Trump’s Grand Solution

I believe I have struck the solution that the GOP is looking for. The anxiety of the current 70% of the GOP electorate that does not support Mr. Trump has a way of being assuaged.

Of course that will require less megalomania and more leadership from the “‘Merica Eff-yeah” front runner.

But since I love to pose solutions to problems I believe many grassroots fears could be solved, then the Trump-identified-poorly-educated supporters could still say “‘Merica Eff-yeah” and the decent people in society could actually feel that their nation wasn’t being wholly co-opted for the worst piece if reality television in history.

I pose this solution because without some concessions on Anti-Trumper’s parts the bitterness that the electorate put forward a grown man with the temperament and vocabulary of a 3rd grader in the midst of the most accomplished, talented and dignified class of candidates the GOP has had in my lifetime will eat away at them like a cancer.

And since (even though he hasn’t figured it out yet) Trump needs the anti-trump GOP to support him vs Hillary, this solution might soothe tattered nerves, rattled sensibilities, and help the dignified people who don’t tell China to “eff themselves” some degree of justification for pulling the lever for the only man to ever run for office completely devoid of a worldview and conscience.

So here goes:

I absolutely believe that–given the energized turnout of the GOP primary–Donald can beat Hillary IF, IF, IF, he reaches out to those he’s offended.

For three reasons:
1. Hillary is the worst front runner the Dems have put forward in 50 years. (Think about the Charisma that Obama had…)
2. Even apart from her awful personality, she is vulnerable on fifty fronts… Exaggeration… But she has LOTS of weaknesses.
3. The energy and anger in the grassroots is setting records in every primary for the GOP. The Dems are recording record low enthusiasm for their process, the GOP is ready to burn down everything standing in DC and its reflected in 4 straight record turnouts, where second and third place finishes would’ve won any other year.

I have believed from the beginning whoever won South Carolina would win the nomination. That clearly is going to be Trump.

SO HERE’S the Grand Wager: I said months ago that because of the talent that was in the GOP field they should run the entire field as “the ticket/the cabinet.”

So Trump gets to play CEO. And his supporters keep telling us that he is the greatest delegater that has EVER come along.

Trump names Rubio as his running mate. Marco is the most likable candidate running. He’s too young to be the top dog. But he is a tea-party, establishment, and conservative appeal on the ticket that would be the ultimate “outsider” ticket in history. You also accomplish that very important goal of putting the most liked Hispanic on the ticket.

Trump names Cruz to the Supreme Court. The death of Scalia and the vapid emptiness of constitutional adherence that is in the courts presently scare conservatives literally to death. Cruz is the foremost constitutional scholar in the race. He’s actually argued and won 5 cases at the Supreme Court. He memorized it when he was 18. He lives and breathes to be its biggest defender. And he would be a JUST replacement for the former lion of the chamber. Cruz fans understand how this would in someways insure America’s constitutionality long past the Trump era.

With his two biggest rivals now turned into his two most important wing-men he would capture 95% of the GOP vote and have loyalty at every position.

He’ll probably also name a number of other candidates–Governors especially–to cabinet posts. Cristie is a shoo-in for Attorney General, Kasich is a natural for Labor Secretary, Fiorina for Secretary of State or Commerce Secretary, Carson for Surgeon General, Huckabee as Director of Faith Based Initiatives, Santorum as National Security Administration, Walker as Education Secretary, Jindal as Secretary of Agriculture…

Just suggestions but you see how deep the bench is.

If Trump is a serious patriot. This suggestion has rigorous merit. And it would silence a great deal of the worry that the anti-Trump universe has towards his recent conversion to “conservatism.”

And if he REALLY loves America, and REALLY loves the conservative ideals that have given her the greatness she has displayed, this is a win for all!

Time To Tell Trumpers The Truth

Many Trump-protectors (think pocket protectors with far more foul language) have been criticizing those who have attempted to be objective about the Presidential primary thus far as being those who favor “circular fire” within the GOP camp.

