Why Trump is $500 Billion ahead of Obama

He talked about it on trail non-stop. In his first two months he’s already made a significant progress in the opposite direction.

Only the first 60 days on the job President Trump has paid down $101,000,000,000.00 of our national debt.

See the breakdowns:

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Considering in his first 60 days Obama expanded the debt by $413 million, this is considerable improvement.

Extrapolating this pace across an eight year term, Trump would be able to crow about shaving 4.3+ TRILLION from the national debt. This would drop our overall debt owed to under $15 trillion.

Yet with all of his tax reform policies not yet in place this could possibly be low-tide for the debt reduction.

Private sector business professionals are always paying down debt as first priority. Refreshing to see this pleasant surprise in his first two months and am hoping to see improvement on this as reforms take place.

No He Didn’t

In the campaign of 2008 it was the battle cry of the new found optimism of the political cycle: “Yes We Can!”

It was everywhere.

The presidency of Barak Obama had been sold, like a product to a nation that was war weary, financially disturbed, and hopeful that breaking an historic racial barrier might also bring about a better psychology to a nation that had been convinced through an effective campaign that traditional American values were the problem.

Because there had been a financial downturn, and because the war on terror had dragged on and bogged down the nation honestly believed that a purveyor of “hope and change” would bring both to life.

By the end of his first term and with his only achievement being his late night, smoke & mirrors passage of the Affordable Care Act, it became clear that for whatever the pitch had been in the campaign he wasn’t going to do what he had promised–either literally or by implication.

Hence my best seller in 2010, “No He Can’t.”

Meticulous inventory of his pledges, paralleled with his lack of action. To date, the only additional thing he succeeded with (from the time of publication) was the eventual kill of Osama Bin Laden.

Historically and categorically it is easy to say he has been a failed two term President. Campaigned largely on dreams, and following through in as ineffective a way has been seen in the modern era–and that’s compared with Jimmy Carter, previously esteemed as the worst President ever.

Now we know that he allowed his secretary of state to do largely illegal things. He ignored the threat his predecessor warned of by emptying Iraq of strength that gave birth to the rise of ISIS. He demanded an agreement with Iran that gives them nuclear weapons a
on a fast track. And he’s turned the nation’s bathrooms into a judgment free-gender neutral assault zone that literally no one in the nation wished for.

All of that, however, was just up until the election in November.

I am convinced that President Obama will have done more to injure his legacy–and America’s standing in the world–in his final eight weeks in office than in the previous eight years.

He has attempted to throttle our own ability to find and use energy supplies that are by every right–our own.

He has pardoned and shortened the sentences of more felons than the previous Presidents of my lifetime combined.

He has stabbed one of our most precious allies in the back labeling them murderers, criminals, and occupiers.

He has consistently refused to respond to terror threats while making a show of supposed Russian hacks during the election–no worse than they have conducted for most Presidential elections in recent memory.

He has also added the equivalent of 18 new regulations per law for every federal legal statute on the books. (In short he added 97,000 pages to the legal federal code.)

He’s emboldened our enemies, he’s trounced our small businesses, he’s grabbed millions of miles for environmental whackos unproven theories, and he’s kicked our allies in the teeth at every turn.

“Yes we can,” was his election commitment.
“No He Can’t” was my best selling analysis.
“No He Didn’t” will be his enduring legacy.

Happy New Year America, a new leader has arrived and he’s already accomplished more as President Elect than his predecessor did in his entire term.

It’s time to Make America TRULY Great Again!

Kevin McCullough
“Binge Thinker”

Smoking Gun Week Continues… Obama Knew About The Emails

It appears the President is now directly implicated in lying about when and what he knew about Hillary’s emails. In separate interviews with Steve Croft of 60 Minutes, and Bill Plante of CBS News the President outright denied knowledge of Hillary’s emails in advance.

It’d have been better if he had told the truth.


Ah well… Here’s video of him lying followed by the email that proves that the Hillary people were working hard to “clean up the mess” of his lying, because he was lying to help “HER.”


And my listeners had a bit to say as people weighed in on reaction:

Funding Our Own Destruction


Why did the Obama administration, according to top Iranian officials, sign a secret pact with Iran? This pact pledged to lift sanctions off of two financial banking institutions that would now be able to openly do business with Iran.

Is it necessary to reiterate that Iran is the number one exporter of terror? They pay $25,000 to the family of many of the suicide bombers that seek to kill Israelis. They are also attempting to dramatically increase their own terror capacity through the development of deliverable nuclear payloads.

The Iranians have also since revealed that these two banks were the primary financiers for the on-going Iranian ballistic missile program.

