New York To Revoke Cuomo Powers

In what could be the first step of many to reign in the tyrannical force that has evolved as Governor Cuomo the Democratic leaders in both the New York State Assembly and State Senate have decided to press forward on revoking the broad reaching emergency powers that they granted the governor nearly a year  ago.

With those powers he wrongfully made the unilateral decision to prevent therapies for CoVid19 from being prescribed by physicians on an outpatient basis, wrongfully prioritized which groups got first access to the vaccines, stubbornly refused open beds on a naval medical vessel and at the Javits Center and fatally impregnated nursing care facilities with CoVid positive patients.

It is arguable that the decision to ever grant Governor Andrew Cuomo emergency powers was one of the most flawed decisions of the entire pandemic. Fortunately Democrat leaders in both state houses have seen the error of their ways in their decision to revoke said powers.

Cuomo’s bungled handling of nearly 16,000 nursing center deaths is the object of multiple investigations.

The official statement as released this afternoon:

33% of Military Refusing CoVid19 Vaccine

According to a new report from the Department of Defense nearly one in three service members have thus far refused the CoVid19 vaccine.

Pentagon officials had been mum on the numbers until a recent request from the ranking member of the House Armed Services committee Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama.

Even though they would like to see all US Troops be fully vaccinated there is a stumbling block from requiring it. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are only approved by the FDA for emergency authorization use.

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