Perhaps it would be far more honest and somewhat fairly obvious to the watching world if we made mention that the biggest supplier of circular fire in the GOP primary to date has come from one Donald J. Trump.

The world’s most cravenly hungry abuser of eminent domain has set his gaze on every other Republican in the race with a desire to punish them and put them in their place.

He has lied, flip-flopped, and betrayed the sincere ugliness of his inner self in doing so.

His perverse desire to not just win the nomination but to seemingly injure every person who honestly cites his record has a sickness and pathology to it. A fellow republican brings up the fact that he himself has advocated for single-payer healthcare, and instead of refuting the observation, Trump makes public some oblique reference to the person’s childhood. (Remember that distasteful public display regarding Dr. Ben Carson and a belt buckle?)

It is ugly, and unwinsome.

Trump supporters justify staying “on his good side” for various reasons. Prominent former conservatives have sold their soul to sell their book on illegal immigration. Former tea-party champions do so to make a burst into the campaign trail. And other do so to perhaps secure an enormous donation for their university or mega-church.

Other supporters have read Trump’s newest book and come away with the impression that Trump is super man who will bend the known universe to his will. I understand this group of supporters because they want America to be strong and are tired of abject capitulation that the current White House exhibits without end.

One more strain of supporters I actually feel badly for. They have been completely co-opted by the most effective marketer to have ever run for President.

In Trump’s much-bragged-about Art Of The Deal he  not only details his often previously bragged about immoral bedding habits, but his strategy of how to close the hard to close deals.

A simple idea of which is – lob a starting point that you know you will never fulfill, but make it so big that the people you are competing against in the effort have no ability to counter. Once they’re back on their heels you can finally tell them what your real offer is.

This idea has played on people’s fears in the election of 2016. Trump has outright promised something he knows he will never deliver.

This tactic is the most sinister of the liberal Trump’s machinations. For it is exactly how liberal democrats campaign. They con the lowest low-information voters available. They get them all worked up. They make sweeping promises, with almost zero details, then when elected, they bait and switch for something else.

When you think about it, what do ANY of us actually know about Trump’s actual plans for once he’s in office? We’ve seen no specifics. “Winning again, and being great again,” is not a policy plan.

Last excuse that previously level-headed conservatives continue to say to me is, “Kevin we just have to win in 2016.”

They say this as though Trump is the only top tier GOP candidate who outpolls Hillary and Bernie.

The inverse is actually true. Cruz and Rubio both beat Hillary head to head and Trump is the one who loses to her.

So when GOP voters chide you for circular fire (for just honestly pointing out his desire to expand Obamacare to single-payer, or being Planned Parenthood’s “man” in 2015, or knowing he will not “build a wall” no matter how many times he claims to) remind them that he fires on more Republicans than the rest of the field combined. Because this isn’t about America this is about him.

When Trump supporters claim he’s anti-establishment, ask them how. Then remind them that he’s the most omni-establishment person to ever run. He’s paid off everybody, everywhere, just to get his way. Because this isn’t about America this is about him.

When Trump supporters promise you he’s going to forever and immediately stop illegal immigration by “building the wall and force Mexico to pay for it” simply ask them how he has demonstrated that he can do it. Ask them also if they’ve studied his negotiation tactics and why he regularly uses huge lies to dislocate the conversation. But he doesn’t have to tell the truth because this isn’t about America, this is about him.

When the low-information start making spittle fly in their inability to come up with one policy position they have any detail on, remember this isn’t about America, it’s about him.

And when you point out that he’s the second most disliked person in the race behind only Hillary herself don’t be surprised if they bring themselves to call you X-rated names for female genitalia (a theme on his campaign evidently.) Just keep in mind that it’s not about America, it’s about him.

And shouldn’t thoughtful people come to expect the same when he appoints Supreme Court judges, argues for economic policy, or asks the government for favor in some situation where he could benefit by getting a piece of property?

We are not at the stage of a general election where the options are limited. There are several principled candidates to choose from. And the entire purpose of a primary process is to vet the best choice possible.

Because the Presidency can not be about any single personality but must always be about what is best for America!

Why Iowa Was a Thrashing!

