New York To Revoke Cuomo Powers

In what could be the first step of many to reign in the tyrannical force that has evolved as Governor Cuomo the Democratic leaders in both the New York State Assembly and State Senate have decided to press forward on revoking the broad reaching emergency powers that they granted the governor nearly a year  ago.

With those powers he wrongfully made the unilateral decision to prevent therapies for CoVid19 from being prescribed by physicians on an outpatient basis, wrongfully prioritized which groups got first access to the vaccines, stubbornly refused open beds on a naval medical vessel and at the Javits Center and fatally impregnated nursing care facilities with CoVid positive patients.

It is arguable that the decision to ever grant Governor Andrew Cuomo emergency powers was one of the most flawed decisions of the entire pandemic. Fortunately Democrat leaders in both state houses have seen the error of their ways in their decision to revoke said powers.

Cuomo’s bungled handling of nearly 16,000 nursing center deaths is the object of multiple investigations.

The official statement as released this afternoon:

Wolf Appoints His Own Henhouse Watchdog

If anyone needed more proof that partisan control of every office statewide warps the perspective of those in power, simply study New York.

Fresh off the slaughter of tens of thousands of nursing home victims from his plan to impregnate such facilities with CoVid positive victims, only to be followed by what appear to be legitimate accusations of sexual impropriety (backed by text messages and emails), now another victim steps forward.

After a bit of a pathetic non-apology, New York’s Governor is trying a new angle: feigning sincerity and “opening” an investigation into his own misbehavior. He’s gone so far as to try to appoint his preferred investigator.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo has indicated that he will appoint a retired judge to serve as an independent investigator. However, that judge has ties to former Cuomo aide and close confidant Steve Cohen. This is unacceptable. If the Governor appoints the investigator, how can that investigation be truly independent?”

When this was not received as desired the Governor finally turned to the Attorney General’s office to request a lawyer be assigned to his investigation and that he would work with to get to the truth.

Oddly no one in the press has the motivation to tell Cuomo, “Come forward, admit your actions and the need for an investigation ends.”

Cuomo is attempting to skate on all of the bad behavior and this attempt to initiate his own investigation is laughable on all fronts.

Fortunately the AG—Tisch James—has shown needed independence and could play a needed role in bringing justice for the all of the tens of thousands of victims in New York.

The Chris Cuomo Dilemma

Chris Cuomo of CNN was asked by a Twitter user, on Thursday, a simple question: “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Considering Cuomo had nearly gone blind losing his mind over the outrage that the Trump administration had caused him this week in rescinding President Obama’s far-too-huge overreach or “guidance” in requiring 12 year old girls to see penises in their locker rooms in the first place–it seemed a fair question.

Funny word that term “guidance” (fancy term for executive action that in essence threatened the local schools of America to comply with allowing penises into the 12 year old girls’ locker rooms across the nation OR they—team Obama—would withhold funds from said school districts’ hot breakfast and lunch programs. So starve the poor kids if the school district disallows the showing of the penises to the 12 year olds.)

Actually to say that Trump rescinded the “guidance” is an overstatement. He simply ripped it up, told the Supreme Court it was none of the federal government’s business, and will now allow the states to decide what each wishes to do on the local level. Federalism as it should be.

But I digress…

Since Cuomo is evidently a huge fan of penises in the 12 year old girls’ locker rooms, he couldn’t restrain himself and literally got into a twitter war with any and all that drew exception to his “worldview.” After some 90 tweets leveled at the Trump administration over a period of minutes, the question listed above was finally leveled at him.

“What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

It’s important to note that Cuomo is a father of not one but two daughters. So surely he has immense respect for the sacred bond between fathers and daughters. Surely he would take into account the still relative innocence fathers would like their daughters to still know at the pre-teen age of 12. Surely when he ridiculed disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner for sexting a picture of his penis while laying next to his own child to a 15 year old girl, there was some understanding of the morality involved. Surely he would want to be that protective father that would wish to keep even the remote chance of sexual harassment or worse (assault) as far away from his own 12 year old girls as they could ever possibly be.


So how did the man—who lets face it, got his current gig because his dad was a governor and his brother is one now—respond in this incredibly opportune moment to answer a concerned father?

I quote, verbatim, without any editing: “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”

Forget the fact that he evidently failed capitalization & punctuation in grammar school, let’s break down the substance of his statement.

His first assumption is that it is first and foremost “a problem” for the said 12 year old girl to not desire to see penises in her locker room. In other words if the girl at age 12 is not completely at ease with the presence of a penis being in her locker room space he—Chris Cuomo—is making the judgment that her ability to reason is faulty. That of course, what every 12 year old girl should greatly desire to see in her (aka the girls’) locker room is practically nothing but penises.

His second assumption is that the girl is unable to make such a discernment of her own decision making. So much for empowering our girls to think for themselves. In other words she could only come to the decision that she was uncomfortable viewing penises at age 12 if in fact someone else made the decision for her, or brain washed her into thinking that it was a bad thing. It makes me wonder what advice he gives his daughter if while on a date some undesired penis appears and proceeds to date rape her. Is it still her inability to think for herself that would deem such an action as unwanted?

His third assumption is that for a father to give good guidance to his daughter it is done to be over protective, and that the daughter must deem her own father as someone who is intolerant. No healthy parent child relationship could be viewed in such a manner. Though I do wonder if Cuomo practices what he preaches if his own daughters will question him one day as to why he wasn’t more protective of their innocence when he had the chance.

And his solution to all of it?

Teach tolerance…

Tolerate everyone… except for little girls… whose daddies love them… and who would like to stay young ladies, just a bit longer.

This is Chris Cuomo, a political legacy, and a major face on the second most watched news network in the world.

This is Chris Cuomo who spent nearly a hundred tweets defending this garbage.

This is Chris Cuomo father of two daughters.

This is Chris Cuomo & “THIS IS C-N-N!”

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