When Irony Bites The Tax-Payer

Though the networks were woefully slow to report on it, President Biden dropped bombs on Iranian funded terror groups in Syria this week.

Retired four star General Jack Keane said on my show today that it was a solidly justified response to bad behavior by the Iranians in recent weeks. This admission by a general whose opinion I hold in high regard is comforting given the general mistrust half their nation has in the current administration. A mistrust exacerbated by the go-it-alone approach this administration has embodied since coming into office.

According to reports the raid was carried out in response to a series of hostile incidents by Iranian backed Shias in Iraq. One of these instances injured innocents and took the life of one American serviceman.

The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin felt confident about the rational, execution and effectiveness for the mission.

It also seems to send a clear message that when bad actors take the lives of Americans there will be payback. And in this part of the world it is mission critical to send that message clearly in a post Trump administration especially.

Trump supporters attempted to draw contrast with Biden over the use of such strikes. But such comparisons are not remembering history properly. President Trump did order targets in Syria hit—the first time with President Xi from China at his dinner table—early in his presidency.

These strikes seemed targeted, and the evidence of civilian collateral damage has been non-existent.

In short I’m fine with the action taken. I’m sort of the opinion that we can’t show our strength to especially Iran “too much.”

But there is a significant point in this escapade that annoys me. When I brought it up to General Keane he indicated I had touched a “raw nerve.”

And I can understand why…

It was originally the Obama/Biden administration that delivered billions of American tax-payer monies to Iran in the first place. Iran then used those cash supplies to immediately fund terror operations and networks globally. President Trump suspended the said Iran deal when he came to office.

So we likely funded the bad actors who spent the last week attacking our green zone in Iraq. We then had to go fly F-15s to bomb said bad guys out of operations.

And here’s the most unnerving thing about it: President Joe Biden is making the fastest beeline possible to advance the same deal that put us in this situation to begin with!



It was one of the weirdest series of events I’ve witnessed.

This past Saturday as George Soros began busing in “spontaneous” protestors to local airports, I reported the events as they occurred. On the night it was occurring I reported the facts of how many were being detained/released, approximate crowd sizes, and other such factual information.

Because I had little to no additional information I decided to withhold commentary until I did. You can see for yourself…

Hour 1, Hour 2

I did what I often do then, went home and fell asleep…

But when I awoke on Sunday morning, Christian missionaries I knew working with an organization in DC were sputtering obscenities, liberal friends were sharing steam-out-the-ears-emojis, and even some less diligent were posting befuddled confusion about what had happened on Saturday–the first full day of the new executive order instructing our security departments to pause immigration from dangerous areas, and to refit our vetting process.

Much of the bluster-sputter was because of a highly slanted New York Times’ piece that was high on emotion, low on fact, and off the chart in rhetoric. That coupled with an individual’s own overly-vexed anxiety that the media has been feeding everyone since November 8th could easily have accounted for half of all heart attacks on Saturday night.

Soon–and I knew it wouldn’t take long–some of us were able to dissect the issue at hand.

Reading the executive order in question is always a good idea… But why bother doing so when you already hate the President? I’d love for my left of center friends to answer this… Sadly they stopped reading when I mentioned the emojis (or was it the cursing missionaries?)

I digress…

David A. French, a near candidate who would’ve opposed Trump in 2016, a lawyer, and a man who served his nation in Iraq then penned the best analysis I’ve seen on the matter.

I also decided to have Mr. French on today’s show and he expounded on the legal, historic, and cultural ramifications of the order (good and bad.)

Also another 24 hours since, even though there were initially 109 total people detained on Saturday. All of them were eventually allowed to get where they needed to be. The rate of detention as of today is almost nil.

The administration needed to implement immediately so as not to send the signal to those attempting to use the refugee process to suddenly burst in under a deadline. And remarkably it is all but completely calm in the detention areas of airports now.

