Bozell’s Open Letter To Trump-Friendly Conservatives

This letter is penned by Brent Bozell III

I’ve endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz.

I was a contributor to National Review’s Against Trump symposium at the beginning of the year.

Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Phyllis Schlafly—you are friends and allies, serious men and women for whom I have great respect. You and other conservatives disagreed.

I pen this open letter to you.

Even those of us who oppose Trump understand that he’s tapping into something that has exploded onto the national scene: disenchantment, even white-hot rage among the Republican base with the party’s establishment and the Washington status quo. You and I understand this because we were taking on the weak-kneed GOP leadership many, many years ago, back when Donald Trump was donating to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Is Donald Trump the answer? That question’s on everyone’s mind. But there needs to be another question answered first: Does Donald Trump mean a word he says? Are conservative leaders supporting Trump prepared to live with the consequences if he doesn’t?

Many critics have outlined the innumerable left-wing positions and candidates Trump championed before he got in this race. It’s worth recalling some of them now: Trump not only supported but bankrolled amnesty. He supported taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. He supported not just abortion but partial-birth abortion. He was open to gay marriage. He supported government-funded universal healthcare.

He supported eminent domain for (his) private gain. He supported the Wall Street bailout. He supported “assault weapons” bans. He applauded President Obama for doing a “great job.” He congratulated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for doing a “good job.” He financially helped the Democrats pass Obamacare. Trump was a registered Democrat when that party was being led by the likes of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), donating heavily during President Obama’s tenure. He’s bankrolled Democrats like Jimmy Carter, Rahm Emmanuel, Anthony Weiner, Terry McAuliffe, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, to name a few.

But Trump said he’s changed. On everything. Overnight. Just in time for the GOP nomination fight.


Let’s look at Mr. Trump’s record during this campaign. He’s declared his support for single-payer healthcare. That puts him to the left of Obamacare. He’s re-declared his support for Planned Parenthood. He’s re-supporting tax increases. He’s supported crony capitalism. He’s endorsed “touchback” amnesty. He wants the U.S. to break the Geneva Convention. He’s “neutral” on Israel and Palestine. He wants South Korea and Japan to have nuclear arsenals.

Paul Krugman loves Trump’s big government economic plan for the simple reason that big government will remain under President Trump.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Trump took the left’s side in the North Carolina transgender bathroom controversy.

Last week Mr. Trump announced—guess what?—he’s not just pro-abortion, he wants the pro-life plank in the GOP platform removed, thus divorcing the Republican Party from the pro-life movement. Sarah, Ben, Mike, Phyllis: How can you still support this man? He has now thrown you under the bus, embracing an agenda you’ve spent your entire career opposing. Can you accept that betrayal?

What will you tell your supporters when the man you endorsed enacts an agenda that horrifies them?

As the Republican primaries draw to some sort of conclusion, right now Trump is surrounding himself with GOP establishment types, trying to assure them he doesn’t really mean many of the things he’s said, claiming that much of his campaign is just posturing.

Posturing to whom?

Top Trump aide Paul Manafort is telling GOP establishment bosses behind closed doors that his boss is “a real different guy.” His campaign openly touts his chameleon-like character as some sort of general election advantage.

Is someone with no discernible principles the candidate you want leading the Republican Party and taking on the Democrats in 2016?

Is someone who consistently lies about principles and positions he doesn’t hold worthy of your support?

If Trump becomes the nominee, and enacts the policies he’s now championing, will conservatives who chose to aid and abet Mr. Trump be able to live with their decision?

When it comes time to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, and President Trump names his radically pro-abortion sister, as he’s suggested he would, or some other radically pro-abortion pro- Planned Parenthood jurist, as we know he will, will you accept that you helped him do that?

When President Trump shocks the civilized world by killing the children of terrorists, arming nations with nuclear weapons (you don’t think Russia won’t do likewise with its allies?) and breaking the Geneva Convention (God help our men and women captured by our enemies who will do the same) will you live with that?

When Big Government, crony capitalism — the corruption of government that triggered his movement — continue unabated for the simple reason he’s offered no plan to stop it, will you accept the blame for having supported it?

This isn’t about purity. It’s about basic sanity.

Do the most courageous thing you’ve ever done, in a lifetime of bravery. Retract your endorsement.

Brent Bozell is the Chairman of ForAmerica, a national grassroots organization whose mission is to use social media to reinvigorate the public with the principles of American exceptionalism: freedom, prosperity and virtue. ForAmerica has over 8 million members and is a non-profit 501(c)4. 

Mr. Bozell personally has endorsed Ted Cruz for President.

Super Cruz Day

In every way you look at it. Ted Cruz clobbered Donald Trump on Saturday.

