TO BE CLEAR: “Celebrate Advent!”

This time of year is incredibly special for many reasons.

If you’re like me you get sappy about the holidays. You want your family around you. And you generally eat way too much food.

None of those things are bad by the way.

However, there may be more.

On the Kevin McCullough Show today we discuss all of that and more with Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries, as well as Pastor Dave Watson of Calvary Chapel Church of Staten Island. Both have authored advent resources this year to help you in the preparation for the season.

Joy To The WorldThe Stars Of Christmas

Enjoy the broadcast, get the resources, and revel in the coming…


The King!

An Amazing New Chapter in Clarity…

In the constant growth of a media career there are times I have looked back and asked what would’ve happened if I had not met that person, gone to that event, experienced that moment, or learned that lesson.

There are many in the media business that are mostly focused on “being” (the biggest, the most influential, the king maker, the road others must go through… On and on), but my friend I want to be about the “doing.”

Because there is work to do.

Because justice has been forgotten, goodness has been mocked, morality labeled as hypocrisy, and a thousand other elements of life that are upside down, backwards, and far from where they should be.

That’s why–my friend–I want you to journey with me. It’s not about telling you what to think, it’s about improving our ability TO think. And beyond that to exact wisdom upon a culture.

Winning elections is only effective if the character of the people involved lives up to the billing.

But doing goes beyond influence. It involves standing when no one else stands with you. It involves speaking when others attempt to drown you out. It involves showing up when everyone else has given up.

“Obliterating confusion” means calling spades spades but also seeing past the charades even in our own lives.

“Amplifying truth” is a desire that we never fully satisfy yet are always striving for.

And “Pursuing clarity” is one of the most vital pursuits the human mind can seek.

And while I claim to do none of them perfectly, I’m praying that YOU as a co-journeyman with me will adopt them as your life’s call.

In our world, our nation, our politics, our home, our marriages, our families, our careers, and hobbies, in all of them we can stand a bit more clarity. We could use decisively more truth. And we will never get there without deciding to obliterate the confusion around us.

So welcome.

Welcome to The Binge Thinker!

It’s my hope that you find this to be a place online and in your daily community that you gain more than you give. And love as much as you learn.

I look forward to the journey!