The “Squad’s” Jihad Against The Innocent

Let it be clearly understood: when the newly empowered progressive squad doesn’t like the outcome of one of their progressive wish list items, they will seek out disingenuous vengeance.

Normal people don’t do this. Normal people learn why they were wrong and either work to improve their proposal so that it lawfully can be accomplished or they seek to change the qualifications/requirements so that their proposal aligns within a legal framework.

Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, or Ilhan Omar.

Upon learning this week that the minimum wage increase proposed in the $1.9 mostly non-CoVid stimulus package was not eligible to be included in the legislative reconciliation process, instead of seeking out a lawful response the two issued veiled threats against the parliamentarian that ruled the issue illegal.

Never mind that the minimum wage increase violates the rules to be included in the reconciliation process on not one but two distinct points.

Nope… to the brat-like squad members, if they can’t have the rulings they desire they are looking to  vocationally behead  the governmental mechanisms preventing them from doing so.

The Senate parliamentarian—it should be noted—is a non-partisan position whose entire job is to enforce the parliamentary process.

The reactions of Ocasio-Cortes and Omar reveal a great deal about the vendetta-type mentality that lives in the hearts and minds of the future of progressives. It is distinctly un-American at its very core.



The Trey Gowdy Saga… & KMC!

This is the original “debate” with Robin Biro in which as a Democratic “strategist” he goes bush-league on Congressman Trey Gowdy and even slightly on me. It’s this kind of smear merchant currency that honorable people get tired of. Washington DC is filled with people that do this 24/7 and it wears down the honorable who simply want to make America better.

Following that appearance, Congressman Gowdy called me out of the blue. He agreed to come on my radio show even though his staff is declining more than 97% of most media requests at this time. Here is the extended, unedited conversation.

Thankful to have been able to supply beneficial conversation to the larger discussion. Congressman Gowdy is a GOOD man, and the Congress will be quite the lesser for his absence!

FoxNews asks me: “Are Christians At Greater Risk?”

After a most unusual week for me personally, in addition to a controversial move by the president to send missiles in a mission to take out some of Assad’s air forces and destroy chemical weapons stockpile, the start of Holy Week was a disturbing one for me.

I know Assad has gassed close to one half million of his own people. He’s Joe Stalin, he’s Saddam Hussein, He’s a mini-Hitler, but I doubt he will be gassing anyone else–at least not as long as Trump is in office.

The bombings in Egypt however hit me much harder.

Maybe it was because it was Palm Sunday, and I was getting my own daughter dressed in her spring finest when I first heard the report. Maybe it was the fact that these Christians were meeting, even knowing that doing so–especially on Palm Sunday could perhaps be inviting the ISIS radicals to take their despicable actions. Maybe it was the twang of wonder that ran through my body as an electrical current when my Pastor later that morning reminded his congregation that those who perished went from her to GLORY in pretty much a blink. Whatever it was it nagged and gnawed at me all afternoon.

So much so I went back to the ink:


To openly identify with the believers who are truly risking it all, is of literally no risk to Christians here in America, save some snickering around the water cooler.


That’s some tough persecution.

I had worn the sign of the Nazrani (which ISIS uses to mark whole families for extermination when they roll into a town) about two years ago for a few months. Doing so reminded me to pray for them, and to give thanks for the religious freedoms I enjoy here.

The Coptics who died on Sunday have actual tattoos of the Cross in the same spot on their wrists. And they know that by wearing them, they are marked.

They make up only 10% of the entire population of Egypt. Which means that 90% of the population of Egypt are Sunni Muslim. And the worst terror activities of our time have all been perpetrated by fundamentalists within Sunni Islam.

But don’t worry… only 1-2% of Sunni Muslims are fundamentalists.

So only 19-30,000,000 worldwide are ready to hurt others.

I AM standing with the Nazrani, the marked ones, the ones slated for extermination. And I will do so as their brother. Why should we in the west be so unbothered by the plight of those who share our faith?

I will choose to be bothered by it!


So with all of this as the backdrop, FoxNews’ “Spirited Debate” (which focuses mostly on how religion and faith intersect with the day’s news) asked me to appear and to discuss:


“Sell-Outs” Abound…

So Gretchen Carlson invited me to discuss the Trump outreach to Evangelicals alongside Dr. Robert Jeffress. 

He was an early endorser of Mr. Trump.

My assessment wasn’t as rosy as his, but I’m sure to labeled as a black list, heretic, sell out, for daring to state both the truth and the obvious: (click the image to watch)

ALERT: Vets and Donald don’t much like each other…

Earlier today I saw a parade of stories come floating through my feeds telling me of different Veterans groups that didn’t much appreciate being played as a useful idiot in the Donald Trump Reality Show. I grasp their concerns and understand how they will be needing to work with any incoming administration to improve the plight of those who have served us so faithfully in uniform.

Both of my grandfathers served in the NAVY in the big war. I had several uncles in the Air Force. A few distant cousins in the Marines, and one I believe who even served Army.

My mother’s father had long lasting injuries sustained from his service and was afforded care and help from the government as a Disabled Veteran.

Through all the years and administrations I remember him talking about his experiences with Veterans’ Affairs or the VA as something he was grateful for.

With the recent revelations of how the Obama administration allowed the conditions for our heroes to deteriorate much like he is disintegrating our service vehicles–ships and planes especially–it has turned my stomach that veterans are going through such pain.

But when Mr. Trump decided to use the veterans to get back at a network that wouldn’t bend and capitulate to his tantrums…

Let’s just say we can all understand why Iowans are abandoning him like flies, and why veterans felt used.

These were my thoughts before I ever even glanced at this piece. I don’t much read the particular outlet often, but its arguable to try make the case with straight face that he has always been “pro-vet.” At least from the veterans who were around him the most.


Trumper Tantrums

He just couldn’t do it.

It betrays the dignity of a person’s manhood to be as insecure as one Donald Trump.

Earlier today he took to Twitter. (Something I would advise his staff to back away from immediately.) The tone, tactic, and general topics of what he tweets tends towards the inane.

He wants to be the leader of the free world but talks in tweets at a 3rd grade level.

Fresh off using Sarah Palin’s endorsement, gaining the SNL parodied cold open from it, and referring to Glenn Beck as a crying fool, he decided to return his sights to Megyn Kelly who will be one of the moderators this coming Thursday at the final debate before Iowa votes (and he will in all likelihood lose his very first test–after bragging about how he only wins:)


Fox News responded calling him out as more or less a media con man attempting to boost his own ratings–so they thanked him. (Genius!)

But a thought crossed my mind in the process…

Not only does the man barely embody behavior that would emulate the dignity of being a President, but how can he stake a claim to being ready to take on the fierce enemies around the world when he whines to Roger Ailes about Megyn Kelly being too mean?

Seriously it’s almost like he’s acting like he can’t possibly BE the commander in chief and he’s just daring the voters to stop him…


One more week and Iowans will prove someone right… But who… That remains the question.

Growing Pains: Here, There, & Everywhere

So a bit of an update for those of you who have interest in such.

November 2015–it can now be said–was the single biggest change in the wild life that my time in media has seen. My schedule, time with family, attention to business, ability to even think or take time to go for a walk have all been put into a blender and had the “liquify” button pushed. But on the other side of this historic month, I am starting to get my sea legs, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

The most immediate change was the moving up of “Late Night with Kevin McCullough” in New York on AM 970 The Answer. On November 5th we launched “After Hours with Kevin McCullough” on AM 970 The Answer. Advertisers, listeners, staff, and I were all thrilled at the move, but it created pain for the family, and the program lineup juggle was tricky to navigate through. Whereas prior to the changes we had been tape delayed for three of the five hours between 5-10pm, AM 970 is now 100% LIVE and able to take your calls from an incredibly astounding 6am-11pmEST every day.

The line-up runs:image
6am – Joe Piscopo
9am – Mike Gallagher
11am – John Gambling
1pm – Dennis Prager
3pm – Michael Medved
5pm – Kevin McCullough
7pm – Hugh Hewitt
9pm – Steve Deace
11pm – Eric Metaxas

An astounding line-up and a quick pace. Join Us Daily.

So how did the move into the “NewsTalk” Universe affect everything else?

image-300x194Well on AM 570 The Mission I’m still heard weekdays at 3pm. The focus of that show is to reach an exclusively church focused audience giving them the Biblical perspective on the news of the day that help them contextualize the meaning of the events they are living through–but doing so from a primarily Biblical world view.

The Kevin McCullough Show (nationally daily syndicated) is in as high a demand as ever, releasing daily at 4pm EST, and covering for a national audience the biggest stories of each day. The biggest markets – Los Angeles, Phoenix, DC, and Atlanta release at 5pm EST. The CRN radio network also picked up the daily release on their 200+ affiliates, airing twice daily.

