Snowflakes Lives Matter

Dear Special Snowflakes,

I wanted to take a minute to write you specifically, so that you would know that your feelings matter to me.

I know the past week or so has been really super, incredibly, terribly, horribly hard for you. You believed that Hillary Clinton would finally break that non-existent glass ceiling and that the warm and fuzzy snuggles you’ve had since President Obama came to office would keep on keeping on. Beer summits, Lin-Manuel Miranda free verse nights at the White House, and free weed for all, this is what you’d hoped Hillary would bring you. That and possibly turning the day after the Super Bowl into a national holiday.

When that didn’t happen you believed it had to be someone else’s fault, because let’s face it, this is what you’ve always been told. Why would you know otherwise?

I also understand very deeply how important it is for your narrative to not be messed with. After all most of you that are now “expressing yourself” grew up with a public school curriculum that reminded you that your feelings are never wrong and that “looking out for yourself first” is the most important lesson in life. When someone doesn’t affirm this I know the cognitive dissonance has to come near making your brain explode.

Yes you never knew the lessons of losing because when your team scored fewer runs they still got trophies. You don’t much like God nor his ten commandments because they seem like a serious drag on your positivity with all the “thou shalt nots.”

I get that you don’t know the difference in using the f-word or not in polite conversation, and I know that some of you may even be angry that your parents made you live your entire life as the actual gender that matched your anatomical genitalia.

Life has been hard for you.

Suffering through history lessons in… er history class, and sometimes hearing things about historical figures that weren’t quite as gentle as what your fluffy professors would like to teach you they were. To be candid, it’s a miracle that so many generations before yours suffered through such indignities.

Even though you can’t articulate nor even defend your actual worldview, I know how much easier it would be for you to just never have to listen to anything that runs counter to it to begin with.

I know on Snapchat, Instagram, and facebook you have this image of yourself that you are carefully crafting and how easy it is for you to just unfriend someone when they don’t like your newest “Sex-tie.”

So I can only imagine how bad the last two weeks have been.

Donald Trump, you’ve been told, is an “orange Jesus,” a not nice person who dislikes people different than him, and may actually cause a lot of disruption to your whole vibe. And because your world is filled with only one point of view, when that point of view tells you that the world may end if this happens, you naturally start asking your teachers for safe spaces. But after a while you grow bored there so you need coloring books and play-doh, or maybe even puppies to cheer you up. Because you know #FeelingsMatter.

Yes it’s true, things may get a bit harder for a while. New anchors will mostly huff and grumble their way through his picking of his cabinet and his inauguration. They will fill your minds with teasers like “how great would it be if we got rid of the electoral college?” In some instances I’ve heard college professors have even taken to encouraging you to harass the members of the electoral college into trying to sway them to reverse their votes from Trump to Clinton. One lady I heard they’ve harassed with over 8000 phone calls and emails. Because you know #RapeMelania.

When none of this works those same news anchors, and academics, and others who believe that you should live according to your feelings (instead of facts) will likely blame the outcome on something else. Because you know #NotMyPresident.

They will still continue to attempt to get you to harass those who differ with you though. Like if a Vice President goes to see Hamilton they think it’s a classy move to curse so loudly and out of control during songs they perceive apply to the administration they will encourage you to do so long enough to stop the performance—multiple times. Because you know #LoveTrumpsHate.

And if you can’t get a ticket because they’re being sold for that old fashioned capitalistic idea of a profit, just wait outside and chant for him to f-himself as he leaves. Because you know #WhenTheyGoLowYouGoHigh.

Whatever you do though, pay no attention to the beliefs, words, or ideas that Alexander Hamilton actually believed because he was a dangerous dude who would’ve opposed everything your twice rejected Queen Hillary believed.

For example:
“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism.”

“Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint.”

“The inquiry constantly is what will please, not what will benefit the people. In such a government there can be nothing but temporary, expedient, fickleness and folly.”

“I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to be.”

A Hamilton-sized betrayal of such magnitude might cause a nationwide snowflake suicide watch. Because you know #SnowflakesLivesMatter.

What I most want to tell you though is simple, “You will be okay in the end.” The icons you worship have led you to believe that the world is falling apart, but in reality for the next few months and years, things are going to radically improve.

But in order to do so, just about everything you’ve ever been taught in your precious little snowflake life will have to be unlearned.

And the lesson you will have to take away from it all, is that America will survive for another generation.

Hang in there!

With respect
Kevin McCullough

Hillary: Strange & Deeply Disturbing

On the day after the FBI announced that it was reopening the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the former Secretary of State implied in a speech to supporters on the campaign trail that the FBI’s actions were strange, unprecedented & deeply disturbing.

It may be the least self-aware statement a politician has ever made while running for office.

Ironically, “strange, unprecedented and deeply disturbing,” where the identical emotions and thoughts that were quietly revealed to the media via the voice of one of the investigators of the original 100 agents that worked the case. In the stunning revelation the agent confessed that all 100 agents that worked the original email case believed Hillary Clinton had violated national security so badly that she should have her national security clearance revoked. Similarly all six of the department of justice attorneys that work the case believed that she should have been indicted.

These agents and attorneys believed the evidence in the original case was so strong that it was disheartening, dismaying, and literally sickening that the Justice Department nor the FBI moved forward with further inquiry. Prosecutors across America went on cable and print outlets to decry the actions & to proclaim that had they been given the same case that they not not only would have indicted, but would have argued a guilty verdict to a successful conclusion.

Fast forward to this last Thursday, in unrelated circumstances, as FBI agents poured over the sexting details of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Something profoundly disturbing and connected to the Hillary Clinton email case was discovered.

Enough of a something was found that it forced the FBI director’s hand to take actions that he had specifically attempted to avoid for many weeks–the reopening of the FBI’s efforts in Hillary Clinton’s criminal email endeavors.

The very thing he had hoped to avoid–which was to take further action, close to the election–was now forced upon him, his investigators and now the voters of America.

Predictably, without missing a beat, Hillary Clinton rose to the occasion of defiant hubris, strong disdain and likely greater abuse of the American people.

As rumor swirls as to what the evidence may actually prove, armchair analysts have been proffering their thoughts throughout the weekend.

Mine are as follows:
1. Hillary’s people are some of the least intelligent when it comes to using technology.
2. Such recklessness has not only opened up threats against our nation but now her very campaign.
3. With the knowledge that the device is retrieved from the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner home, and that it is likely that both used said device for extended periods of time, it is likely that direct evidence that contradicts previous testimony has been discovered.
4. As Ms. Abedin was Hillary’s closest and personal confidant, it is entirely possible that tens of thousands if not all thirty thousand email that the campaign attempted to bleach from the original servers had a second “carbon copy” home that most forgot about.
5. Given that in the leaked emails from John Podesta alone there appears to be systematic attempt to commit felonies such as suppression of evidence, destruction of evidence, collusion, and corruption, one can only guess at the gold mine of criminality tens of thousands previously undiscovered but believe to be destroyed emails might contain.

It is understandable that the Clinton campaign spent most of the last several days contacting lawyers, and publicly calling for the release of more information.

Being kept in the dark is not a position that anyone with the last name of Clinton is in any way familiar with. As each minute transpires, in which they do not know the actual facts of what the FBI now does, the gnawing in the pit of their stomach eats away at their deceptive souls. It also prevents them from formulating lies to counteract what has been uncovered.

The vast majority of observers also rightly point out that this kind of surprise–again through an unrelated investigation–was created by only one person–Hillary Clinton herself.

Had she but followed State Department protocols and used her assigned server for official State Department work this conversation would never be occurring.

Had she turned over her emails when so instructed by a federal judge and a Congressional subpoena, this would not have happened.

Had she instructed her aides to do the same… etc.

Every last ounce of this last minute panic that she feels in her heart tonight, is of her own doing, her own creation, and perhaps finally her own reaping.

Hillary Clinton claims that the FBI–merely doing its job–is strange, unprecedented, and deeply disturbing.

Given the fact that it is entirely possible that she is looking at actual prison time I understand her panic.

Kevin McCullough is afternoon drive host for Salem Media Group of New York, the nationally syndicated host of “The Kevin McCullough Show” & “Radio Night *LIVE*” Saturdays (9-11pm EST) . Ranked as 11th most listened to talk host in America by TALKERS magazine. A weekly commentator on the FoxNews Channel.

The Moral Mandate To Defeat Hillary

This past week a talk radio colleague created a stir when she asserted that those who were refusing to vote for Donald Trump on moral grounds were both misguided but also hypocritical.

She went so far as to describe those that did not choose to support the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton as in essence supporting the expansion of abortion.

Laura Ingraham was correct in her assertions.

