When Irony Bites The Tax-Payer

Though the networks were woefully slow to report on it, President Biden dropped bombs on Iranian funded terror groups in Syria this week.

Retired four star General Jack Keane said on my show today that it was a solidly justified response to bad behavior by the Iranians in recent weeks. This admission by a general whose opinion I hold in high regard is comforting given the general mistrust half their nation has in the current administration. A mistrust exacerbated by the go-it-alone approach this administration has embodied since coming into office.

According to reports the raid was carried out in response to a series of hostile incidents by Iranian backed Shias in Iraq. One of these instances injured innocents and took the life of one American serviceman.

The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin felt confident about the rational, execution and effectiveness for the mission.

It also seems to send a clear message that when bad actors take the lives of Americans there will be payback. And in this part of the world it is mission critical to send that message clearly in a post Trump administration especially.

Trump supporters attempted to draw contrast with Biden over the use of such strikes. But such comparisons are not remembering history properly. President Trump did order targets in Syria hit—the first time with President Xi from China at his dinner table—early in his presidency.

These strikes seemed targeted, and the evidence of civilian collateral damage has been non-existent.

In short I’m fine with the action taken. I’m sort of the opinion that we can’t show our strength to especially Iran “too much.”

But there is a significant point in this escapade that annoys me. When I brought it up to General Keane he indicated I had touched a “raw nerve.”

And I can understand why…

It was originally the Obama/Biden administration that delivered billions of American tax-payer monies to Iran in the first place. Iran then used those cash supplies to immediately fund terror operations and networks globally. President Trump suspended the said Iran deal when he came to office.

So we likely funded the bad actors who spent the last week attacking our green zone in Iraq. We then had to go fly F-15s to bomb said bad guys out of operations.

And here’s the most unnerving thing about it: President Joe Biden is making the fastest beeline possible to advance the same deal that put us in this situation to begin with!


The Navarro Report: The Immaculate Deception

A brand new 36 page report. Six damning areas to examine. More than enough evidence to swing the election. All six of the battleground states exhibited these irregularities/illegalities. Multiple strategies (possibly a dozen) at play. Error “acceptable” rates 1000’s of times higher than FEC allows. Glitches, surges, and no poll monitors when 100’s of 1000’s of votes added in the dead of night–coordinated across all swing states.

It stinks.


Monday Morning thoughts…

Some of you may not realize it but the content never stops being made over here in BingeThinker land. All week long we are doing hours and hours of radio (17-19 hours per week most weeks.) And then there’s the punditry for FoxNews, Eric Metaxas, NewsMax etc.

Since this year’s #MAPs started coming out I’ve also had a ton of even foreign media interest. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, a bunch of patriots on social media, and listeners/viewers — it’s been non-stop.

But in case you missed some of the highlights from the most recent days here’s some convenient connections to catch up:

THE COLUMN: “When Corruption Becomes Commonplace”
We just take a look at the stark reality that everything the left touches has not only become corrupted but corrupts so badly that it expects everyone else to do the same. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way, and leaders from past even Democrat generations felt that way.

RADIO NIGHT LIVE: Guest starring this week: “The Map,” Rudy Giuliani, Kristin B. Tate, Erin Perrine, and #AngryOldJoe. Revisit on-demand.

WHERE IN THE WORLD: My friend Eric Metaxas has had me on a TON in the past month, mostly critiquing the election and where we are at. If you missed it he had me on last Friday for like half the show. (Honored and Humbled!) Watch it here.

LOOKING AHEAD: This week should be absolutely amazing. Just three of the reasons why…
1. Joe Biden called a “lid” on the week – on Sunday. Meaning he intends to not campaign, make public appearances, do any interviews. In fact he’s called the lid THROUGH ELECTION DAY! I’m not sure what to make of it except to believe that he thinks he’s so far out in front that there’s no way he could lose. (Or as normal people call it — #HillarySyndrome.) OR he believes he’s slipped, the difficult questions from the press will be too numerous, and he’s just not egging for the fight anymore. My bet is on the latter.

