YouTube to Rudy: Strike Two

YouTube has banned former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a second time.

The Google-owned video publisher has chosen to invoke editorial control in areas pertaining to content related to the mayor’s podcast. Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense is an original content video podcast that the former Trump advisor regularly promotes on his NYC based radio show on 770 WABC.

And it’s that very observation that’s worth noting. WABC radio runs a disclaimer before the Giuliani radio show. He regularly and frequently opines on his own experiences in dealing with the election of 2020 and even discusses his own legal entanglements via the multiple lawsuits facing him.

YouTube is a enforcing its own viewpoints by censoring the mayor by preventing him from discussing — his own perspective and experience in arguing for election integrity.

So evidently even if you have first hand knowledge and experience but it runs against the group think of the publisher that hosts you — you must adjust your reality to match their imagination.

That’s a losing game plan for YouTube, Rudy, free speech & America.


Monday Morning thoughts…

Some of you may not realize it but the content never stops being made over here in BingeThinker land. All week long we are doing hours and hours of radio (17-19 hours per week most weeks.) And then there’s the punditry for FoxNews, Eric Metaxas, NewsMax etc.

Since this year’s #MAPs started coming out I’ve also had a ton of even foreign media interest. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, a bunch of patriots on social media, and listeners/viewers — it’s been non-stop.

But in case you missed some of the highlights from the most recent days here’s some convenient connections to catch up:

THE COLUMN: “When Corruption Becomes Commonplace”
We just take a look at the stark reality that everything the left touches has not only become corrupted but corrupts so badly that it expects everyone else to do the same. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way, and leaders from past even Democrat generations felt that way.

RADIO NIGHT LIVE: Guest starring this week: “The Map,” Rudy Giuliani, Kristin B. Tate, Erin Perrine, and #AngryOldJoe. Revisit on-demand.

WHERE IN THE WORLD: My friend Eric Metaxas has had me on a TON in the past month, mostly critiquing the election and where we are at. If you missed it he had me on last Friday for like half the show. (Honored and Humbled!) Watch it here.

LOOKING AHEAD: This week should be absolutely amazing. Just three of the reasons why…
1. Joe Biden called a “lid” on the week – on Sunday. Meaning he intends to not campaign, make public appearances, do any interviews. In fact he’s called the lid THROUGH ELECTION DAY! I’m not sure what to make of it except to believe that he thinks he’s so far out in front that there’s no way he could lose. (Or as normal people call it — #HillarySyndrome.) OR he believes he’s slipped, the difficult questions from the press will be too numerous, and he’s just not egging for the fight anymore. My bet is on the latter.

2. Today is the day Judge Amy Coney Barrett, becomes Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Now some may wonder why this is such a big deal. But to be candid — I never believed we would arrive at a 6-3 majority (for easy cases) nor a 5-4 majority as a backstop. But we HAVE. The President faithfully executed his duties as President. And it is amazing to see what happens when someone keeps his word. It is a DAY to be celebrated! #HappyBdayHillary

3. My newest map (second to the end) will drop on Wednesday at 3pm ET. Salivate away!

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The *ONLY* person who has a copy of the hard drive…

Mayor Rudy Giuliani sat with me for an exclusive yesterday to discuss the veracity of the #HunterLaptop issue. It is clear that the mayor is methodically combing through the information found therein. He makes some newsworthy revelations, a startling prediction, and some important observations. He gave us more time than we had air-time for hence here is the full and uncut conversation in its entirety: