experience, (and I DEFINITELY do) then you can help a child make those same great memories.

Join me in partnering with Prison Fellowship to send 24 kids (one bus load) to camp this summer.
Our family is committed to sending 4 kids… so we only have 20 left to get all of them there!
Help us!
$200 sends one child to camp. Your donation of any amount will help.

CALL 855-240-7721  That’s 855-240-7721

Or click on the Angel Tree Camping banner (above) to make your donation today.  

Happiest of Birthdays!

It wasn’t that long ago that I remembered wondering what it would in fact be like to see my fiftieth birthday.

When you’re just a kid you think about things like that.

But starting a bit over a year ago I suddenly panicked and wondered if I could get everything done that I had always hoped I would before fifty.

Today I turn 48. I’m still a baby or so I am told by people older than me. I lost 30lbs three years ago and now have been working with a trainer to try to keep the machine working as best it can. I’ve even taken to eating salad the majority of times I now have lunch out. I can still physically play with my quite young kids and in general I may be in some of the best health I’ve ever had.

But the nagging still pulls at me

I want to use my time here to make a difference. Beyond arguing on twitter or debating on-air, I want to tangibly be part of something that makes a real difference.

For Christmas in 2017 my family, listeners, advertisers and networks pulled together to attempt to rescue 48 slaves in the hands of jihadist Islamists in northern Sudan and see them safely liberated and reunited with their Christian families in South Sudan.

When everyone worked together we failed to hit the target. Sometimes that happens…

Instead we liberated 99.

They were freed in the early part of February and have since gone through the process of preparing to enter life in South Sudan vis-a-vie the Christian Solidarity International liberation camp where they receive medical attention, nutrition, and an entire resource package that includes literally everything they need to face their first year in liberation and freedom!

The cost for the liberation process is a $50 cattle vaccine that the slave owner needs for his cattle. The resource kit is a value that is worth well more than $1000 but due to CSI’s incredible partners we can supply for roughly $200.

All in it costs $250 to liberate one slave—for life.

We have been made aware that there are another 82 slaves—some of which are mothers and daughters—where the underground railroad has identified and already negotiated release in exchange for the cattle vaccine. If we can supply the welcome kits and the vaccine these women (many of whom were forced to undergo female genital mutilation when first taken into slavery—peeformed with the lid of a can) will be reunited with families in South Sudan by somewhere around late May.

So we need to act quickly.

If you are so inclined I would consider it the greatest birthday I’d ever experienced if we liberated as many of these 82 souls as we could – $250 is all it takes.

My family and I are in for four. Would you join us by matching one of those four?

And in doing so allow my celebratory day to become about helping those who literally gave zero means of helping themselves?

It would make it the happiest birthday I’d ever had!

You can make your gift by giving here.

Or by calling 888.342.1010.

We we’re fortunate enough to get to have Pastor Heidi McGinness back with us last night to hear the stories of several of the slaves we helped last time.

You can listen here:

A Tale Of Two Leaders

Prepping for my radio show on Wednesday the contrast could not have been more clear. As I sat in my studio with the wall-sized monitor behind me lit with the rapidly changing headlines of the day I could not help but be struck by the divide playing out in the day’s news cycle.

In the James S. Brady press briefing room at the White House, Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis looked anything but a former fierce general with a flare for sometimes going off script and routing his enemies by mere intimidation. In fact his tone and pleas much more conversational and pleasant, simply, quietly, without much fanfare, was making his case for the prioritization of funding for the military.

He discussed how such budget uncertainty has an effect on troop morale. He was asked about and answered how yet another shutdown would impact operations. He pledged to spend the money with the greatest discernment and stewardship possible. He put forward the needs the military currently faces. He went long on the need to revamp our nuclear arsenal. He spoke bluntly about the need for our enemies not to miscalculate our capacity. In short it should have been something every American — who desires to see and keep us strong — should’ve been sympathetic to.

On the other side of the mall Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat minority leader in the House, was filibustering for a number of hours on why no such spending allowances should go through. They shouldn’t, she argued, unless we gave in to her demands for allowing 700,000-3,000,000 non-citizens to stay in America, gain full benefits of American life, and even become U.S. citizens. She argued for this even though each of these individuals have had the chance for numbers of years to begin the citizenship process and for many could have completed it long before now—but for some reason chose not to.

Here just two weeks since the last shutdown, a Democrat leader was holding court threatening the needed funding for our military—and funding that her colleague in the U.S. Senate had already agreed to—unless her pet project of DACA be completely agreed to and adopted post haste.

Whether or not such stunts are ever successful is always a debate for historians and professors.

The assessment I take away from it is one that fundamentally speaks to our greatness as a nation.


Read the entire piece at Townhall.com

The Trey Gowdy Saga… & KMC!

This is the original “debate” with Robin Biro in which as a Democratic “strategist” he goes bush-league on Congressman Trey Gowdy and even slightly on me. It’s this kind of smear merchant currency that honorable people get tired of. Washington DC is filled with people that do this 24/7 and it wears down the honorable who simply want to make America better.

Following that appearance, Congressman Gowdy called me out of the blue. He agreed to come on my radio show even though his staff is declining more than 97% of most media requests at this time. Here is the extended, unedited conversation.

Thankful to have been able to supply beneficial conversation to the larger discussion. Congressman Gowdy is a GOOD man, and the Congress will be quite the lesser for his absence!

Of “Crumbs” & “S—-holes!”

Before the Washington Post reported that the president spoke candidly about many of the nations on planet earth with economies that resemble toilets, the Democratic ranking member in the House of Representatices uttered a fascinating statement.

Faced with the reality that more than 134 major corporations (just ones we know of thus far) are returning billions (with a b) in profits back to their workers by ways of bonuses, pay raises, and generously expanded benefits, Nancy Pelosi slurred her way through an auditory fog of a statement to claim the improving benefits represented “crumbs.”

Nancy Pelosi lives in a world where $2000 at the end of the year literally represents a speck of almost nothing to her. Sadly the American people don’t and I know that even for a family like mine—solid middle class—we would’ve made tremendous use of a $2000 bonus in December of 2017.

”Crumbs” is Pelosi’s way of both reminding people how out of touch she is with everyday Americans, and just how stupid her party’s viewpoint towards the American worker, people, and family truly is.

Only hours later President Trump was reported to have asked a question as to why we should give temporary immigration status to people that come from the worst economic regions on earth. Admittedly he framed the question much more colorfully than we would allow in our home, but the question itself has merit… Because Trump genuinely cares about the people Pelosi can’t relate to—the American family.

So a handful of observations about Trump’s question are in order:

1. Trump is not incorrect in his colorful remarks regarding Haiti, in both a literal and symbolic way. Sewage literally flows down the curb sides of the streets of Haiti’s cities. The smell is overwhelming. But so is the government of this island disaster since more or less it’s independence. (Did you know that the only nation in the Americas that have had their independence longer than Haiti — is the United States?) Yet look at the lag in development, the torturous poverty, and the sinister political leaders that have attempted time and again to exploit the Haitian people. (Who are NOT the object of the President’s remarks.)

2. The argument can be made that past US politicians even helped create the conditions he so colorfully referred to. President Clinton in office, President Obama, and the Clinton foundation in fact have done more to insure Haiti’s demise in recent years than any other influence on earth. And they did so in the cruelest of ways, hurting the Haitian people with embargoes, refusing to help when asked by the people of Haiti to curb the tyrannical appetites of leaders they could not deal with alone. And most cruelly of all raising billions of dollars through the Clinton foundation that never got delivered and to this day lack sufficient information about where all the money went so close to a Hillary Clinton run for President.

3. People that argue otherwise, have never been there. They find it easy to be self righteous, and his political opponents are mere opportunists to exploit as much. Over the immediate 24 hours after Trump’s question, the internet broke trying to cast aspersions and insults. They actually even accused the President of being racist, even though he just the week before had signed three bills passed by Democrats that advanced long held desires of African Americans into law. But few if any of these critics have ever had the opportunity nor the courage to step foot in Haiti. For it is a hard place to see, visit, and respond to. It changes to forever.

4. Having been there many times for extended stays (largely doing mission work) I can attest to 1-3. Talk to people who have spent time in Haiti and they will tell of two very different elements. The pain and suffering of the poorest existence in the Western Hemisphere, and the most resilient people you will ever meet! Their inexplicable way to be grateful for even the tiniest of kindnesses is something Nancy Pelosi definitely needs to learn from.