2. Today is the day Judge Amy Coney Barrett, becomes Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Now some may wonder why this is such a big deal. But to be candid — I never believed we would arrive at a 6-3 majority (for easy cases) nor a 5-4 majority as a backstop. But we HAVE. The President faithfully executed his duties as President. And it is amazing to see what happens when someone keeps his word. It is a DAY to be celebrated! #HappyBdayHillary

3. My newest map (second to the end) will drop on Wednesday at 3pm ET. Salivate away!

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Arrogance is not equal to Abortion…

Tim Keller, the long esteemed theologian and pastor in NYC not long ago began demanding that the church make room for progressive politics.

He argued that while the Bible addresses great sins, that it is silent on the ways of best addressing such sins. He argued that while it is clear that the Bible doesn’t condone abortion, but then turned to say that the Bible is silent on ways to best eliminate, reduce, or slow down the rates of abortions.

He is correct, in a sense that there is no chapter and verse that says, “you must vote pro-life.” But no serious student of scripture argues that they way to best reduce the killing of innocent children is to exalt, vote for, and campaign for those who have promised to *expand* the practice if elected.

Christians firmly believe that if we take the wisdom of God, as revealed in the scriptures, in its totality we can and will come to fairly strong certainty on the “Godly” approach to not merely abortion, but every issue of our lives.

It’s why the scriptures have been given to us.

Now, another esteemed teacher of scripture (amongst evangelicals) is weighing in with similar vageries about why he can’t make a distinction in the voting booth between the two candidates this year.

John Piper argues straight forwardly that Donald Trump’s sin of arrogance is in essence equal to Joe Biden’s sin of child killing.

Piper makes a definitive distinction from Keller in that Piper claims clearly that this is his own personal quandary and he does not put his criteria on other people to struggle with. Keller took the exact opposite approach–commanding the church to accept fuzzy thinking and lack of clarity, instead of seeking the total wisdom of scripture.

But Piper does have a logic/rational problem. His entire argument is based on the comparison of personal sin (immorality, vulgarity & arrogance) as being equally destructive as public sin (abortion, sexual anarchy, etc.)

And on a personal level they may be.

But they are woefully different when it comes to the impact on innocent lives beyond one’s own.

They also ring a bit hollow.

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is a blank slate on immorality? Does he believe any man is? Scripture says to “look” and “lust” is to commit adultery. By that standard no man alive, not Piper, not Keller, not me is innocent.

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is not vulgar? The day President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Joe Biden whispered in his ear (but on an open mic) and said, “This is a big f–king deal.”

Does Piper think that Joe Biden is free of arrogance? “Oh shut up man!”

Likewise Trump has been pro-choice earlier in his life. Has he said and done sexually immoral things? Perhaps. Has he done them recently and specifically during his time serving the nation? If he had–Christian voters would be the first to call them out.

This isn’t a tough equation. There are different standards in the effects of these sins. To pretend otherwise is one’s prerogative. Thankfully Piper says his choice in doing so is for him alone to wrestle with. Keller has been more authoritarian in his view by saying the church must see these things in this light.

And if you’re wondering if the Biblical mandate is on their side… It isn’t.

So follow scripture to the best of your ability and understanding. All of it.

He will illuminate your path, and you’ll have a clear conscience–with clarity!




Of “Crumbs” & “S—-holes!”

Before the Washington Post reported that the president spoke candidly about many of the nations on planet earth with economies that resemble toilets, the Democratic ranking member in the House of Representatices uttered a fascinating statement.

Faced with the reality that more than 134 major corporations (just ones we know of thus far) are returning billions (with a b) in profits back to their workers by ways of bonuses, pay raises, and generously expanded benefits, Nancy Pelosi slurred her way through an auditory fog of a statement to claim the improving benefits represented “crumbs.”

Nancy Pelosi lives in a world where $2000 at the end of the year literally represents a speck of almost nothing to her. Sadly the American people don’t and I know that even for a family like mine—solid middle class—we would’ve made tremendous use of a $2000 bonus in December of 2017.

”Crumbs” is Pelosi’s way of both reminding people how out of touch she is with everyday Americans, and just how stupid her party’s viewpoint towards the American worker, people, and family truly is.

Only hours later President Trump was reported to have asked a question as to why we should give temporary immigration status to people that come from the worst economic regions on earth. Admittedly he framed the question much more colorfully than we would allow in our home, but the question itself has merit… Because Trump genuinely cares about the people Pelosi can’t relate to—the American family.

So a handful of observations about Trump’s question are in order:

1. Trump is not incorrect in his colorful remarks regarding Haiti, in both a literal and symbolic way. Sewage literally flows down the curb sides of the streets of Haiti’s cities. The smell is overwhelming. But so is the government of this island disaster since more or less it’s independence. (Did you know that the only nation in the Americas that have had their independence longer than Haiti — is the United States?) Yet look at the lag in development, the torturous poverty, and the sinister political leaders that have attempted time and again to exploit the Haitian people. (Who are NOT the object of the President’s remarks.)

2. The argument can be made that past US politicians even helped create the conditions he so colorfully referred to. President Clinton in office, President Obama, and the Clinton foundation in fact have done more to insure Haiti’s demise in recent years than any other influence on earth. And they did so in the cruelest of ways, hurting the Haitian people with embargoes, refusing to help when asked by the people of Haiti to curb the tyrannical appetites of leaders they could not deal with alone. And most cruelly of all raising billions of dollars through the Clinton foundation that never got delivered and to this day lack sufficient information about where all the money went so close to a Hillary Clinton run for President.

3. People that argue otherwise, have never been there. They find it easy to be self righteous, and his political opponents are mere opportunists to exploit as much. Over the immediate 24 hours after Trump’s question, the internet broke trying to cast aspersions and insults. They actually even accused the President of being racist, even though he just the week before had signed three bills passed by Democrats that advanced long held desires of African Americans into law. But few if any of these critics have ever had the opportunity nor the courage to step foot in Haiti. For it is a hard place to see, visit, and respond to. It changes to forever.

4. Having been there many times for extended stays (largely doing mission work) I can attest to 1-3. Talk to people who have spent time in Haiti and they will tell of two very different elements. The pain and suffering of the poorest existence in the Western Hemisphere, and the most resilient people you will ever meet! Their inexplicable way to be grateful for even the tiniest of kindnesses is something Nancy Pelosi definitely needs to learn from.

5. Having adopted a son from there, while not ever being allowed to use such a derogatory descriptor in my presence, he (my son) would argue the President’s meaning was absolutely correct. It’s a troubled place and no end to the suffering is in sight. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the people there and there’s not a year that goes by that he doesn’t hold some sort of fundraiser—all on his own to try to help raise resources for them.

6. My listeners over the last ten years have also helped feed and bring pure drinking water to more than 30 Haitian villages and assisting millions of Haitians with basic needs.

And this SHOULD be the reaction and discussion about all of the nations on the “s—-hole” list. We are the most profitable, least impoverished, most blessed land on planet earth.

Nancy Pelosi should be so lucky to be given $2000 more because of tax reform and generous  companies.

Then she should turn around and give those “crumbs” to the great work of  Hosean International Ministries, Compassion, Cross International and the one I work with most closely: Food For The Poor!

And if more of us did… what a difference we would make!

Pathetic, Sickening, Disturbing… Assassinate Trump Play Creators Rewarded

Which is a bigger assault on decency?

Those who come up with evil? Or those who pay those who come up with it?

If it’s the latter, hold your horses people, because that’s you and me.

Elizabeth Harrington reports in the Washington Free Beacon that the funding behind the pathetic assassination play depicting Donald Trump being stabbed graphically to death in front of his distraught wife, didn’t get shut down.

It got rewarded.

Since 2009 the same creators have raked in $30 million dollars from federal, state, and city grants.