This didn’t stop actors at the SAG awards, Bishops/Pastors/Priests in pulpits, and lots of truly uninformed mouthpieces from sounding off on things they had nearly no accurate information on.

Which is sad really… if for no more than the sake of one’s own dignity.

But let me demonstrate some points that should give EVERYONE a much greater degree of comfort.

  1. TRUMP isn’t the first President to call for a pause. FDR banned Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Carter banned Iranians. Clinton banned Haitians. Obama banned Iraqis and Cubans. And in Obama’s case with the Iraqis it was specifically because two Islamic radicals had used our refugee program against us, had begun to recruit for ISIS, and were shipping weapons to their “brothers.”
  2. TRUMP’s order is temporary. 120 days for the worst offenders. 90 days for the slightly less. If the new vetting system is not in place by the end of the 120 it reserves the right to continue to pause on Syrian refugees. (Probably should also include Yemen because both countries are Islamic radicalization cesspools.)
  3. The majority of the order is focused on instructing the Departments of Defense, National Security, and Homeland Security to focus on finding the vetting soft spots and to report back on how to eliminate them. But throughout there are timelines that they must respond by.
  4. Green Cards will be accepted and Visas will eventually have greater validity. To be candid those issued under weaker rules most likely will not always be seen as favorably. But U.S. citizens will NOT be endangered.

In the time since lawyers for the Attorney General’s office in Washington state and attorneys for CAIR have filed a lawsuit against the order claiming religious discrimination. They have. It will go nowhere.

So where do we go from here?

The embarrassment of how unimportant this issue will be within the next week will begin to set in on everyone that made it ground zero of the meltdown of the century. That’s ok. We’re going to love them as if it never happened!

The Depts of Defense, and Homeland Security are going to begin compiling the information to see how vetting systems should be improved (as the order instructs.) And this is important because Paris, Brussels, Munich (Christmas Eve rapes,) Istanbul 1, Nice, Istanbul 2, Berlin, Istanbul 3, Chattanooga Recruitment Station, Minnesota Somali Mall Stabber, and Ohio State University Driver/Stabber, WERE ALL ATTACKS carried out by people that used the “refugee” story to sneak into the victim country and worked their evil once inside.

The Trump administration will win these court challenges. The law says the executive branch can suspend people from coming in from anywhere for any reason. History says every President that has had this challenged has always won the argument because… the law says.

The vetting system will be improved, strengthened, and put back together with greater confidence.

Immigration will resume, refugees will be welcomed. And the lives of both the immigrant AND the American will be better as a result.

Lastly and this truly may be the best part. Americans will see for themselves the pathetic con that the progressive left played on us. The marchers will see with their own eyes that things are better 120 days from now, and the nation will have greater reason to focus on the other significant challenges awaiting our new President and the nation he desperately hopes to help.

Don’t let your hate for Trump blind you to the truth of actual events.

You’ll never get back all the days of bitterness wasted in such a pursuit.


Funding Our Own Destruction


Why did the Obama administration, according to top Iranian officials, sign a secret pact with Iran? This pact pledged to lift sanctions off of two financial banking institutions that would now be able to openly do business with Iran.

Is it necessary to reiterate that Iran is the number one exporter of terror? They pay $25,000 to the family of many of the suicide bombers that seek to kill Israelis. They are also attempting to dramatically increase their own terror capacity through the development of deliverable nuclear payloads.

The Iranians have also since revealed that these two banks were the primary financiers for the on-going Iranian ballistic missile program.

You may recall the only reason, according to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, that we had to go ahead with the Iranian deal was to prevent the two things that would most endanger the free world: Iranian nuclear war heads, and Iranian ballistic missiles.

After President Obama moved forward with the deal–without approval from Congress, nor the American people (not to mention great disdain from our allies)–we learned of side deals that were attached to the original deal.

None of these side deals were released to the American people. The administration felt it more than fulfilled its obligation to “transparency” in allowing us to see 2000 page summaries of the main agreement. But these side deals–all of which have been kept secret–have loomed increasingly important.

As an aside I have a hard time understanding why we had to sign the secret side deal. I mean did President Obama so strongly desire to prove that he had misled the American people by giving massive resources to our worst enemy that he thought, “no one will believe I actually did it without my signature?”

Hubris often leads the arrogant to places so twisted no humane soul can justify.

These secret side deals and back room pacts have haunted Obama and the free world basically since he agreed to secretly go along with them.

In the late spring we discovered that one of the secret pacts gives the Iranians the right to “self inspection” at its most sensitive nuclear sites. In the late summer we learned that a secret side agreement “authorized” the ransom payment of palettes of cash for four wrongfully imprisoned American citizens. In the fall we learned that we had actually begun sending $700,000,000 a month to Tehran for no meritorious reason, thinly disguised as a “savings” to America’s “future amount owed.”

I don’t particularly believe that even speaking to the world’s most dangerous terror state is all that beneficial, but I sure don’t believe that $700,000,000 a month from our treasury ($33,000,000,000.00 to date) has any legitimacy.

The Iranians told us the money we give them will be used for more terrorism. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both publicly admitted that Iran will use it to fund nuclear and terror objectives.

But nobody needs to be concerned about the nukes right? Because they don’t have any missiles to put them on right? Because you have to be able to deliver a nuclear payload… Right?

Since the nuclear deal was agreed to on our part Iran has defied the rules of what they agreed to by conducting four illegal ballistic missile tests. Each time President Obama has yawned. The United States Navy has been constantly harassed in the Persian Gulf, and our government hasn’t so much as issued a warning to Iran.

On Friday we discovered that Obama and team authorized a secret pact that lifted sanctions off the banks that will now allow Iran to finance the missiles needed to deliver the nuclear payloads they are now developing.

This puts Iran’s nuclear capacity on a far shorter path than the ten years Obama used as a firewall, and the strategy of denying them delivery systems is now also laughable.

If we survive until next January, the next President will be staring an armed Iran dead in the face.

And Obama will have funded all of it.

It’s my prayer that we have a commander in chief that day who exhibits strength in the face of threats, and never blinks when Iran proves they can make good on their threats.

What about you?

Why Hillary Will Kill Us All

This week two significant revelations took place that should permanently swing the election away from the nominee for the Democrats.

Both revelations demonstrated that Hillary Clinton is either the world’s biggest buffoon when handling national security, or she is the world’s most dishonest person living. America is beginning to see why it is so much the latter.

On Thursday of this week revelations came to the fore that the administration—specifically the Secretary of State’s office and the President—in the run up to the implementation of the Iran deal—specifically knew that Iran was not in compliance with the terms of the deal as announced. Regardless the administration gave permission for Iran to cheat on the terms, and pushed forward with the implementation. They did so while telling the American people that Iran had met all of the required conditions—knowing they had not.

The source of this revelation was not a conservative organization, a republican politician, or a hostile opponent to the administration. The source of these observations stem from actual negotiators from the Iran agreement and will be detailed in an upcoming report by a group that studies Science and Global Security.

It is also not just merely the fact that the administration allowed Iran to cheat, as they were assuring the American people that Iran wasn’t, that’s the issue. The substance of what they were cheating on is also pertinent.

According to the sources—those familiar with the terms—Iran was allowed to retain control of nearly fifty tons of partially enriched uranium. The administration got around it because it presented to the American people the idea that the material had been relocated to Oman, Jordan. In reality the material was transported under and remains in the grasp of Iranians who guard and watch it. Again we know this because of insiders to the deal. Additionally 19 separate nuclear enrichment facilities have been allowed to retain a much larger capacity for uranium enrichment than what the American people were told, and again Clinton, Obama, Kerry knowingly allowed the Iranians to do it.

