Strategic Patience?

It’s sad when you must be forced to address someone who exhibits bad behavior. It’s especially bad when said persons are over the age of 7.

After spending the entirety of Holy Weekend playing both mom and dad to seven, four, and two year olds, I have an even deeper appreciation for the way the Trump administration has been handling and addressing the world’s hot spots.

I have much greater appreciation for the President, knowing that he was fundamentally moved by seeing Assad gas babies. This tells me a couple of things about his ability to handle the sick man in charge over there, but also about his commitment to the most vulnerable lives among us–children.

I was equally pleased that he gave his generals enough leeway to make the decision as to whether or not they needed to drop the 28,000lbs hay-maker known simply as MOAB. With the death toll of that attack nearing 100 dead, and seeing that 100% of those dead are thus far individually identified as ISIS personnel, it was great to see the generals trusted to do their jobs!

Ask members of the Naval flight communities and they can tell you all to well how when flying missions above the enemy under Obama, they’d identify the enemy and radio back for permission to engage, at which juncture Obama would usually wait an hour to get back to them. Of course the cockroaches had scrambled the minute they heard the jet engines.

Obama described it as an era of “strategic patience.” Which before this last weekend my seven year old would’ve easily understood to mean, “I’m not required to clean up my act until I’m forced to.”

That’s how ISIS viewed Obama, same with Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea.

Which brings us back to Pence’s statement. “The era of strategic pateince is over.” My seven year old knows how to manipulate that to get what you want. Did the previous administration honestly believe that North Korea didn’t?

Now that China knows the President will at times stiffen his back they need to watch their own. Russia sees what we will do to someone who gasses babies. And soon the pacific fleet will surround North Korea.

There is no more “strategic patience.”

The EXPECTATION has become “strategic cooperation.” And North Korea is being told that if they do not play as instructed that additional disciplines can be hatched – in a blink!