The “News That Makes You Think” was added as the news service for the new faith based channel at the CRN radio network (200+ affiliate cities, and up to 4 additional releases per day.)

Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* — still the oldest of the syndicated work I do, now in it’s eighth full year of production added five new television markets with our TV partner “BizTV,” it was picked up by the CRN radio network, and as of December 5, will add the number 23 radio market of Portland, Oregon on the Salem Media Group station there–AM 1640 KDZR–a flame thrower that hits much of Oregon and much of southern Washington.

Digital Listenership has also become a high priority for us. Given that every station we are on (for the overwhelming most part) has begun to use digital streaming, given that we are now podcasting every episode of every show, and given that TuneIn, IHeartMedia,,,,, all have track of 12115763_979928348730236_6029193301226517273_nseparate streams it is nearly impossible to know exact numbers on who is where. But that’s not to say that we aren’t able to track some, and what we have uncovered is just humbling. On my two primary stations in New York alone, we fluctuate between 200-300k streams per station per week–this includes all doorways into the station–apps, websites, and the aggregators. On the CRN network they report 750k-1,000,000 streams per month. Obviously those numbers are network/station-wide so our portions of them are much smaller–but consider this–the Iowa Caucus for President in January will be decided by less than 60,000 voters. Our podcast archives are seeing dramatic growth. Since the launch of our SoundCloud page we’ve seen an increase year over year since the first month of 5000%. More than 35,000 individual users have or are using the archives at any given time. And our podcasts have been promoted on more than 1400 different web-page urls, and more than 300 individual listening apps. (And none of that includes any numbers for iTunes which Apple does not release.) This also doesn’t account for any viewership live via our television partner “BizTV’s” digital delivery, nor any of our numbers of online viewing each Saturday Night via UStream. – The online home of all things written editorial from me went live only a little more than a week ago. Over 1000 shares across only a handful of original posts indicates to me that while this is one of the smaller portals presently, it has great potential for me to put a landing spot down in the wordy interwebs and attempt to bring the fight for clarity there as well.

FoxNews — Many have noticed, and a few have asked, “Are you a regular contributor on the FNC now?” To be very clear about imagethe exact parameters of everything: “contributor” is a very tricky word in the hallowed halls at Fox. And though I am now a weekly guest/commentator on the News Channel, I am not yet an official contributor. My name came up in the conversation of those who make those decisions, and we prepared the materials needed for the application process. I will keep you posted as no one would love to be a contributor at the most watched news channel than yours truly. None the less if you perceive that I have been contributing a great deal of commentary to FoxNews mostly on America’s Newsroom weekday mornings, you would be correct. Usually Wednesdays or Thursdays you will find me cheerfully disagreeing with a bevy of center lefties (most of whom are female) and attempting to get clarity mixed into the equation at every turn.

Final Tally — For now, and we know this number will move soon, but with the new networks, stations, digital users, podcast downloads, and the limited metrics we can see, we are confidant that we have never reached as many people as we are now. Unique radio outlets now being reached number 660+, daily affiliate releases of any single piece of content we produce 1500+, digital universe total reach .5-1 million per month, television affiliate households reach 40 million households. Put a different way, there is no day of the week content we are making isn’t being heard or seen.

At the beginning of the month of November in the midst of our launch into PM Drive in NYC, I was leading listeners through Israel. The next week Paris happened. The next week we tried to unplug and be thankful over the holiday. Before I knew it an entire month had passed and even though I had wanted to update both you, and the industry on what all was happening, I am alas–only now–getting to it.

It has been fun, historic, and eventful. I absolutely KNOW that I am supposed to be in afternoon drive doing breaking news and giving perspective on it. Paris, Colorado Springs, and San Bernadino scream for the attention, but 2016 looms, and thus the fight to think clearly presses on.

Thanks for joining me, thank you for your prayers (I will never view them as mere platitudes) and here’s to many more hours spent together on television, internet, smart-phone, tablets, and of course radio!

Video: Could Trump Win?

I was asked to offer up opinions and strategy on what 2016 is shaping up like. Specifically I was asked about the chances of primarily two candidates in the GOP field: Trump and Cruz.

While it is fun to get paid to provide analysis and commentary, I do not want listeners/readers misinterpreting my role.

I am sought out to render opinion about how actions impact the race, and whether or not they can beat the Dems a year from now.

So please don’t see any of my wording as endorsement! Analysis is never the same as who one is pulling for or against… And as I’ve repeatedly said in the primary race I will not be endorsing a candidate.