In short the American people were told that Iran was giving up all of it’s weapons-grade uranium (or any that can be turned into it), and that they capacity of the enrichment sites were small. What the report will reveal with greater detail is that Iran has the uranium that can be weaponized, they have 50 tons of it minimum, and they have big fat enrichment sites ready to weaponize it.

The other significant revelation was the pervasive and persistent lack of knowledge that Hillary Clinton claimed in her interview with the FBI on things as simple as whether or not she ever signed non-disclosure agreements that govern her behavior as it relates to interactions with classified materials. We’ve seen that she ignored those agreements, but she told Brett Baier she didn’t remember signing them. She told the FBI she either didn’t sign them, didn’t know if she had signed them, or could not recall signing them.

On my show on Friday, my friend, Dr. Charmaine Yoest, Senior Fellow at American Values, called it the worst case of “playing the dumb blonde” card she has seen.

But being a dumb blonde to the American people should be of little consequence, what should matter tremendously is what this adds up to.

The past three nominees for President for the Democrat party more or less colluded to smash a deal through with Iran that the American people overwhelmingly did not like and do not trust. After it was implemented aspects of the deal continue to sour us on the reliability of it to achieve even it’s own ultra ambitious objectives, much less continue basic national security.

This deal had secret side deals to it that have allowed for Iran (the world’s biggest terror state) to:
1. Police itself and self inspect enrichment facilities.
2. Demand and receive ransom in the $400,000,000 range for American hostages.
3. Keep 50 tons of it’s enriched uranium.
4. Be allowed to operate uranium enrichment at a much larger capacity than what was known.
5. Keep all of this information secret from the American people.

And now the Democrat party asks Americans to put a woman in charge of not only this initiative (which bore her name in the early days of the process) but to give her complete say over the remainder of all international and national security matters—when she can not remember nor seem to know if she is allowed to put classified and top secret information on a personal server that is purposefully left unprotected.

My family, like many American families, has forward serving military—some of whom deal with vital national security matters. They don’t tell us what they are. They aren’t allowed and we don’t want them to. But they deserve better than a “dumb blonde” to serve under. They deserve someone, however imperfect in many ways—will absolutely never sell out—the American people, our military, our national security, and the safety of our children.

It is a foregone conclusion, at least in my thinking, that if Hillary Clinton conducts herself as President even half as recklessly as she has to date, she will get many Americans killed.

I am not willing to give her that chance.

Are you?

Progressive Payback: A Window To The Soul-less


It seems too hard to believe that such could happen. But it has, and it demonstrates a valuable lesson. When you cross conservatives, they disagree, but they don’t wish you dead.

Evidently progressives do.

Turn the clock back a bit–last year Chuck Schumer came to the difficult reality that if he backed the President’s Iran deal that he would have major accountability awaiting him from many of his constituents in New York. It just seems somewhat prudent for a Senator that represents New York City not vote in favor of arming Israel’s arch-enemies with nukes that they have already promised to use to help eradicate Israel from the planet.

So when he voted against the deal it appears that was enough of agitation for the White House to now take a pound of flesh from him.

“At some point, Senator Schumer’s credibility in talking about national security issues, particularly when the facts are as they are when it relates to homeland security, have to be affected by the position that he’s taken on other issues,” Mr. Earnest said. “Senator Schumer is somebody that came out and opposed the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He was wrong about that position,” Mr. Earnest added, “and when people look at the facts here when it comes to funding for homeland security, they’ll recognize that he’s wrong this time, too.”

There it is, in the New York Times–the progressive’s favorite news outlet–quoting the progressive White House–more or less admitting *payback* for Schumer not voting “properly.”

This White House has a genuine disdain for people that not only believe that real terror can still touch us, but that we actually need to be aware of the circumstances that might create the opportunity.

And robbing New York City of the funds needed to have adequate detection of toxins, chemicals, radiation, and other ingredients in weapons that may some time be used against our city is criminal.

