Of “Crumbs” & “S—-holes!”

Before the Washington Post reported that the president spoke candidly about many of the nations on planet earth with economies that resemble toilets, the Democratic ranking member in the House of Representatices uttered a fascinating statement.

Faced with the reality that more than 134 major corporations (just ones we know of thus far) are returning billions (with a b) in profits back to their workers by ways of bonuses, pay raises, and generously expanded benefits, Nancy Pelosi slurred her way through an auditory fog of a statement to claim the improving benefits represented “crumbs.”

Nancy Pelosi lives in a world where $2000 at the end of the year literally represents a speck of almost nothing to her. Sadly the American people don’t and I know that even for a family like mine—solid middle class—we would’ve made tremendous use of a $2000 bonus in December of 2017.

”Crumbs” is Pelosi’s way of both reminding people how out of touch she is with everyday Americans, and just how stupid her party’s viewpoint towards the American worker, people, and family truly is.

Only hours later President Trump was reported to have asked a question as to why we should give temporary immigration status to people that come from the worst economic regions on earth. Admittedly he framed the question much more colorfully than we would allow in our home, but the question itself has merit… Because Trump genuinely cares about the people Pelosi can’t relate to—the American family.

So a handful of observations about Trump’s question are in order:

1. Trump is not incorrect in his colorful remarks regarding Haiti, in both a literal and symbolic way. Sewage literally flows down the curb sides of the streets of Haiti’s cities. The smell is overwhelming. But so is the government of this island disaster since more or less it’s independence. (Did you know that the only nation in the Americas that have had their independence longer than Haiti — is the United States?) Yet look at the lag in development, the torturous poverty, and the sinister political leaders that have attempted time and again to exploit the Haitian people. (Who are NOT the object of the President’s remarks.)

2. The argument can be made that past US politicians even helped create the conditions he so colorfully referred to. President Clinton in office, President Obama, and the Clinton foundation in fact have done more to insure Haiti’s demise in recent years than any other influence on earth. And they did so in the cruelest of ways, hurting the Haitian people with embargoes, refusing to help when asked by the people of Haiti to curb the tyrannical appetites of leaders they could not deal with alone. And most cruelly of all raising billions of dollars through the Clinton foundation that never got delivered and to this day lack sufficient information about where all the money went so close to a Hillary Clinton run for President.

3. People that argue otherwise, have never been there. They find it easy to be self righteous, and his political opponents are mere opportunists to exploit as much. Over the immediate 24 hours after Trump’s question, the internet broke trying to cast aspersions and insults. They actually even accused the President of being racist, even though he just the week before had signed three bills passed by Democrats that advanced long held desires of African Americans into law. But few if any of these critics have ever had the opportunity nor the courage to step foot in Haiti. For it is a hard place to see, visit, and respond to. It changes to forever.

4. Having been there many times for extended stays (largely doing mission work) I can attest to 1-3. Talk to people who have spent time in Haiti and they will tell of two very different elements. The pain and suffering of the poorest existence in the Western Hemisphere, and the most resilient people you will ever meet! Their inexplicable way to be grateful for even the tiniest of kindnesses is something Nancy Pelosi definitely needs to learn from.

5. Having adopted a son from there, while not ever being allowed to use such a derogatory descriptor in my presence, he (my son) would argue the President’s meaning was absolutely correct. It’s a troubled place and no end to the suffering is in sight. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the people there and there’s not a year that goes by that he doesn’t hold some sort of fundraiser—all on his own to try to help raise resources for them.

6. My listeners over the last ten years have also helped feed and bring pure drinking water to more than 30 Haitian villages and assisting millions of Haitians with basic needs.

And this SHOULD be the reaction and discussion about all of the nations on the “s—-hole” list. We are the most profitable, least impoverished, most blessed land on planet earth.

Nancy Pelosi should be so lucky to be given $2000 more because of tax reform and generous  companies.

Then she should turn around and give those “crumbs” to the great work of  Hosean International Ministries, Compassion, Cross International and the one I work with most closely: Food For The Poor!

And if more of us did… what a difference we would make!