The National Endowment for the Arts–which should have been removed from the tax-payer dole years ago–is awarding the Public Theater of New York with a six figure endowment for next season.

Evidently NEA doesn’t have the wisdom that Delta Airlines and Bank of America both had, which was to steer its name clear of productions that are comfortable with graphic depiction of assassinating the lawfully & overwhelmingly elected (33 of 50 states) President of the United States.

The production falls in line with a series of more than 40 attacks on either the President or members of his party that were either desired, articulated, or graphically carried out. This idea of killing or grossly injuring those you simply disagree with politically is also encouraging additional coarsening towards violence in the society at large.

Every step down this rabbit hole of justifiable violence brings a free people closer to the reality where people take circumstances into their own hands because of such failed leadership.

The fact that the federal government finds itself funding such trash is despicable, doing so in such a way that lends itself to our own destruction is something people of all philosophical and political persuasions should be aggressively pushing back against.


Nope… The LEFT really DOES want us dead!

Has anybody had enough yet?

They are almost as numerous to keep up with as the number of attacks ISIS related terrorists have launched during the season of Ramadan in 2017.

Left leaning outlet after person after celebrity after elitist wants either Trump, his supporters, or his party’s congressional reps dead. Dead dead… they want them deadest of all the deads.

And they don’t just want them dead, they want them dead in violent extreme ugly ways of being dead.

Kathy Griffin was shocked to find out that beheading the President might frighten his young son. (Because in Kathy Griffin’s world severing the head of your philosophical enemy doesn’t seem extreme, distasteful, or cause for concern.) Beheading was also the choice of violence George Lopez wished to exercise against Trump, but wanted Vincente Fox to do it.

Mickey Rourke would like to bash the President’s head in with a Louisville Slugger.

Larry Wilmore, a defunct TV “comic” wants to suffocate the President–and went out of his way to say that he wasn’t joking, but being quite literal.

Marilyn Manson wants to be counted in the beheading category.

Pop-singer past her prime–Madonna–wanted to blow up the White House. Though we don’t know if she meant suicide bomber style or not. Fellow musician Moby also kills the President in an explosive fireball.

Actor Robert De Niro picked the most polite method of merely punching the President in the face. Rapper Snoop Dogg envisioned blowing Trump’s brains out in his music video. While the NYC public theater company just wanted to stab him to a bloody death in front of his wife. Actor Johnny Depp pondered assassinating the President while giving a public talk in England just last week.

But in addition to the direct desires of violence against President Trump himself, people that are perceived to be part of his party and “on his team” have been targeted even more aggressively.

Since May 1, 2017 more than 30 members of Congress & 2 U.S. Senators have been directly targeted and assaulted. Some as the mark of an assassin. Some through death threats, physical altercations at town hall meetings, and one even run off the road.

Any single act of violence is deplorable. Any single elitist actor or pompous pop-culture character inciting a violent end to the President is despicable (of any party to any president.)

But we’re talking about nearly 4 dozen attacks or expressed death wishes against exclusively the President and Republicans in less than 60 days.

At this point I could care less about their motivation or explanation as to why.

I just want them stopped.

Correction I want them to stop.

Actually both… either… I don’t care.

This isn’t an issue of free speech.

We are not allowed to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and to me publicly lusting for the death of everyone who disagrees with you seems more like a rule of thumb in Islamic jihad than it does the constitutional republic that IS the United States of America.

And a thought on what I’m not saying… I am not advocating that we pass a law that prevents them from saying such hateful things. What I wish for and hope that we could all agree upon is that such behavior is just objectively shameful and that we choose with our feet, dollars, and interest to not support those that hold these ideas.

Ostracizing Johnny Depp, gets Disney’s attention, and the rules of the free market can take care of themselves if we present the face to the world that his perverted obsessions of killing our lawfully and overwhelmingly elected President (33 of 50 states) earn him a trip to the leper colony.

What I’m calling for is a commitment by the public–WE THE PEOPLE–to abhor the abhorrent, to no longer excuse the explicitly inexcusable, and to call morally evil that which qualifies as such.

