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img_0269RADIO NIGHT *LIVE*: An upbeat look at the events of the week. Humor, Lifestyle, and Breaking News are all on the docket as your listeners get to unwind with great conversation that they can always be part of. The Ladies’ Lounge features conversation with brilliant women in media. And Live coverage of any and all breaking news as it occurs on the weekend, when often local stations don’t have the ability to provide. Add this bright white hot Saturday night sizzle to your weekend this week!

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exists to provide you more news, what it means, and why it matters. In 2014 one of America’s largest News Talk broadcasters conducted one of the largest studies ever performed on the news talk listenership in America and what it unearthed was profoundly simple. More news, what it means, and why it matters. These are the things that your news talk audience is looking for and this is what Kevin McCullough Radio delivers on!

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NEWS THAT MAKES YOU THINK daily news features available by 6:30am EST for use. 2 min in length. Some customization on region available. Perfect for networks and stations with low budgets but still looking to provide meaningful news coverage from 2 to 8 releases per day.

National Syndication Release: XtreMEDIA of NY, 888.340.3373

Trump: (wants to) Win Without Competing

ICYMI: Trump lost his 12th state in 13 tries. But it’s how he loses them that’s intriguing. We’ll walk you step by step how we just never put his team on the field. We also go behind the scenes of the looming battlegrounds in New York and California with Ron Nehring. And getting out the Jewish and Milennial vote with Melissa Jane Kronfeld:

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