DOJ: “No Death Penalty” for Benghazi Mastermind!

Highlights: The DOJ for no verbalized reason has given the mastermind of the Benghazi attacks a victory before even going to trial. No death penalty, and zero in exchange.

The killer loves the result. 18 count indictment, but worst that can happen is life in prison. 

And as the report points out that precludes his ability to plea bargain an outcome. 

And why not? Loretta Lynch and the Obama DOJ has already surrendered their best bargaining chip. To the mastermind who bragged on Benghazi TV only days after the attack how he had taught American infidels a lesson.

You know…

On MOST days now, it’s like they’re not even trying to win.

From the Associated:

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department will not seek the death penalty against Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected Libyan militant charged in the Benghazi attacks that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, federal officials announced Tuesday.

The department revealed its decision, which pushes the case forward toward trial, in a brief court filing that offered no additional explanation.
In a separate statement, spokeswoman Emily Pierce said Attorney General Loretta Lynch made the decision after reviewing the case and consulting with federal prosecutors. She said the department is “committed to ensuring that the defendant is held accountable” for the 2012 attacks.
Abu Khattala’s attorneys, who have challenged the strength of the government’s evidence, had implored the Justice Department to remove the death penalty as a possibility should he ultimately be convicted of any capital crimes at trial. With that punishment now off the table, he would face a maximum sentence of life in prison if found guilty.
“It was a decision that was the correct decision, but was also a courageous decision — so we’re pleased,” one of his attorneys, Eric Lewis, told The Associated Press.
Abu Khattala, captured by U.S. special forces in Libya two years ago and brought to the U.S. aboard a Navy ship, has been awaiting trial in federal court in Washington in connection with the September 2012 violence at a diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Prosecutors have described him as a ringleader of the attacks, which quickly emerged as a political flashpoint and became the topic of congressional hearings involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, secretary of state at the time of the rampage.
Assuming it doesn’t resolve through a plea agreement, a trial of Abu Khattala would represent of the most significant terrorism prosecutions in recent years and also an illustration of the Obama administration’s commitment to prosecuting suspected militants captured overseas in U.S. civilian courts.

The 18-count indictment arises from a burst of violence that began the night of Sept. 11, 2012, at a State Department diplomatic compound, an attack prosecutors say was aimed at murdering American personnel and plundering maps, documents and other property from the post.
U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in the first attack at the U.S. mission, along with Sean Patrick Smith, a State Department information management officer. Nearly eight hours later at a CIA complex nearby, two more Americans, contract security officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, died in a mortar attack.
Abu Khattala has pleaded not guilty to charges including murder of an internationally protected person, providing material support to terrorists and destroying U.S. property while causing death.

“Always Be Cheating…”

If people watching from the outside thought it mathematically unlikely that the Hillary Clinton campaign “happened” to win six consecutive coin tosses, to win six tied precincts, to win the raw vote by .3%, to award her 2 extra delegates in Iowa found that hard to swallow

Check this: Hillary lost New Hampshire by 22% (60% to 38%) but is currently expected to leave with the exact same number of delegates as Bernie Sanders.

Notice the trend: “6.”

In New Hampshire she secured 9 delegates to Bernie’s 15 based on the percent of the popular vote. But for reasons that only the Democratic Party can explain Hillary is expected to secure ALL 6 “Super delegates” that the state has to offer.

There is absolutely zero rhyme or reason as to why except that it is simply a party decision.

Of course what that sounds like to me–someone who’s not immersed in democratic party politics–is called “cheating.”

Or “the way the Clinton’s have always done it…”

Now add to the monkey business in Iowa the fact that the state party there has said it will refuse to release the raw vote totals from election night. That likely means that Bernie had more raw votes than Hillary did. And does anyone believe that the coin tosses went the perfect 1 in 64 chances to honestly give her the win.

This is a woman who lied to the American people… About almost everything… Almost all the time… Almost every time she speaks.

Bernie Sanders closed a 53% gap in Iowa to battle her to in essence a tie.

Bernie Sanders beat the living snot out of her in New Hampshire, but in Clinton world its… a tie.

Can she HONESTLY be trusted to run the free world?

She’s lied to the American people in “6” national scandals. She won “6” straight coin-flips. She mysteriously won all “6” super delegates in New Hampshire: 6…6…6…

My listeners weighed in:

Actual Audio: Hillary Lying To Benghazi Families

She said she didn’t. She claimed she never told the family members that their loved ones (and our heroes) were killed by spontaneous demonstration.

She claims she never implied that anything in Benghazi was connected to the YouTube video.

She claims that she never had two different stories when she issues a State Department statement to the public (the night of the attack) and said that it was connected to public demonstrations, and then fifty minutes emailed her daughter confirming it was an Al Qaeda mission.

She claimed she never  had two different stories when she told the Egyptian government that it had nothing to do with the video but then turned around  and to the faces of the Benghazi families led them to believe that it was just a spontaneous demonstration reacting to a stupid YouTube video.

Hillary is a far worse deceiver than her husband ever was. Either that or she just doesn’t believe we will fact check her.

But last night in the final hour we released the exclusive audio that proves she did what she claims she didn’t. Her voice, her words, no fog of war, not even late at night–just a somber, middle of the afternoon at Andrews Air Base, and exactly what she told the families of those who lost their lives in Benghazi.

Fantastically blatantly dishonest…

Scarily, sadly, disrespectful to our heroes, their families, and to we the people.

This person must never be allowed to become Preaident!

Listen to the second half of my final hour from last night’s headline making broadcast:

Hillary: Benghazi Victims’ Families are LYING!

A common occurrence on the campaign trail is to stop by local press outlets (especially in Iowa and New Hampshire) to visit the editorial boards. You hope to answer their questions, persuade their editorial writers, and ultimately their readers that you are a worthy candidate. You’re really hoping to win their endorsement.

So Hillary Clinton stopped by a local New Hampshire newspaper for one of these stops:

Guerringue also asked about the controversy surrounding an email to her daughter in which she blamed the attack on “an al-Qaeda-like group,” while a statement put out by her State Department made it appear that the attack was a spontaneous uprising stemming from a video on the Internet. She chalked up the mixed messages to the “fog of war” and likened the situation to a “40-alarm fire.”

Another editorial writer needed more:

Sun Columnist Tom McLaughlin said she told an Egyptian diplomat the Benghazi attack was planned and not a protest but that she told family members of the deceased that the attack was the result of a demonstration. He said she then told George Stephanopoulos that she didn’t tell the families the attack was a demonstration about a film.

“Somebody is lying,” said McLaughlin.”Who is it?

Clinton replied, “Not me, that’s all I can tell you.”

So she’s now flat out calling the families of the heroes of Benghazi, LIARS?

I have remarked repeatedly at how stuck in an era long gone Hillary’s campaign feels. She is clunky, slow on her feet, not terribly convincing on the stump from a lot of perspectives. She is pseudo engaging under the best of circumstances.

But her horrible policy ideas aside. Her biggest deficit remains that she feels untrustworthy, and as a result untrusted, by the vast majority of Americans.

These problems only amplify themselves when she decides to callously and uncaringly casts aspersions on the families of the men who gave their lives protecting her–and trying to save her supposedly “life long friend” and subordinate.

Hillary continues to be as out of touch as they come.

She is the worst candidate that the Democrats have put forward in 50 years.

Sadly for them she’s also the only option they have.

And under no circumstances should she ever be allowed to become President of the United States.