I understand that to do so requires us as a nation to draw at least one line in the sand to say that it is absolutely unacceptable to wish for the deaths of our fellow Americans. I also know that we don’t like absolutes in the days in which we live. To say that something is of absolute moral rightness or wrongness is one of the least popular positions to take in a society that is built on shifting ideas and the fear of being “unpopular.”

It is time to sound the alarm, for if we begin to accept the idea that our neighbor (at least the ones who disagree with us) can be “done away with” and we’d be “better off” if we did we are a nation that will have already lost every societal challenge we have to face, and in very short order will no longer be a nation at all.

We have always–as Americans–welcomed the rigorous debate, the vicarious battle for ideas, and the understanding that our differences can make us stronger.

The American left seems to have left these things in the dust as they seek absolute suffocation of anything that dares to challenge their group think.

Resorting to violence, death wishes, and assassination attempts is their wicked expression at recourse, and its time to make it stop.


Trump to NATO: Uncomfortable Truth Is Good For You!

If blunt talk doesn’t put world leaders at ease, but rather causes them to correct course, isn’t it the right thing to do?

It’s an “Ugly American” question I get it. But it is a necessary one as well.

As President Trump “went there” today at the beautiful and spacious new NATO headquarters, there were too many TV cameras sweeping the gathered world leaders and their reactions to miss clearly their looks of discomfort at his blunt assessment.

Following his historic speech in Riyadh where he–with equal bluntness–demanded that the nations of the middle east must become the first and primary force against the cancer of the expanding Islamic extremism, he also forcefully reminded Europe and NATO that while America is their partner in this fight, they too must bear some of the burden.

In some capacity the genius of Trump’s “America First” focus is that he is forcing the rest of the world to grow up. To even mention the cost of the American tax-payer in his speech to NATO had to have been a first for any U.S. President.

And he is correct…

NATO sits rightfully concerned about several crises, some of their own making. Refusing to do much to stop ISIS, NATO’s inaction created the refugee crisis. The refugee crisis–in return–is the cover being used to attack the NATO homelands. And Russia sits on NATO’s back doorstep eagerly waiting and watching.

Combine NATO nations’ largely vapid religious and moral conditions and what was a great collection of nations once gathered for the collective protection of nations of similar values, it is now hard to even identify what some of the nations’ values are.

When President Trump purposefully identified the refugee crisis, unlike what former Deputy Secretary of State Nicholas Burns told Shannon Bream on FoxNews, he wasn’t breaking with historic policy nor expressing hostility towards the legitimate displaced peoples of Syria. He was in fact identifying a lack of commitment to a nations’ own sovereignty (that he perceives is present within the NATO members) and attempting to subtly encourage them to in fact address as much in their own domestic agendas.

At the end of the day President Trump is not invested in NATO’s success nearly as much as he is committed to American safety, and like a former British Prime Minister by the name of Churchill he seems to see and even understand the threat of the great and looming evil even when the Chamberlain-like figures of May, Merkel, and Obama have had a hard time admitting the evil even exists–even after horrid acts and atrocities take place.

I learned at an early age that while I didn’t like it, the only people in my life who truly loved me, were friends and family who dealt straight with me. This flies in the face of snowflakes today, but it is genuinely true.

The addict whose family holds the intervention, the spouse who confronts their partner, the best friend that says they can no longer be friends unless and until change occurs–these are incredibly difficult things to hear and say.

But they must be said.

For to not say them is to condemn the individual (or in Trump’s case the civilized world) to the destruction that would ensue.

Ironically the “Make America Great Again” President is arguing for the most compassionate and long term good for the globe in a way that the constant apologizing of the globalists never will.

That President Trump takes seriously both the threat of Islamic extremism, and the culpability of nations not taking care to take preventative measures against attacks, who go even further to invite those who perform those attacks seemingly into their midst, and THEN still won’t pay their portion of the check for the rest of the freedom loving world to help protect them is merely analysis.