Though I do not make any assumption of intent to do so, I very much agree that those who refuse to stop Hillary, are assisting her efforts. On the campaign trail this year she has pledged to quadruple the current tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood. We currently send more than one half billion tax dollars to the organization that kills 387,000 children per year (and increasingly in turn makes more money from the selling of their body parts.) Hillary has pledged to quadruple these efforts.

So if you’re comfortable with Hillary Clinton spending two billion of our tax dollars (money you work hard for to feed your kids with) to kill upwards of 1.2 million children, then do nothing.

But the moral mandate to oppose Clinton goes far beyond the killing of unborn children.

Her economic policies would continue the choking regulations on small businesses. Doing so means fewer jobs are created. Fewer people feeding their families. Fewer people doing good with their tithes and charitable giving. Fewer resources to ever help those who have fallen through the cracks. She has no plan to address the issues of the urban centers. She has not met and formulated action plans with community leaders in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. She has no plan to help end addiction, dependency, and entitlement drains. She is fine with allowing those who are suffering to continue to suffer, so long as they vote for her. This approach is morally wrong, not merely fiscally.

Her national security positions are impossible to trust. She openly flaunted national security concerns by installing and using a nearly completely unsecured server. Her shrug-of-the-shoulder approach to classified information being left vulnerable on her server stood in sharp contrast to nearly every military or intelligence official who has had their statuses revoked for much smaller infractions. Considering also that the FBI agents who worked the case investigating her unanimously felt she should never be given a security clearance again should be telling. Considering that the six DOJ attorneys who worked her case believed she should’ve been prosecuted should seal the deal as to whether the moral trust the nation will have to put in it’s top intelligence officer. Indifference to the law is as immoral as breaking it. Her willingness to ignore the plight of the boys in Benghazi, lie to their families faces and ask Congress “what difference it made” also speaks to her willful and immoral lack of care for those in her charge. She is morally compromised, and demonstrated it while serving in government.

Her approach to the rule of law speaks loudly to the lack of moral code she would continue to encourage at higher office. Everything from encouraging Black Lives Matter to go further in disturbing law and order in their protests, to making smarmy and arrogant jokes while wholesale denying things we later found out to be true speaks to her own willingness to skirt any law that is inconvenient for her. She is without equal in public brazenness and overly prideful in defying lawful orders, subpoenas, and court instruction. Not ironically those are usually issued because of an earlier refusal to comply with written laws.

Lastly and perhaps the most important reason that she must be opposed on moral grounds is very simple: we’re not merely electing one person to one position. The president will bring with them nearly 3000 bureaucrats. Which leads those not committed to stopping Hillary to answer some tough questions.

For instance, what’s the rigorous intellectual difference between what Laura Ingraham said and what conservatives have argued about democrats who claim to be pro-life but refuse to raise a finger to stop

Every argument made to vote for Bush in 2000 once Keyes and Bauer were out of the running was “he’s better than Gore… even if imperfect. Every argument made for McCain was that while he may have not been a perfect conservative we would get more from him than Obama. The same for Romney.

You fight the battle for purity in the primary, but you should fight for the survival of civilization in the general.

It’s not just Trump v Clinton. It’s Pence v. Kaine. It’s it’s Cristie vs. Lynch. It’s Ken Blackwell vs. Cheryl Mills. It’s a cabinet of competence vs a cabinet of corruption.

To continue to pretend that “doing nothing” is in some way being pro-life at this time is rigorously intellectually, and mathematically false.

It makes me uncomfortable to have to level such confrontation in writing. I have so many cherished friends who likely disagree with me here. But what I’ve said is true.

If you are not committed to stopping Hillary—especially on moral grounds—then you are helping her win.

And if good people choose to do nothing, then evil prospers.

Sir Edmund Burke would be the first to say so.

Why The Women’s “Evangelical Cry” Rings Hollow…

Where were you Beth Moore? Where were you Julie Roys? Where were you Chelsen Vicari?

These three notable women–in evangelical circles–spent much of the early part of this week condemning Donald Trump’s remarks on the Access Hollywood bus from 2005.

As did EVERY male evangelical voice (including myself) over the same period of time.

It’s true. All the ones named, and a good many others, spoke to the reprehensible nature of what Donald Trump’s comments represented in his attitude, heart, and willingness to (in what to date appears to be) boast in an imaginative way of forcing himself upon women, some married.

In the IMMEDIATE aftermath of the tape’s revelation, not only did I condemn the words, but (in what should be an honest and deeply meaningful admission to these female evangelical leaders,) I challenged men (of faith or not) to take a hard assessment of our own hearts, and to admit what none of the women around us would likely believe.

Put bluntly, every man wrestles with sexual, lustful, unbiblical, and ungodly forms of sexual temptation.

If no where else…

Than in our own mind.

I saw some men attempt to be holier-than-thou’s shortly after the tape’s emergence. I saw Coach Doc Rivers say “there’s no locker room talk like that on our team.”

And I’ve seen a bevy of women make public professions that their men would “n-e-v-e-r” say or think any of the things said or implied or anything like what was heard on that bus.

I have bad news to break to these women… they are misinformed.

Different men wrestle with different things but all men battle their brain as it regards sexual thoughts.

Except for the ones who don’t fight it…

Those are the ones much more likely to express just such sentiment around teammates, co-workers, brothers etc.

The bottom line on this is non-debatable, it is indisputable, every man, all men, even the husband you believe is perfectly pure, wrestles.

He sees things you don’t know about. He thinks things he never tells you about. And he on a human level–at times–not always–but at times–desires things he would not normally admit publicly. (Like I said, the ones who no longer fight it, are more likely to say it.)

Donald Trump’s admission brought shame to himself, to his bride, to his children. But he is not alone in dealing with it… nor should we be conned into thinking that any of us are above him.

For the church this moment should’ve become an instant *teaching moment* for honest communication in marriages, honest transparent teaching in churches about God’s design for sex and the truly honest battle that sex is for men.

That’s what we should have done.

Instead we’ve substituted the moment for something far more shallow… presidential politics.

But even on this, their cries of support for Hillary Clinton ring hollow.

To be clear doing anything other than stopping Hillary in the general election works as part of her strategy to get her elected. So not voting, voting third party, voting write-in, are all the equivalent of voting FOR her because of the binary nature of the general election.

Biblically speaking no Christian leader anywhere is on safe terms calling for abstaining from “rendering to” the civil governance what is required. Jesus himself commands us to do our civil duty in addition to doing our spiritual duty.

Likewise even in the Torah the book of Deuteronomy lays out God’s over all instruction for his followers to construct their lives by. He tells us that He has laid before us both “life & death” and that we are literally to “choose life.”

The women that now demonstrate a willful belligerence against the current options sat silent during a hotly contested primary season when an actual born again Christian — man of one wife — could have easily become the nominee and now be opposing Hillary Clinton.

If Beth Moore had as passionately tweeted about the need to be involved, be informed, and be engaged while the purest choices available were up for the choosing it would have been interesting to see how her positive could have helped render a different outcome.

And it is not as though Trump’s past habits of sexual looseness weren’t well documented even in his book “The Art of The Deal.”

These women also are largely ignoring the direct testimony of people like fellow Christian Kellyanne Conway who has repeatedly discussed Trump’s demeanor, change in direction, and why she honestly believes while working with Mr. Trump daily that he is a man in the midst of transformation.

That this is a man who has repeatedly advanced women within his companies, sought out opportunities for them and paid them far more dollars for their efforts than Hillary Clinton has at the Clinton Foundation.

None of this even begins to address the pathetic hypocrisy of these female evangelical leaders in ignoring Hillary Clinton’s own aiding and abetting — not mere sexual harassment, not just “dirty talk,” — actual rape and criminal sexual assault by rapists she represented in court, and one she has been married to for 30+ years.

Donald spoke disturbing comments that God would command for him to put to death in his mind before they ever cross his lips.

But Bill Clinton physically sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey in the halls of the White House, he physically sexually raped Juanita Brodderick while still governor of Arkansas–going so far as to bite through her face to keep her from screaming while he raped her–then telling her to have a doctor “look at that thing” just before leaving. There are 20 other women on record who have never received a just hearing for the actions taken by the former President.

To date these female evangelical leaders have said zero about Hillary’s complicity in helping Bill’s exploits by first approving the women involved, but also attacking them publicly and harshly when they finally spoke up.

I will not judge the motives of these women. But I also can not stand aside and allow them to give this nation to a woman who has pledged to quadruple funding for tax-payer abortion vis a vie Planned Parenthood. 387,000 children a year already being executed by our $500,000,000.00 in tax-payer money shouldn’t be turned into $2,000,000,000.00 and 1,200,000 dead babies.