You may recall the only reason, according to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, that we had to go ahead with the Iranian deal was to prevent the two things that would most endanger the free world: Iranian nuclear war heads, and Iranian ballistic missiles.

After President Obama moved forward with the deal–without approval from Congress, nor the American people (not to mention great disdain from our allies)–we learned of side deals that were attached to the original deal.

None of these side deals were released to the American people. The administration felt it more than fulfilled its obligation to “transparency” in allowing us to see 2000 page summaries of the main agreement. But these side deals–all of which have been kept secret–have loomed increasingly important.

As an aside I have a hard time understanding why we had to sign the secret side deal. I mean did President Obama so strongly desire to prove that he had misled the American people by giving massive resources to our worst enemy that he thought, “no one will believe I actually did it without my signature?”

Hubris often leads the arrogant to places so twisted no humane soul can justify.

These secret side deals and back room pacts have haunted Obama and the free world basically since he agreed to secretly go along with them.

In the late spring we discovered that one of the secret pacts gives the Iranians the right to “self inspection” at its most sensitive nuclear sites. In the late summer we learned that a secret side agreement “authorized” the ransom payment of palettes of cash for four wrongfully imprisoned American citizens. In the fall we learned that we had actually begun sending $700,000,000 a month to Tehran for no meritorious reason, thinly disguised as a “savings” to America’s “future amount owed.”

I don’t particularly believe that even speaking to the world’s most dangerous terror state is all that beneficial, but I sure don’t believe that $700,000,000 a month from our treasury ($33,000,000,000.00 to date) has any legitimacy.

The Iranians told us the money we give them will be used for more terrorism. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both publicly admitted that Iran will use it to fund nuclear and terror objectives.

But nobody needs to be concerned about the nukes right? Because they don’t have any missiles to put them on right? Because you have to be able to deliver a nuclear payload… Right?

Since the nuclear deal was agreed to on our part Iran has defied the rules of what they agreed to by conducting four illegal ballistic missile tests. Each time President Obama has yawned. The United States Navy has been constantly harassed in the Persian Gulf, and our government hasn’t so much as issued a warning to Iran.

On Friday we discovered that Obama and team authorized a secret pact that lifted sanctions off the banks that will now allow Iran to finance the missiles needed to deliver the nuclear payloads they are now developing.

This puts Iran’s nuclear capacity on a far shorter path than the ten years Obama used as a firewall, and the strategy of denying them delivery systems is now also laughable.

If we survive until next January, the next President will be staring an armed Iran dead in the face.

And Obama will have funded all of it.

It’s my prayer that we have a commander in chief that day who exhibits strength in the face of threats, and never blinks when Iran proves they can make good on their threats.

What about you?

Binge-Cast: KTMcfarland/Gitmo, ADF/Trump/PPFA

I’d absolutely love it if you were joining me daily for the 4+ hours of new content we are producing each day. Having said that–I don’t even PRETEND to have the time to listen to four hours of radio per day so why should I expect something from you that I can’t do?

Having said that, I’m pretty sure you might be interested in the good stuff. And today we’ve got GREAT stuff. So in the national release today, lots of analysis of Obama’s Gitmo beg. KT McFarland, former Reagan Asst Secretary of Defense, will give us her thoughts on that, on the situation in the middle east, and on Hillary’s liability visa vie her emails. PLUS the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Casey Mattox joins me to decipher the confusing stand Donald Trump takes on Planned Parenthood.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss this one.

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Later I felt it necessary to respond to the guys named Vinny, Joey, Frankie, Stevie, and Angry Al. They don’t sound like the types you want to leave unaddressed. Then Karol Markowicz and KT McFarland.

I Didn’t WANT To Go There…

I was somewhat confidant that when I walked out of the studios at FoxNews this morning it had the possibility of being… For good.

Thus far Roger Ailes hasn’t called yet…

The segment we were scheduled to discuss had to do with what the President has been droning on about this week.

In an odd and sudden push to become a “champion” of this mysterious thing called “religious liberty” the President yesterday spoke to Muslims about how Americans have been “mean” to them, and today at the National Prayer Breakfast he spoke to Christians and chided them to stop being “mean” to Muslims.

We–myself and the adorable Marjorie Clifton–were asked to comment on the significance of the President visiting the Islamic Society of Baltimore. A Mosque who had such terror connected ties in its past that the FBI has kept it under surveillance and a past cleric had been active in the raising of money for terror groups and he himself had ties directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But my argument is simple.

Faiths can’t ever become what President Obama wants them to become because they are not what he believes they are, and they have no interest in changing to become what he wishes.