That President Trump has the courage to go to the homeland of the extremists, and stare into the eyes of the nation’s they seek to exploit and urge in the most sincere and direct way as possible to change their ways is genuine care.

Blunt talk is uneasy to endure sometimes.

But other times…

It can save our lives!

Why The Stupid Always Precedes The Evil

Don’t be shocked if ISIS hits San Francisco next.

This may seem rather harsh and unforgiving in the immediate aftermath of Manchester’s still recovering state, and even more so while the death toll continues to climb. But as long as pockets of stupid progressives continue to set policies, people will keep getting blown up, shot, and slashed.

And no where in America are Americans in more danger than where liberal progressives are in total command.

In Manchester terrorists plotted a public event that was already designed to enrage the restrictive societal allowances of what Islamic radical extremists use in their narrative to justify their actions. The degree of skin that Ariana Grande shows in an average show verges on a lingerie showcase and would be one of the reasons why my daughter would not be allowed to attend.

But the desire by the extremists to attack the “infidels” while they are participating in “immoral” activity becomes their rationalization. But it is not their exclusive rationale.

The terrorists hit Manchester because the Brits have purposefully ignored recent trends and failed to take thoughtful “pre-“action to anticipate the issue properly.

How else do you explain the fact that levels of arrests, stop & frisks, questioning of suspects in ports and air hubs have all dropped since 2015?

How else do you explain that despite a 5-6 hour constant viral red-flag being raised on twitter #ManchesterArena, there was zero increased presence in the hall, at the venue, or even a security perimeter? You literally had the red light flashing WARNING, and no one paid attention.

We also learned today that the UK has 3900 radical Islamists, including some 400 former ISIS fighters living within a train ride of Manchester. No doubt many of these were some turning #ManchesterArena viral. Opportunity, motivation, access, and capacity all played a decision into blowing up the children at the show.

In San Francisco only a few weeks ago the city leaders (Mayor/Police Commissioner) made a large public fuss over their personal disgust with the “tone” of the administration has it had been expressed in two separate and highly constitutional executive orders that limited travel from Obama-determined “hot spots.”

In reaction they then proceeded to withdraw their city from participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The JTTF was established to form cooperative efforts between federal anti-terror units and local police to help monitor active threats and keep them neutralized before materializing.

Considering that only weeks before they had taken the provocative step of reiterating their status as a “Sanctuary City” in direct defiance to the federal government’s warning that to do so could cost municipalities, the dual action of partisan stupidity uniquely has established San Francisco as not only a threat to their own citizens, but a national doorway to havoc.

They refuse to enforce common sense immigration guidelines, and now they have become non-cooperative on the national terror front. The loss of federal monies to their city aside (in the tens of millions,) they will also have fewer foot-soldiers to police their city with, while simultaneously inviting trouble on multiple fronts.

The terrorists in the U.K. didn’t hit London. They hit a smaller city, one that had much more open access, and a venue that had nearly no security presence. They knew how, they were watching for when, and the social media blinked DANGER for hours before they actually carried it out.

There are a number of lessons that free people should be taking away from the Manchester attack, but none of them matter, if first among them is not the lesson of thinking ahead, and overwhelming the presence with law enforcement for the public good.

The world is looking to President Trump to do as he promised in his campaign, to keep the fight hot and heavy against the terrorists. In America we must remove those obstacles that somehow keep him from accomplishing that primary task.

We must stop the nutty left, because they will not only get themselves killed, but they become an open doorway to kill many of us as well.

Strategic Patience?

It’s sad when you must be forced to address someone who exhibits bad behavior. It’s especially bad when said persons are over the age of 7.

After spending the entirety of Holy Weekend playing both mom and dad to seven, four, and two year olds, I have an even deeper appreciation for the way the Trump administration has been handling and addressing the world’s hot spots.

I have much greater appreciation for the President, knowing that he was fundamentally moved by seeing Assad gas babies. This tells me a couple of things about his ability to handle the sick man in charge over there, but also about his commitment to the most vulnerable lives among us–children.

I was equally pleased that he gave his generals enough leeway to make the decision as to whether or not they needed to drop the 28,000lbs hay-maker known simply as MOAB. With the death toll of that attack nearing 100 dead, and seeing that 100% of those dead are thus far individually identified as ISIS personnel, it was great to see the generals trusted to do their jobs!

Ask members of the Naval flight communities and they can tell you all to well how when flying missions above the enemy under Obama, they’d identify the enemy and radio back for permission to engage, at which juncture Obama would usually wait an hour to get back to them. Of course the cockroaches had scrambled the minute they heard the jet engines.

Obama described it as an era of “strategic patience.” Which before this last weekend my seven year old would’ve easily understood to mean, “I’m not required to clean up my act until I’m forced to.”

That’s how ISIS viewed Obama, same with Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea.

Which brings us back to Pence’s statement. “The era of strategic pateince is over.” My seven year old knows how to manipulate that to get what you want. Did the previous administration honestly believe that North Korea didn’t?

Now that China knows the President will at times stiffen his back they need to watch their own. Russia sees what we will do to someone who gasses babies. And soon the pacific fleet will surround North Korea.

There is no more “strategic patience.”

The EXPECTATION has become “strategic cooperation.” And North Korea is being told that if they do not play as instructed that additional disciplines can be hatched – in a blink!

Why Trump is $500 Billion ahead of Obama

He talked about it on trail non-stop. In his first two months he’s already made a significant progress in the opposite direction.

Only the first 60 days on the job President Trump has paid down $101,000,000,000.00 of our national debt.

See the breakdowns:

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Considering in his first 60 days Obama expanded the debt by $413 million, this is considerable improvement.

Extrapolating this pace across an eight year term, Trump would be able to crow about shaving 4.3+ TRILLION from the national debt. This would drop our overall debt owed to under $15 trillion.

Yet with all of his tax reform policies not yet in place this could possibly be low-tide for the debt reduction.

Private sector business professionals are always paying down debt as first priority. Refreshing to see this pleasant surprise in his first two months and am hoping to see improvement on this as reforms take place.

Why Trump Wars

In the disruptive era known as the Trump administration a war has been launched. It can not be considered anything less than this. Part of this is the fault of the previous administration. Part of it is the will of the masses who overwhelmingly elected the President. And a major part of it is finally having a President who punches back.

Critics look at the President and insist that he change his tactics, his strategy, and his methods. Supporters are so shocked by his ability to stand his ground, they grow breathless watching each day go by.

In only his first month in office it has become a literal blood sport. And I for one couldn’t be more pleased.

It is the President vs. the established media.

It is a battle as intense and as unrelenting as any President has ever faced in office. And perhaps for the first time in my life it is one where the media is both befuddled as well as seething with outrage at the resistance they face.

It is also one the media might very well be winning.

On Thursday of this past week I had occasion to be part of two dinners that evening. The first stop was a gathering of only six people. They ranged in age, socio-economic mobility, and all were well educated and highly skilled at what they do. A series of questions was put to everyone at the table. And to a person the answers given by nearly all except me were generalized summaries of what I have seen “reported” on some of the hot button issues of the day. Topic after topic, the answers were closely aligned to what one might read on the opinion page of the New York Times or Washington Post. As the conversation delved from the surface of several of the issues to the deeper facts to establish why their answers took the positions they did it became readily apparent that they in fact lacked a series of facts significant in scope to the matters.

My point is not to nit-pick my dinner companions that night but to rather point out, that to the degree that CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks, and several of the mainstream papers were able to project Trump, his policies, decisions, and actions in a certain light. Average news consumers that do not look much deeper than that reflected those positions.