I understand the frustration of flawed men who sometimes fight it and sometimes don’t fight their sinful sexual nature.

But uninformed ignorance paving a pathway to greater self-destruction by supposedly authoritative voices to the Christian women of our society must not be allowed to stand unanswered.

So enough with the shallow hollow tweets and soundbites.

Let’s begin a real discussion, of the real score, and REALLY try to help real people–especially the lives of our wives, daughters, and families!

Why Hillary Will Kill Us All

This week two significant revelations took place that should permanently swing the election away from the nominee for the Democrats.

Both revelations demonstrated that Hillary Clinton is either the world’s biggest buffoon when handling national security, or she is the world’s most dishonest person living. America is beginning to see why it is so much the latter.

On Thursday of this week revelations came to the fore that the administration—specifically the Secretary of State’s office and the President—in the run up to the implementation of the Iran deal—specifically knew that Iran was not in compliance with the terms of the deal as announced. Regardless the administration gave permission for Iran to cheat on the terms, and pushed forward with the implementation. They did so while telling the American people that Iran had met all of the required conditions—knowing they had not.

The source of this revelation was not a conservative organization, a republican politician, or a hostile opponent to the administration. The source of these observations stem from actual negotiators from the Iran agreement and will be detailed in an upcoming report by a group that studies Science and Global Security.

It is also not just merely the fact that the administration allowed Iran to cheat, as they were assuring the American people that Iran wasn’t, that’s the issue. The substance of what they were cheating on is also pertinent.

According to the sources—those familiar with the terms—Iran was allowed to retain control of nearly fifty tons of partially enriched uranium. The administration got around it because it presented to the American people the idea that the material had been relocated to Oman, Jordan. In reality the material was transported under and remains in the grasp of Iranians who guard and watch it. Again we know this because of insiders to the deal. Additionally 19 separate nuclear enrichment facilities have been allowed to retain a much larger capacity for uranium enrichment than what the American people were told, and again Clinton, Obama, Kerry knowingly allowed the Iranians to do it.

In short the American people were told that Iran was giving up all of it’s weapons-grade uranium (or any that can be turned into it), and that they capacity of the enrichment sites were small. What the report will reveal with greater detail is that Iran has the uranium that can be weaponized, they have 50 tons of it minimum, and they have big fat enrichment sites ready to weaponize it.

The other significant revelation was the pervasive and persistent lack of knowledge that Hillary Clinton claimed in her interview with the FBI on things as simple as whether or not she ever signed non-disclosure agreements that govern her behavior as it relates to interactions with classified materials. We’ve seen that she ignored those agreements, but she told Brett Baier she didn’t remember signing them. She told the FBI she either didn’t sign them, didn’t know if she had signed them, or could not recall signing them.

On my show on Friday, my friend, Dr. Charmaine Yoest, Senior Fellow at American Values, called it the worst case of “playing the dumb blonde” card she has seen.

But being a dumb blonde to the American people should be of little consequence, what should matter tremendously is what this adds up to.

The past three nominees for President for the Democrat party more or less colluded to smash a deal through with Iran that the American people overwhelmingly did not like and do not trust. After it was implemented aspects of the deal continue to sour us on the reliability of it to achieve even it’s own ultra ambitious objectives, much less continue basic national security.

This deal had secret side deals to it that have allowed for Iran (the world’s biggest terror state) to:
1. Police itself and self inspect enrichment facilities.
2. Demand and receive ransom in the $400,000,000 range for American hostages.
3. Keep 50 tons of it’s enriched uranium.
4. Be allowed to operate uranium enrichment at a much larger capacity than what was known.
5. Keep all of this information secret from the American people.

And now the Democrat party asks Americans to put a woman in charge of not only this initiative (which bore her name in the early days of the process) but to give her complete say over the remainder of all international and national security matters—when she can not remember nor seem to know if she is allowed to put classified and top secret information on a personal server that is purposefully left unprotected.

My family, like many American families, has forward serving military—some of whom deal with vital national security matters. They don’t tell us what they are. They aren’t allowed and we don’t want them to. But they deserve better than a “dumb blonde” to serve under. They deserve someone, however imperfect in many ways—will absolutely never sell out—the American people, our military, our national security, and the safety of our children.

It is a foregone conclusion, at least in my thinking, that if Hillary Clinton conducts herself as President even half as recklessly as she has to date, she will get many Americans killed.