5. Having adopted a son from there, while not ever being allowed to use such a derogatory descriptor in my presence, he (my son) would argue the President’s meaning was absolutely correct. It’s a troubled place and no end to the suffering is in sight. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the people there and there’s not a year that goes by that he doesn’t hold some sort of fundraiser—all on his own to try to help raise resources for them.

6. My listeners over the last ten years have also helped feed and bring pure drinking water to more than 30 Haitian villages and assisting millions of Haitians with basic needs.

And this SHOULD be the reaction and discussion about all of the nations on the “s—-hole” list. We are the most profitable, least impoverished, most blessed land on planet earth.

Nancy Pelosi should be so lucky to be given $2000 more because of tax reform and generous  companies.

Then she should turn around and give those “crumbs” to the great work of  Hosean International Ministries, Compassion, Cross International and the one I work with most closely: Food For The Poor!

And if more of us did… what a difference we would make!

Less Meritocracy, More Social Justice… for MATH?

According to a professor at Brooklyn College “meritocracy” should now be considered “a tool of whiteness.”

Odd for a math professor–especially one as decorated and credentialed as Laurie Rubel–to be so confused. She also went on to decry “color-blindness” as well. But that didn’t stop her from making the argument:

“Rubel, who taught high school math for nine years before becoming a professor, argues that while meritocracy is commonly linked to hard work and talent, it also “functions as a tool of whiteness” because it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success.”

Color-blindness, too, can be an issue for math teachers, according to Rubel, who asserts that “Teachers who claim to not notice the race of their students—are, in effect, refusing to acknowledge the impact of enduring racial stratification on students and their families.

“By claiming not to notice, the teacher is saying that she is dismissing one of the most salient features of the child’s identity and that she does not account for it in her curricular planning and instruction,” Rubel adds.

Is she right?

How could she be?

The dictionary disagrees with her. Merriam-Webster defines meritocracy as: “A system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement.”

So do referees. In this weekend’s playoff games, the only team that was allowed to keep the ball on any given possession was the one that had scratched out ten yards of progress. In fact they were really hard core about it because they only allowed a team to win if they had more points than the other one.

So do my kids. “Dad, I washed up first and wanted to pick the seat to sit at, and you said that whoever was the quickest to obey would get to choose.”

So do terrorists. ISIS thug #1 to ISIS thug #2, “The enemy has collapsed the outer defenses. Soon the city will be theirs.”

So do bosses, “Ok, due to the overwhelming sales numbers of sales rep Don Smith this year, we’ve decided to promote him to local business sales manager for the coming year.”

So does business. “Charlie’s Pizza Factory” gets cited for 18 health code violations, and a failure to provide proper service to its customers, and in six months has to close its doors because customers liked going to Tom’s Pizza castle that had no reports of problems.

Then why shouldn’t teachers? Especially MATH teachers?

Math isn’t an “effort” subject. It’s a precision subject. Taking precise amounts, adding to them, subtracting from them, multiplying them and dividing them–has nothing to do with feelings. It’s not about why your Dad didn’t graduate college. It has zero cares about what you think of the president. Math is completely unfeeling, and as such has the ability to help us make sense of what at times can seem to be a very confusing world.

Meritocracy should be a moral requirement of math teachers.

Do you want a doctor who didn’t have to measure the drugs he prescribes properly? Do you want a mechanic that just makes up what to charge you for a given job, regardless of his time or the cost of the parts involved? How about a lawyer, who is both charging you for his time, and attempting to secure a settlement for you–does the math involved mean anything?

I don’t understand the meme that argues that meritocracy is cruel. It’s the fairest system mankind has been able to devise.

But it is dependent upon things you would believe a Math instructor would have a grasp of: truth.

Two pennies is two cents, ninety-eight more and you have a dollar.

Her proposed solution wants to introduce “social justice” issues into the teaching of math? That we are to care more about our neighbors in teach them math? That we should take race into account first in the teaching of and expectation from the students who are learning the math?

If teachers have relatability issues to their students be it lifestyle, economic factors, race, religion, etc. then they absolutely should learn how to be more relatable.