From the intriguing but non-binding blistering in the CPAC straw poll to the outlandish performance where he doubled the Donald (and then some) in Kansas it was nothing short of a huge night for Cruz.

“Experts” had “predicted” a four state sweep. But the Donald–despite maniacally bragging about his size and the size of his support all day on Twitter–would end up being whacked in the face with a 2×4 in Kansas, completely mugged and left for dead in Maine, and in the two wins he would secure–he was kept in doubt until the very last minute of 90% percentile of the vote count.

Even that was an embarrassment because the news organizations (based on turnout models combined with the crushing early vote numbers) called the race in Louisiana at .2% of the vote counted. And why not? Donald was up 49% to 21%.

And if you’re expecting roughly the same amount of turnout as the last cycle, you could probably say that it would be impossible for Cruz to come back.

But turnout this year ISN’T like it was in 2012. For the GOP it’s been double digits higher in every race so far. And for the Dems it’s double digits lower.

And it ISN’T Donald Trump creating the turnout. Unless it’s negative turnout, because he is averaging barely 30% of that record setting stampede, and 70% of that mania is voting against him.

So in Kentucky and in Louisiana, Trump got a bit more than 3% in each race. And walked away with about 1.5 delegates more from each.

Cruz’s routes in Kansas and Maine, his blink of the eye second place in Kentucky (where he spent no resources), and his late night heartburn-inducing down the wire finish in Louisiana beat the Donald like a drum.

Cruz finished with more total delegates, percentage, and votes.image

So much for the breezy Trump sweep.

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When Presidential Candidates Quote Me

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Schlonged Monkey Daughters

Do I even HAVE to actually ask it?

The progressive, tolerant, no-hate/all-love, do what is only good to people, feeling’s are what should guide us left in America has suddenly swallowed its’ collective Adam’s apple.

If for even half a second an elected leader of Latino/Caribbean/African origin were to have his/her daughter portrayed in ANY form of media coverage as a less-than-human ape, the #BlackLivesMatters clowns would be looting every Wal-Mart and Walgreens within half a mile of wherever they found themselves. (As long as that elected leader were brainwashed by the right people…)

Imagine an elected leader–like–President Obama–with two innocent daughters (who most likely despise everything political like their mom) were to suddenly be caricatured as chimps, knuckle-dragging their way to school. Imagine the sheer hell that would be unleashed on every street corner.

Let me cut to the chase.

It is never appropriate to refer to any elected leader’s daughters (particularly very young ones) as animals, of any sort. To do so is to imply their lack of full humanity–and I’m pretty sure we fought a war that was necessary to restore that principle to the totality of our nation.

The cartoonist who pulled this off as an attack against the sitting honorable Senator from Texas–Ted Cruz–did so because she believed her liberal editorial staff at the Washington Post would back her political ideas, than care about her treatment of human beings.

From candidates talking about his possible future female opponent getting “schlonged,” to talk radio professionals saying female candidates went “full vagina,” to the same said candidate casually referring to female television anchors menstruating out of their “whatevers,” to editorial cartoonists now going racist/hater on the leading Latino candidate’s children, the level of “dignity”  in the race this year has been piggish. (Full disclosure: some have apologized for these actions.)

There are many excuses made for the behavior, and those exhibiting it.

But none of them are valid.

We have a fight to wage for the future of the free world. We have a commander-in-chief who is out-to-lunch. We have an economy that has yet to experience what feels like a recovery. We have some enemies who wish to blow us up on our soil, and some who would like to behead us on theirs. We have just given the world’s number one terror state $150 Billion dollars, and had our Secretary of State promise them that we won’t hold them to the same visa standards for visiting our soil. We watched as our French brothers and sisters were slaughtered because of lax systems within the system of refugees coming to their nation. We understand that we are vulnerable to the same threat here. We mourned with the families of San Bernadino.

We are spooked at things that look out of place, and a President who has the gall to say on NPR that he never realized Americans were so worried about terrorism here because “he doesn’t watch that much cable news.”

When we go full genital in our lame attempt at humor(because we are awful on facts and have zero ability to evidently prep our speeches before we give them.) When we attack a female challenger to our favored candidate by reducing her impeccable life of accomplishment to her birth canal. When we reduce the children of a candidate we dislike to one of the oldest racial stereotypes in history…

We give people lots of incentives to vote–for all the wrong reasons.

Thus we avoid talking about everything I just mentioned five paragraphs ago.

If you are a person who loves the country. If you dislike the path we are on. If you want to see a different nation rise… Then for the love of all that’s holy–STOP!

Time is running out, and the next attack looms, and the forces of evil are on the march.