Smoking Gun Week Continues… Obama Knew About The Emails

It appears the President is now directly implicated in lying about when and what he knew about Hillary’s emails. In separate interviews with Steve Croft of 60 Minutes, and Bill Plante of CBS News the President outright denied knowledge of Hillary’s emails in advance.

It’d have been better if he had told the truth.


Ah well… Here’s video of him lying followed by the email that proves that the Hillary people were working hard to “clean up the mess” of his lying, because he was lying to help “HER.”


And my listeners had a bit to say as people weighed in on reaction:

“Even with the sound off…”

So pollster but more famously known for his focus groups Frank Luntz conducted one in Florida this past week on general election themes.

Everybody knows that Florida will not only be a bellweather state but also is repeatedly one of the most temperamentally purple states in Presidential cycles.

This focus group was unique in that it had voters who were opposed to both Clinton and Trump. Since both are front runners the question most intriguing to me about these voters is what must be done to win them.

Donald and Hillary are 1 & 2 respectively in highest negatives of all the candidates running. 

Trump astronomically bad negatives are one of the reasons he has yet to even come close to wrapping up the necessary delegates for the GOP nomination–currently registering barely half the delegates needed.

Hillary has the highest ranking of “untrustworthy” of any person to ever run for the presidency.

These voters in this focus group reveal the dilemmas for both candidates should they be handed their party’s respective nod’s.

The attendees of the group appeared to easily point out Hillary’s biggest obstacle (and maybe her least able to be fixed trait.)

She fibs

I could turn off the sound and still see on her face that she was lying,” a Republican woman said. “She was the worst liar I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“She lied about lying,” another woman said, as the group laughed.

Watch the clip above and see for yourself what the group is talking about.