I Didn’t WANT To Go There…

I was somewhat confidant that when I walked out of the studios at FoxNews this morning it had the possibility of being… For good.

Thus far Roger Ailes hasn’t called yet…

The segment we were scheduled to discuss had to do with what the President has been droning on about this week.

In an odd and sudden push to become a “champion” of this mysterious thing called “religious liberty” the President yesterday spoke to Muslims about how Americans have been “mean” to them, and today at the National Prayer Breakfast he spoke to Christians and chided them to stop being “mean” to Muslims.

We–myself and the adorable Marjorie Clifton–were asked to comment on the significance of the President visiting the Islamic Society of Baltimore. A Mosque who had such terror connected ties in its past that the FBI has kept it under surveillance and a past cleric had been active in the raising of money for terror groups and he himself had ties directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But my argument is simple.

Faiths can’t ever become what President Obama wants them to become because they are not what he believes they are, and they have no interest in changing to become what he wishes.

Militant Islam spits on President Obama and sees him as a “useful idiot” in the accomplishing of their caliphate or fatwa.

The Muslims he cites constantly as peaceful are what the more strict clerics in Islam would call “backsliders.”

The Christians he wishes would exist would not believe in the exclusive claims of Christ.

The road he wishes we ALL would take leads to an eternity of peace and well wishes, that to be candid we all wish existed, but to be truthful we all know doesn’t.

Not all faiths are the same. They are not even equal in the morality of their merits, and we would be foolish to believe that we can will it to be.

My radio audience got a big fat dose of this today as well:

These aren’t the radicals you’re looking for…

Remember how like so long ago the Mayor of Philadelphia told us that the jihadi who tried to execute a police officer had nothing to do with Islam? Sadly he can’t be recalled–even though he’s a man who wouldn’t know the truth if it him in the face. And no he has that amount of trouble… times three.

Aside from the ISIS, Refugee, Rape… you mean?

With only a short time having passed since one of his officers had taken 13 shots, with three of them putting said officer in critical but stable condition, the joke that is the Mayor of Philadelphia–Jim Kenney–a Democrat, expressed the following, “In no way shape or form has anything you’ve seen on your screen represented Islam.”

The Mayor’s insistence ran ahead of any investigation, and was woefully short on actual substance given the fact that many national security experts believe that not only was it inspired by commitment to radical Islam but could have very well been ordered by the foremost righteous observers of the faith–ISIS.

So quick was he to run to his own conclusion at the expense of the truth that he turned out to just appear the fool in a horrific headline national news story from his city.

But there’s been a lot of that going on in recent days. The President tried to blame San Bernadino on inanimate guns and the access to them thereof, rather than the profession of faith of the two killers as they pledged allegiance to ISIS. The same ISIS that Richard Archer pledged allegiance to before attempting to point blank execute a uniform officer in the city of brotherly love.

But in addition to the American President attempting to mislead the American people on the root cause of San Bernadino, the terror in Germany was also dismissed as what one of the German government ministers attempted to say when he equated rape with “right wing rhetoric.”

And it turns out that the rapists in Germany were middle east refugees, which just so happened to also be the status of the arrests the DHS made overnight in California and Texas.

But the terror arrests in California and Texas–of refugees–who came through our “vetting process” weren’t supposed to be recognized as Islamic refugees according to Josh Earnest speaking on behalf of the President.

Never mind that one of them had come here directly after fighting as ISIS  in Syria, we are supposed to believe that our vetting system will weed out terrorists without profiling/targeting who they are.

And certainly being a young middle eastern male with literally five Islamic names can’t be considered.

But whether it’s a jihadi killing a police officer, refugees raping German women, or former ISIS in multiple states planning individual terror plots, just remember, there is no name under which they do these things except as the police-killing jihadi said as he pulled the trigger thirteen times…

“In the name of Islam!”

And even though I’m not supposed to point that out, I sort of had to for four hours yesterday!