Militant Islam spits on President Obama and sees him as a “useful idiot” in the accomplishing of their caliphate or fatwa.

The Muslims he cites constantly as peaceful are what the more strict clerics in Islam would call “backsliders.”

The Christians he wishes would exist would not believe in the exclusive claims of Christ.

The road he wishes we ALL would take leads to an eternity of peace and well wishes, that to be candid we all wish existed, but to be truthful we all know doesn’t.

Not all faiths are the same. They are not even equal in the morality of their merits, and we would be foolish to believe that we can will it to be.

My radio audience got a big fat dose of this today as well:

Obama Sold El Chapo A Cannon?

It shouldn’t surprise many but there have now been as many as possibly 70 firearms that have ended up in the hands of the highest powered bad guys.

It is simply a horrific reality to learn that the weapon found in the home of El Chapo (a fifty caliber big enough to take down helicopters) was sold in essence by the administration to the criminals.

But the larger point is unmistakable. The Obama administration has been 100% talk on gun safety in this world, and 0% effective.

It is grotesquely disingenuous to say that guns are a problem–while attempting to disarm Americans–but thoroughly ignore a plan wholly conceived to actively put guns into the hands of the worst creatures possible.

The next President must roll back every limiting executive action that the current administration has implemented to attempt to prevent us from defending ourselves.

And it would be wonderful if the next President also prosecuted the former Attorney General and his ilk who got our border patrolmen killed, and armed thugs that should never be allowed to be near such weapons.

Bottom line — arm as many law abiding citizens as possible, and enforce laws that prevent terrorists, drug lords, and convicts from getting them.

Why did we have to apologize?

There was something truly stomach churning about watching our finest having to grovel to Iranian state television thugs:


I don’t know about you. But I am thoroughly unsatisfied with every piece of the explanation I have heard over the matter of 10 of our Navy being held as captives in Iran for even a single night. Within minutes of learning of the issue, why didn’t our President and all proper lines of command take all necessary action to immediately demand their release?

Will we ever know?

We were first told they had mechanical failure. What were the parts that failed? How did the repairs take place? Can anyone verify any of it?

We were told that they were treated well. Why were their hands commanded above their heads as though they were criminals? Why were they forcibly taken from their boats?

We were told that they were going to be on their way shortly… at 5pm on TUESDAY. Why was it well in to Wednesday before they appeared to be?

Why didn’t the President address the matter in the State Of The Union–knowing most Americans were concerned for the safety and welfare of our sailors? Was it because he was as feckless on the matter as he is on the issue of our private citizens that Iran is also illegally holding?

Why did Vice President Biden insist that no apology was given, when clearly our boys were coerced into offering one?

Why did John Kerry even get to open his mouth?

See why I’m dissatisfied?

This incident stunk from the first moment it was reported on Tuesday. Even after their supposed release, it still stinks. I believe there is something else far more nefarious that either happened or was on the brink of happening, that we will only find out about someday in the distant future.

Sadly I also doubt our top officials have the stomach to do anything more to reveal any more details.

Iran is not to be trusted–haven’t been since they busted up their free society in exchange for some whack-jobs in bed-sheets. Their people desire to be free, and they are suffering too.

It is those who choke hold the power into their tiny few hands that believe they are preparing for the end-of-days showdowns with the biggest Satans on the planet that we must watch.

But it would be nice–so, very, nice–if we had an administration who had the backs of our servicemen and women as much as they have ours.

It’s my feeling that we failed them last night.

I HOPE… I’m wrong!

Obama: “I’m brilliant… No guns for you!”

I don’t know about you but my ears have grown weary with the amount of condescension we have endured–from a man who is in essence our employee–for the last 8 years.

Even when announcing his executive orders, commenting how he can see the second amendment “on the paper” (a fact he sounded as though he wished he could change.) Then going on to say that has taught “constitutional law” and that “he knows a thing or two about it.”

The hubris was met with satisfactory affirmation there in the East Room of the People’s House. But across the airwaves (see above still shot) he just looked angry.

So with that as his opening context he proceeded to list a series of events we are all intimately familiar with, said some words about how awful those experiences were–as if we hadn’t lived them–and announced initiatives to add restrictions to the ability of law-abiding people to purchase guns, while announcing zero initiatives that would’ve had any impact on the awful situations he had just taken the time to retrace for us.

After all the hype, urgency, anger, and all-to-convenient alligator tears–he finally had given us the pressing gun reform he had promised for such a long time.

In reaction to today’s announcement by the President, I felt it was important to offer some genuine fact-based analysis and response to a government that attempted to further swipe freedoms from law-abiding people.

I was told by some community leaders, pastors, and law enforcement that it was the best “unpacking” of the matter by anyone in the media today.