But the solution can not be “just do your best.” Not on fact driven problem solving.

And how that is explicitly “whiteness” is beyond reason.

We want and need ALL children to be able to add 2+2. And holding them to that standard is the only thing that will help them get there.


How #TakeAKnee Was Built On A Lie

While America vigorously debates the merits of employers having the right to dictate when and where protests are allowed while on the job, while players who make millions feel that disrespecting the flag and the national anthem of the nation that enabled them to make that money is appropriate, and while America turns their televisions off in disgust, a vital note needs to be pointed out.

It’s all based… on a lie.

That Colin Kaepernick–who started the entire thing–was ignorant of history, was ignorant of the facts, and was largely ignorant of the icons he chose to put on t-shirts is irrelevant.

That Roger Goodell–perhaps the most incompetent league commissioner in the modern era of sports–is incapable of thinking past the focus group worries of a non-flattering headline is irrelevant.

That Mike Tomlin–who feigned righteous anger and declared he would not take a political side–even as he was choosing a political side and chastised an honorable former Army Ranger for what he should have done himself is irrelevant.

What is very relevant is that it was all based… on a lie.

The national disgrace that was Sunday took place because a public, largely ignorant of facts, were spoon-fed emotional ultimatums by a media still seething with hatred towards a president whose win they’ve never accepted. That he so easily lit their fuse demonstrates their inability to think. That they blew it so out-of-proportion demonstrated their own lack of coherence with facts, and exposed an under-bellied desire to use lies to advance a narrative based purely on their hate for their President and the people who elected him.

The players who took their knee on Sunday, did so under the first dishonest idea that President was attacking the players of the league in general.

Not true.

They believed he attacked them based on race.

Again not true.

They believed and were repeated told on the networks that their first amendment rights had been taken away.

Not even close to true.

Then thanks to the coaching staffs of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Tennessee Titans that disobeying league rules found on page A-62-A63 (which explicitly state: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.” ) some teams believed they were remaining neutral when in reality, they did little more than boycott their own national anthem.

The players that did this in the earliest game–played in London–did so on foreign soil, then stood and showed respect for the British National Anthem.

But all of it was done out of emotion, anger, and rhetoric… that is based… on a lie.

Kaepernick turned “radical” and began his “protest” following his intimate hook-up with an activist from Black Lives Matter. Said activist group now enjoys a 57% disapproval rating from the American people because they march and chant, “Cops are pigs!” Then they feel creative they describe putting “pigs in a blanket,” and they aren’t referring to the tasty treat your mom served in childhood using pastry and hot dogs.

Black Lives Matter is also associated with the deaths of nearly a dozen police officers over the last two years and believe they have the right to be so because of police shootings. They justify this even has deaths of black men at the hands of rogue police officers is down in historical numerical terms.

But Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about truth because as an organization, it too… is based on a lie.

Black Lives Matter was largely organized in the aftermath of events that caused the phrase “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” became popular.

This phrase was reported by the press (see the problem here) commonly repeated that these words were spoken by Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The press repeated this narrative in literally thousands of recounts of the events of Ferguson. T-shirts were made, commercials of celebrity montages invaded our TV screens, and Black Lives Matter was born.

The problem here is that none of it was true.

In the 5000 pages plus of grand jury transcripts, no one–not a single person–not one eye-witness–was able to state truthfully that Michael Brown was shot while running away, that he had his hands up, nor that he ever spoke the words, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

When under oath-and penalty of perjury, witnesses that had told television stations one thing, told investigators the complete opposite.

There was no mistreatment of Michael Brown.

He was not shot in the back while running away.

He charged and tried to kill a police officer with an impeccable record.

He did not follow the officer’s instructions.

And he never said “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

It didn’t happen.

It was a lie.

A lie that gave birth to Black Lives Matter, and the lie that started #TakeAKnee.

And now a lie that has divided America.

Kevin McCullough (@KMCRadio) is the nationally syndicated host of “The Kevin McCullough Show” weekdays (now on 304 stations) & “Radio Night *LIVE*” Saturdays (9-11pm EST – on 332 stations). He is author of the best-selling hardcover from Thomas Nelson Publishers “No He Can’t: How Barack Obama Dismantled Hope and Change .