I chatted all about it with lovely ladies of Thursdays for me — Martha MacCallum and Marjorie Clifton:

Obama Payback Against NYC for Iran!Hell hath no fury like a progressive scorned… Even if it kills his own people!

Posted by Kevin McCullough on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why did we have to apologize?

There was something truly stomach churning about watching our finest having to grovel to Iranian state television thugs:


I don’t know about you. But I am thoroughly unsatisfied with every piece of the explanation I have heard over the matter of 10 of our Navy being held as captives in Iran for even a single night. Within minutes of learning of the issue, why didn’t our President and all proper lines of command take all necessary action to immediately demand their release?

Will we ever know?

We were first told they had mechanical failure. What were the parts that failed? How did the repairs take place? Can anyone verify any of it?

We were told that they were treated well. Why were their hands commanded above their heads as though they were criminals? Why were they forcibly taken from their boats?

We were told that they were going to be on their way shortly… at 5pm on TUESDAY. Why was it well in to Wednesday before they appeared to be?

Why didn’t the President address the matter in the State Of The Union–knowing most Americans were concerned for the safety and welfare of our sailors? Was it because he was as feckless on the matter as he is on the issue of our private citizens that Iran is also illegally holding?

Why did Vice President Biden insist that no apology was given, when clearly our boys were coerced into offering one?

Why did John Kerry even get to open his mouth?

See why I’m dissatisfied?

This incident stunk from the first moment it was reported on Tuesday. Even after their supposed release, it still stinks. I believe there is something else far more nefarious that either happened or was on the brink of happening, that we will only find out about someday in the distant future.

Sadly I also doubt our top officials have the stomach to do anything more to reveal any more details.

Iran is not to be trusted–haven’t been since they busted up their free society in exchange for some whack-jobs in bed-sheets. Their people desire to be free, and they are suffering too.

It is those who choke hold the power into their tiny few hands that believe they are preparing for the end-of-days showdowns with the biggest Satans on the planet that we must watch.

But it would be nice–so, very, nice–if we had an administration who had the backs of our servicemen and women as much as they have ours.

It’s my feeling that we failed them last night.

I HOPE… I’m wrong!

Iran Sanctions Lifted: Not So Fast

President Obama wants to have the American people to believe that his executively negotiated deal with Iran is unstoppable. Only problem there is the United States Senate believes they still have a significant role to play. And that role may just be the thing that could unravel the whole thing!

The Hill reports that senators plan to move soon on a proposal to extend what’s known as the Iran Sanctions Act, which is set to expire next year. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, told the newspaper his colleagues have floated the possibility of tackling the issue in January or February.

But the debate could put the Obama administration in a tough spot.

Iran already is on high alert over any U.S. moves that could be perceived as a violation of the nuclear agreement – which trades sanctions relief for steps to roll back Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran surely would howl at any congressional attempts to keep broad sanctions legislation in force, even if specific sanctions are being lifted. But U.S. lawmakers say it’s vital for the U.S. to retain the leverage to re-trigger those sanctions if Iran cheats – and that would mean extending the sanctions law.  

But the American people have sufficient reason to disbelieve almost anything the Iran negotiations process has associated with it. Remember this gem from only last week?

Republicans on Monday blasted Secretary of State John Kerry for suggesting in a letter to his Iranian counterpart that the administration could help the country get around new visa restrictions passed by Congress.

“Instead of bending over backwards to try to placate the Iranian regime, the White House needs to be holding it accountable for its recent missile tests, its continued support for terrorism, and its wrongful imprisonment of Americans,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said in a statement to FoxNews.com.

At issue are tightened security requirements for America’s visa waiver program, which allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the U.S. without visas. Under changes in the newly signed spending bill, people from those countries who have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan in the past five years must now obtain visas to enter the U.S.

The real problem with all of this is that President Obama continues to deal the deck from the weakest position imaginable and in almost every turn he chooses to weaken us–not our enemies.

Maybe this is why Americans now view him as the weakest President in American history on the issue of handling terrorism.