Those were very kind and encouraging words to hear, but I will let you judge for yourself. All I want to do is to help people think more clearly.

Listen and weigh in on the comment section below.

And if you’d never want to miss another broadcast. Please go here: http://soundcloud.com/KMCRadio and subscribe for free!

Iran Sanctions Lifted: Not So Fast

President Obama wants to have the American people to believe that his executively negotiated deal with Iran is unstoppable. Only problem there is the United States Senate believes they still have a significant role to play. And that role may just be the thing that could unravel the whole thing!

The Hill reports that senators plan to move soon on a proposal to extend what’s known as the Iran Sanctions Act, which is set to expire next year. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, told the newspaper his colleagues have floated the possibility of tackling the issue in January or February.

But the debate could put the Obama administration in a tough spot.

Iran already is on high alert over any U.S. moves that could be perceived as a violation of the nuclear agreement – which trades sanctions relief for steps to roll back Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran surely would howl at any congressional attempts to keep broad sanctions legislation in force, even if specific sanctions are being lifted. But U.S. lawmakers say it’s vital for the U.S. to retain the leverage to re-trigger those sanctions if Iran cheats – and that would mean extending the sanctions law.  

But the American people have sufficient reason to disbelieve almost anything the Iran negotiations process has associated with it. Remember this gem from only last week?

Republicans on Monday blasted Secretary of State John Kerry for suggesting in a letter to his Iranian counterpart that the administration could help the country get around new visa restrictions passed by Congress.

“Instead of bending over backwards to try to placate the Iranian regime, the White House needs to be holding it accountable for its recent missile tests, its continued support for terrorism, and its wrongful imprisonment of Americans,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said in a statement to FoxNews.com.

At issue are tightened security requirements for America’s visa waiver program, which allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the U.S. without visas. Under changes in the newly signed spending bill, people from those countries who have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan in the past five years must now obtain visas to enter the U.S.

The real problem with all of this is that President Obama continues to deal the deck from the weakest position imaginable and in almost every turn he chooses to weaken us–not our enemies.

Maybe this is why Americans now view him as the weakest President in American history on the issue of handling terrorism.

Without Restrictions!

“It is grotesquely ironic that the White House, the administration, the media complex, the leading candidate for the Democrats—not to mention leftist progressives generally speaking—are so uptight about a candidate for the other party who has little to no filter.

The irony is so rich because while the left (which includes all those listed above) may not ever fully say the most offensive and blatantly immoral, unhealthy, and in some cases inhumane things—they fight for policies that continually strip away dignity, health, and life for the masses.”

Click here to read the complete op-ed.



Schlonged Monkey Daughters

Do I even HAVE to actually ask it?

The progressive, tolerant, no-hate/all-love, do what is only good to people, feeling’s are what should guide us left in America has suddenly swallowed its’ collective Adam’s apple.

If for even half a second an elected leader of Latino/Caribbean/African origin were to have his/her daughter portrayed in ANY form of media coverage as a less-than-human ape, the #BlackLivesMatters clowns would be looting every Wal-Mart and Walgreens within half a mile of wherever they found themselves. (As long as that elected leader were brainwashed by the right people…)

Imagine an elected leader–like–President Obama–with two innocent daughters (who most likely despise everything political like their mom) were to suddenly be caricatured as chimps, knuckle-dragging their way to school. Imagine the sheer hell that would be unleashed on every street corner.

Let me cut to the chase.

It is never appropriate to refer to any elected leader’s daughters (particularly very young ones) as animals, of any sort. To do so is to imply their lack of full humanity–and I’m pretty sure we fought a war that was necessary to restore that principle to the totality of our nation.

The cartoonist who pulled this off as an attack against the sitting honorable Senator from Texas–Ted Cruz–did so because she believed her liberal editorial staff at the Washington Post would back her political ideas, than care about her treatment of human beings.

From candidates talking about his possible future female opponent getting “schlonged,” to talk radio professionals saying female candidates went “full vagina,” to the same said candidate casually referring to female television anchors menstruating out of their “whatevers,” to editorial cartoonists now going racist/hater on the leading Latino candidate’s children, the level of “dignity”  in the race this year has been piggish. (Full disclosure: some have apologized for these actions.)

There are many excuses made for the behavior, and those exhibiting it.

But none of them are valid.

We have a fight to wage for the future of the free world. We have a commander-in-chief who is out-to-lunch. We have an economy that has yet to experience what feels like a recovery. We have some enemies who wish to blow us up on our soil, and some who would like to behead us on theirs. We have just given the world’s number one terror state $150 Billion dollars, and had our Secretary of State promise them that we won’t hold them to the same visa standards for visiting our soil. We watched as our French brothers and sisters were slaughtered because of lax systems within the system of refugees coming to their nation. We understand that we are vulnerable to the same threat here. We mourned with the families of San Bernadino.