I am not willing to give her that chance.

Are you?

“Always Be Cheating…”

If people watching from the outside thought it mathematically unlikely that the Hillary Clinton campaign “happened” to win six consecutive coin tosses, to win six tied precincts, to win the raw vote by .3%, to award her 2 extra delegates in Iowa found that hard to swallow

Check this: Hillary lost New Hampshire by 22% (60% to 38%) but is currently expected to leave with the exact same number of delegates as Bernie Sanders.

Notice the trend: “6.”

In New Hampshire she secured 9 delegates to Bernie’s 15 based on the percent of the popular vote. But for reasons that only the Democratic Party can explain Hillary is expected to secure ALL 6 “Super delegates” that the state has to offer.

There is absolutely zero rhyme or reason as to why except that it is simply a party decision.

Of course what that sounds like to me–someone who’s not immersed in democratic party politics–is called “cheating.”

Or “the way the Clinton’s have always done it…”

Now add to the monkey business in Iowa the fact that the state party there has said it will refuse to release the raw vote totals from election night. That likely means that Bernie had more raw votes than Hillary did. And does anyone believe that the coin tosses went the perfect 1 in 64 chances to honestly give her the win.

This is a woman who lied to the American people… About almost everything… Almost all the time… Almost every time she speaks.

Bernie Sanders closed a 53% gap in Iowa to battle her to in essence a tie.

Bernie Sanders beat the living snot out of her in New Hampshire, but in Clinton world its… a tie.

Can she HONESTLY be trusted to run the free world?

She’s lied to the American people in “6” national scandals. She won “6” straight coin-flips. She mysteriously won all “6” super delegates in New Hampshire: 6…6…6…

My listeners weighed in:

But was it a smear?

In their feistiest debate to date Bernie tries to imply that Hillary is corrupt because she took bigger gifts from fewer people (“big Wall Street”) if you will. But Bernie has taken in tens of millions from many more donors. It’s as though somehow the morality of one another is being judged exclusively on the grounds of the SIZE of the gifts and the numbers of people giving them.

But is that the basis for ANY moral determination?

Isn’t money merely an amoral tool? Like a fork, a pencil, a tractor, isn’t money and the morality attached to it determined by how people use it?

I think she’s living a dual existence and it’s hard for her, but I also believe that the lack of moral enlightenment prevents both she and Sanders from discussing actual issues related to the people they are asking the support of.

What say you?

Some of you weighed in on #QueenHillary on-the-air:

Hillary: Benghazi Victims’ Families are LYING!

A common occurrence on the campaign trail is to stop by local press outlets (especially in Iowa and New Hampshire) to visit the editorial boards. You hope to answer their questions, persuade their editorial writers, and ultimately their readers that you are a worthy candidate. You’re really hoping to win their endorsement.

So Hillary Clinton stopped by a local New Hampshire newspaper for one of these stops:

Guerringue also asked about the controversy surrounding an email to her daughter in which she blamed the attack on “an al-Qaeda-like group,” while a statement put out by her State Department made it appear that the attack was a spontaneous uprising stemming from a video on the Internet. She chalked up the mixed messages to the “fog of war” and likened the situation to a “40-alarm fire.”

Another editorial writer needed more:

Sun Columnist Tom McLaughlin said she told an Egyptian diplomat the Benghazi attack was planned and not a protest but that she told family members of the deceased that the attack was the result of a demonstration. He said she then told George Stephanopoulos that she didn’t tell the families the attack was a demonstration about a film.

“Somebody is lying,” said McLaughlin.”Who is it?

Clinton replied, “Not me, that’s all I can tell you.”

So she’s now flat out calling the families of the heroes of Benghazi, LIARS?

I have remarked repeatedly at how stuck in an era long gone Hillary’s campaign feels. She is clunky, slow on her feet, not terribly convincing on the stump from a lot of perspectives. She is pseudo engaging under the best of circumstances.

But her horrible policy ideas aside. Her biggest deficit remains that she feels untrustworthy, and as a result untrusted, by the vast majority of Americans.

These problems only amplify themselves when she decides to callously and uncaringly casts aspersions on the families of the men who gave their lives protecting her–and trying to save her supposedly “life long friend” and subordinate.

Hillary continues to be as out of touch as they come.

She is the worst candidate that the Democrats have put forward in 50 years.

Sadly for them she’s also the only option they have.

And under no circumstances should she ever be allowed to become President of the United States.