“Always Be Cheating…”

If people watching from the outside thought it mathematically unlikely that the Hillary Clinton campaign “happened” to win six consecutive coin tosses, to win six tied precincts, to win the raw vote by .3%, to award her 2 extra delegates in Iowa found that hard to swallow

Check this: Hillary lost New Hampshire by 22% (60% to 38%) but is currently expected to leave with the exact same number of delegates as Bernie Sanders.

Notice the trend: “6.”

In New Hampshire she secured 9 delegates to Bernie’s 15 based on the percent of the popular vote. But for reasons that only the Democratic Party can explain Hillary is expected to secure ALL 6 “Super delegates” that the state has to offer.

There is absolutely zero rhyme or reason as to why except that it is simply a party decision.

Of course what that sounds like to me–someone who’s not immersed in democratic party politics–is called “cheating.”

Or “the way the Clinton’s have always done it…”

Now add to the monkey business in Iowa the fact that the state party there has said it will refuse to release the raw vote totals from election night. That likely means that Bernie had more raw votes than Hillary did. And does anyone believe that the coin tosses went the perfect 1 in 64 chances to honestly give her the win.

This is a woman who lied to the American people… About almost everything… Almost all the time… Almost every time she speaks.

Bernie Sanders closed a 53% gap in Iowa to battle her to in essence a tie.

Bernie Sanders beat the living snot out of her in New Hampshire, but in Clinton world its… a tie.

Can she HONESTLY be trusted to run the free world?

She’s lied to the American people in “6” national scandals. She won “6” straight coin-flips. She mysteriously won all “6” super delegates in New Hampshire: 6…6…6…

My listeners weighed in: