Why The Women’s “Evangelical Cry” Rings Hollow…

Where were you Beth Moore? Where were you Julie Roys? Where were you Chelsen Vicari?

These three notable women–in evangelical circles–spent much of the early part of this week condemning Donald Trump’s remarks on the Access Hollywood bus from 2005.

As did EVERY male evangelical voice (including myself) over the same period of time.

It’s true. All the ones named, and a good many others, spoke to the reprehensible nature of what Donald Trump’s comments represented in his attitude, heart, and willingness to (in what to date appears to be) boast in an imaginative way of forcing himself upon women, some married.

In the IMMEDIATE aftermath of the tape’s revelation, not only did I condemn the words, but (in what should be an honest and deeply meaningful admission to these female evangelical leaders,) I challenged men (of faith or not) to take a hard assessment of our own hearts, and to admit what none of the women around us would likely believe.

Put bluntly, every man wrestles with sexual, lustful, unbiblical, and ungodly forms of sexual temptation.

If no where else…

Than in our own mind.

I saw some men attempt to be holier-than-thou’s shortly after the tape’s emergence. I saw Coach Doc Rivers say “there’s no locker room talk like that on our team.”

And I’ve seen a bevy of women make public professions that their men would “n-e-v-e-r” say or think any of the things said or implied or anything like what was heard on that bus.

I have bad news to break to these women… they are misinformed.

Different men wrestle with different things but all men battle their brain as it regards sexual thoughts.

Except for the ones who don’t fight it…

Those are the ones much more likely to express just such sentiment around teammates, co-workers, brothers etc.

The bottom line on this is non-debatable, it is indisputable, every man, all men, even the husband you believe is perfectly pure, wrestles.

He sees things you don’t know about. He thinks things he never tells you about. And he on a human level–at times–not always–but at times–desires things he would not normally admit publicly. (Like I said, the ones who no longer fight it, are more likely to say it.)

Donald Trump’s admission brought shame to himself, to his bride, to his children. But he is not alone in dealing with it… nor should we be conned into thinking that any of us are above him.

For the church this moment should’ve become an instant *teaching moment* for honest communication in marriages, honest transparent teaching in churches about God’s design for sex and the truly honest battle that sex is for men.

That’s what we should have done.

Instead we’ve substituted the moment for something far more shallow… presidential politics.

But even on this, their cries of support for Hillary Clinton ring hollow.

To be clear doing anything other than stopping Hillary in the general election works as part of her strategy to get her elected. So not voting, voting third party, voting write-in, are all the equivalent of voting FOR her because of the binary nature of the general election.

Biblically speaking no Christian leader anywhere is on safe terms calling for abstaining from “rendering to” the civil governance what is required. Jesus himself commands us to do our civil duty in addition to doing our spiritual duty.

Likewise even in the Torah the book of Deuteronomy lays out God’s over all instruction for his followers to construct their lives by. He tells us that He has laid before us both “life & death” and that we are literally to “choose life.”

The women that now demonstrate a willful belligerence against the current options sat silent during a hotly contested primary season when an actual born again Christian — man of one wife — could have easily become the nominee and now be opposing Hillary Clinton.

If Beth Moore had as passionately tweeted about the need to be involved, be informed, and be engaged while the purest choices available were up for the choosing it would have been interesting to see how her positive could have helped render a different outcome.

And it is not as though Trump’s past habits of sexual looseness weren’t well documented even in his book “The Art of The Deal.”

These women also are largely ignoring the direct testimony of people like fellow Christian Kellyanne Conway who has repeatedly discussed Trump’s demeanor, change in direction, and why she honestly believes while working with Mr. Trump daily that he is a man in the midst of transformation.

That this is a man who has repeatedly advanced women within his companies, sought out opportunities for them and paid them far more dollars for their efforts than Hillary Clinton has at the Clinton Foundation.

None of this even begins to address the pathetic hypocrisy of these female evangelical leaders in ignoring Hillary Clinton’s own aiding and abetting — not mere sexual harassment, not just “dirty talk,” — actual rape and criminal sexual assault by rapists she represented in court, and one she has been married to for 30+ years.

Donald spoke disturbing comments that God would command for him to put to death in his mind before they ever cross his lips.

But Bill Clinton physically sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey in the halls of the White House, he physically sexually raped Juanita Brodderick while still governor of Arkansas–going so far as to bite through her face to keep her from screaming while he raped her–then telling her to have a doctor “look at that thing” just before leaving. There are 20 other women on record who have never received a just hearing for the actions taken by the former President.

To date these female evangelical leaders have said zero about Hillary’s complicity in helping Bill’s exploits by first approving the women involved, but also attacking them publicly and harshly when they finally spoke up.

I will not judge the motives of these women. But I also can not stand aside and allow them to give this nation to a woman who has pledged to quadruple funding for tax-payer abortion vis a vie Planned Parenthood. 387,000 children a year already being executed by our $500,000,000.00 in tax-payer money shouldn’t be turned into $2,000,000,000.00 and 1,200,000 dead babies.

I understand the frustration of flawed men who sometimes fight it and sometimes don’t fight their sinful sexual nature.

But uninformed ignorance paving a pathway to greater self-destruction by supposedly authoritative voices to the Christian women of our society must not be allowed to stand unanswered.

So enough with the shallow hollow tweets and soundbites.

Let’s begin a real discussion, of the real score, and REALLY try to help real people–especially the lives of our wives, daughters, and families!

Hillary’s Women’s Issues Fair Game?

Donald Trump’s Instagram video ad kept the issue alive a bit longer. But when Bill and Hillary begin to avoid the questions that press and others begin asking, it’s naturally going to produce MORE interest.

They may not like it, but it’s going to happen.


The question is raised, “Is it fair?”

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I was the male voice in a discussion about the treatment of women, as it relates to a female candidate, booked by a female producer, as it is being hosted by a woman, and whose counter point foil is also a woman. In essence it’s dicey waters to wade in to. Wanting to respond with common sense, sensitivity, but as always TRUTH… So how’d I do?)

#ICYMI: Are Clinton’s issues fair game?

Posted by Kevin McCullough on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lip-Biting vs. Roofies

I seemed to hit a nerve earlier today when I asked a very innocent question:

Dear Media,
Good Job on Cosby takedown.
What EXACTLY did he do differently than President Clinton?
Thanks, I’ll just hang up and listen!

Since my career began during the midst of the Clinton sexual turmoil I’m a bit more versed in the history of the former President than were some of my reactionary blog trolls who immediately sputtered, “but but but but but…”

The social media argument boiled down to “Cosby drugged women and forced himself upon them” vs. “Clinton was merely inappropriate–you know dropping his pants for Paula Jones.”

Sadly that wasn’t the difference.

Cosby appears to have used drugs… yes. Though ironically of the 52 cases he’s been accused of, none of them brought criminal charges during the statute of limitations. (And the charges brought today run out tomorrow, though they were looked at by a previous District Attorney and thrown out.)

But let’s argue that the accusers have merit. That in the midst of otherwise consensual sexual conduct Cosby wanted to go further, slipped some roofies into drinks, and took advantage. Convict the man, and send him away.

But let’s hold the same standard to the former President who didn’t drug his girls but physically forced them down while (in two cases) biting their lip and face hard enough to bleed. The bite hold also held them in place long enough that they wouldn’t struggle because of further tearing that might have been done to the facial tissue. Following these interludes leaving them with parting shots like, “you better get a doctor to look at that.”

One of them described it this way:

Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip. … When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door.”

Cosby wins the numbers game at 52 accusers, but Clinton was no boy-scout at 19.

Clinton fans who have always overlooked his predatory tendencies dismiss this entire comparison, but Cosby is at least admitting that the interludes began in consensual fashion.

Almost none of Clinton’s accusers ever did.

Cosby might go to prison as a 70 year old who lasted within one day of waiting out the final statute of limitations.

Clinton will likely go to his grave a free man, biting his lower lip… reminding himself of when he often bit others’ as well.