We are spooked at things that look out of place, and a President who has the gall to say on NPR that he never realized Americans were so worried about terrorism here because “he doesn’t watch that much cable news.”

When we go full genital in our lame attempt at humor(because we are awful on facts and have zero ability to evidently prep our speeches before we give them.) When we attack a female challenger to our favored candidate by reducing her impeccable life of accomplishment to her birth canal. When we reduce the children of a candidate we dislike to one of the oldest racial stereotypes in history…

We give people lots of incentives to vote–for all the wrong reasons.

Thus we avoid talking about everything I just mentioned five paragraphs ago.

If you are a person who loves the country. If you dislike the path we are on. If you want to see a different nation rise… Then for the love of all that’s holy–STOP!

Time is running out, and the next attack looms, and the forces of evil are on the march.

Does The Left Want Us Dead?

In the days since the deadly attacks in Paris, one thing has been made clear: the political and cultural left in America desire the average American to live with maximum vulnerability towards future terror attacks. They seem oblivious to the natural outcomes of such desires. But they insist that no solution to terrorism or potential terrorism take on an ounce of common sense.

No matter the suggestion, they scoff, condescend and even threaten those who would take even basic precaution—in order to save American bloodshed.

How else do you explain their opposition to the following suggestions?


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President Obama Gets Ding’d

Just how exactly is the President expecting those of us in the marketplace society to comprehend his idea that we can fight terrorism by resetting our thermostats?

It is a fair question given the reality that this last week the President himself told us that the MOST courageous way we could fight ISIS was for him to go to the Global Summit on Global Warming.

So today we discuss the President’s 3 minutes at the podium in Paris. (*ding, ding, ding*)

Also a number of social media trolls have trolled me on the response of the GOP in regard to the Colorado Springs shooting. So today we will unveil (due mostly to lack of time) the ACTUAL responses by the top tier candidates to the events.

Also… The police who work NFL games want permission to wear their weapons. Believe it or not this is controversial…


Are Refugees & Security Equal?

“Nobody who sets foot in America goes through more screening than refugees… And …Our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees and our duty to our security — those duties go hand in hand.”

Tuesday from the White House the President utter those two little rhetorical gems.

They were buried of course in a much longer narrative of rhetoric that dealt with many bloviated expressions of feigned support for France, the war against the Islamic State, and of course, efforts to curb global warming.

Most of the media universe picked up on what a “powerful rebuke” it will be “to the terrorists” for he–President Obama–to attend a global warming summit next week.

Exactly why he thinks radical Islamists who would like to severe his head from his shoulders care one ounce about the issue of global warming–especially since we’ve been in a cooling cycle for 18 years–is a bit hard to explain.

But in the President’s world, leading can be done from behind, ending a war is the same as winning one, and containing ISIS means they’ve now grown to 20 additional countries as opposed to the two they started in.

But that “powerful rebuke” aside, it was my feeling that the two assertions above were actually far bigger problems for the American people.

Arguing that refugees are screened so closely that we wouldn’t be able to miss catching bad guys coming under a false cover of being a faux refugee or asylee is on its face laughable.

Maxim Lott exposes the underbelly of that assumption and points out the uncomfortable truth that the Kentucky IED, Boston bombing, and Fort Dix Six, and others have included refugees and asylees (who are here under the same conditions.)

That claim however is still to me the less worrisome of Mr. Obama’s assertions.

From the quote above it is clear that the President draws a moral equivalence between admitting, settling, and resourcing refugees in America and protecting the citizenry of America from terrorism.

He even asserts as much in the claim. While knowing that in not screening refugees as thoroughly as possible to properly vet before admission he runs the risk of violating national security directly.

From the text of the Constitution, to the halls of Congress, to the men and women in uniform, to the man and woman on Main Street — it is my belief that most would be shocked to learn that an American President could even think that admitting refugees (under any circumstances), in terms of priorities, could consider to even be close–much less be seen as EQUAL to–the sacred calling of protecting America from her enemies both foreign and domestic.

But then again this is the thinking of the guy who said this week the most powerful weapon that we can yield against the terrorists (wasn’t guns, missles, jets, or nukes) was to look them in the eye and tell them “we’re not afraid.”

Right before his State Department told Americans globally to be very, very afraid to travel (anywhere in the world) on the biggest travel week of the year.

Um… Okay, I guess?


UPDATE: We discussed it on-air…