It’s a lot of fun to give people predictions and have them turn out to be correct.


In 2006, before anyone else believed it, I predicted and Rush Limbaugh read my prediction on his show the following morning, that Barack Obama would be President in 2009.

Didn’t like being right on that one but seeing it all happen before it happened still have a shiver down me leg.

Last night was much more enjoyable.

More than a dozen times going into last night’s Iowa Caucus I was asked what I thought would happen.

I never believed the opinion polls that had Trump at 31% the day of the caucuses. Nevertheless everybody from Brit Hume, to Larry Kudlow, to Frank Luntz all predicted Trump had delivered the goods and was taking home the win.

Luntz even said so after hitting the ground in Iowa. And on my friend Mike Gallagher’s show predicted a late night, a close count, and likely a Trump win.

My very dear driend Dr Gina Loudon likewise also told me she expected a tight race and a late night.

I never actually believed it was all that close.

I predicted Cruz would win by around 5%, and that Trump would fade and Rubio surge and battle for 2nd place.

In reality Cruz won by 4% and Trump/Rubio had less than a percentage point between them.

In the aftermath it was obvious that Trump had been humbled, Rubio was inspired, and Cruz relieved. All were exactly appropriate reactions for how the biggest Iowa caucus in their history turned out.

There is also one other resounding message that came from the Iowa results.


There is some debate about “who” IS the establishment. Everyone agrees Bush, Christie, Kasich are all “insiders.”

I would also argue Donald J Trump is as well. How else can you interpret his history of paying off politicians, hiring lobbyists, ginning the game of eminent domain, and in general having no political or moral compass until he declared as a candidate for President?

My theory is very much replicated in the endorsements of Bob Dole, and former Mitt Romney and John McCain staffers, etc.

So for my purposes I’ll include Trumps numbers in the following tally as “establishment” votes.

Trump, Bush, Christie, Kasich score 59,000+.

The non-establishment is made up of Tea Party, First Timers, and the Grassroots outcasts:

Cruz, Rubio, Paul are the Tea Partiers.

Carson and Fiorina are the first timers.

Huckabee and Santorum are the grassroots outcasts.

The anti-establishment vote score 129,000+.

IF you include Trump as anti-establishment the score is 13,000 to 155,000+.

Compare this singular unified message that the voters of Iowa are sending to the heavy handed hi-jinx and coin-flips of the other side, and this bodes very well for not just a winning GOP ticket come November, but an excited one, that has passion, and a base that’s ready to go to work for them to win!

Good winds are a blowing…

COUNTDOWN TO THE CAUCUS: Down to the wire…


It’s finally upon us. The final weekend before the official voting gets underway in the 2016 Election. On Monday voters will go to the polls for the first time that counts in the actual race. As of Monday night, we will have an actual front runner. We will have someone who is actually winning the race for delegates–as this year’s caucuses will actually be binding delegates for the Cleveland convention this summer.

All week long we spoke to the candidates. We issued invites for them to come and join us.

The conversations were serious and I believe helpful and contrasting in the minds of listeners and I also believe instructive on where the candidates and campaigns will take the country if elected.

I’ve decided to aggregate the entire week of conversations into a single post. Feel free to not only use it for yourself as a source of reference, but pass it on via social media to those in Iowa in particular who may yet not be decided on who they are at this point supporting.

Thanks to each of the campaigns for participating. Thanks to those who wished to but got to us too late.

I am praying for the outcome on Monday, that it will be good for our nation, and I’m sure you hope and maybe even pray the same.

VIDEO: Bush & Carson What’s Next?

Each of them were believed to be the front runner at different points in this campaign. Are they now entering into “Hail Mary” territory?

My foil–Marjorie Clifton (@MarjorieClifton) and moi (@KMCRadio) discussed.

And we did it in 95 million households

**Reminder**: The opinions here are not of personal choice and may or may not reflect my own personal wishes as it pertains to candidates.

I am financially compensated for my analysis and as a professional it is important that I not allow my position in said analysis be tainted by bias for or against any of the candidates.