Earlier that day I had been asked by Fox News to explain or defend Mr. Trump’s rationale in only selecting the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Townhall.com at his joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The broad stroke slant on the narrative of that matter by CNN’s Jim Acosta specifically was that the President was avoiding CNN and MSNBC out of “fear” in having to answer “real” journalists asking “tough” questions. Never mind the fact that Katie Pavlich of Townhall was the person who got the first question and leveled two fairly direct issues at both the President and the Prime Minister. And while CNN’s Acosta, and later Jake Tapper went into seeming editorial meltdown over Trump’s refusal to “play ball” no one seems to have noticed the previous eight years when a legitimate news operation like Townhall.com was disallowed a single question from the Obama White House. That same operation would regularly also freeze Fox News out of events, and on many occasions the President would attempt to isolate and marginalize Fox News in specific and repeated comments from the President himself. Yet for the totality of his time in office, Fox News never lost the top spot of the most watched, most accessed 24 hour news source in America.

Much of the smug elitism of the political left resides in established media. And why wouldn’t it? When 90% plus of members of the majority media class votes uniformly for one set of ideals and the party of those ideals are in power, there will be a comfort level with both the administration and with those who cover it that will often times look the other way on stories that should be investigated more deeply.

The press in America should be hostile to every administration, but in America they are only hostile to those they disagree with philosophically.

Mr. Trump is not only not of their mindset in this regard, but he thoroughly has open contempt for the cozy nature the press has conducted itself with in recent past.

And they have no idea what to do to counter him.

They plan to sabotage him in open press conferences, but he has demonstrated—as he did this week—that he is ready to combat them. If one only watched the network coverage of his pressers this week you might come away thinking he was flailing at every turn. But if you watched them unfiltered, you saw his readiness to command the stage, the issue, and the debate. Additionally the “established” media have also been relegated to an even smaller role in the day to day press operations. The administration has masterfully allowed entry and engagement into the press office by making six “skype” seats available at many White House briefings now. This allows a reporter from New Hampshire to San Diego to now get a question before them, and that further dilutes the influence of the “bigs.”

The President is also leveraging different tools in this war. He has some 46 million followers on social media. And he uses it. No one in the press has anywhere near that reach all on their own, so when or if they decide to print something he finds disagreeable—he responds. And they are not accustom to being disputed.

Lastly much like President Reagan, President Trump has a propensity to prefer talking to the American people. In the last several days he has hosted events at Boeing in South Carolina, and another in Melbourne, Florida that are not “official state business” events. Past Presidents have held such events but the tax-payers have always paid the price. So long as the speech given addressed some sort of public issue the White House at the time felt justified in the cost. President Trump is having his campaign operation pay for these events. Leaving the tax-payer free from the cost. And he is using such occasions to have a personal chat with American voters to keep all who are watching on track with what’s on his agenda.

The press despises the fact that in such transparency, (media not considered “establishment, social media reach beyond recognition, and willingness to go directly to the people) they are being rendered useless, and their editorial is beginning to reflect the acrimony of a jilted lover, instead of someone doing their actual job.

Make no mistake, if my dinner party in lower Manhattan was any measure, they are still wielding tremendous influence.

Yet it will be interesting to see how this plays out, because the one thing they never counted on is a White House that would punch back!


It was one of the weirdest series of events I’ve witnessed.

This past Saturday as George Soros began busing in “spontaneous” protestors to local airports, I reported the events as they occurred. On the night it was occurring I reported the facts of how many were being detained/released, approximate crowd sizes, and other such factual information.

Because I had little to no additional information I decided to withhold commentary until I did. You can see for yourself…

Hour 1, Hour 2

I did what I often do then, went home and fell asleep…

But when I awoke on Sunday morning, Christian missionaries I knew working with an organization in DC were sputtering obscenities, liberal friends were sharing steam-out-the-ears-emojis, and even some less diligent were posting befuddled confusion about what had happened on Saturday–the first full day of the new executive order instructing our security departments to pause immigration from dangerous areas, and to refit our vetting process.

Much of the bluster-sputter was because of a highly slanted New York Times’ piece that was high on emotion, low on fact, and off the chart in rhetoric. That coupled with an individual’s own overly-vexed anxiety that the media has been feeding everyone since November 8th could easily have accounted for half of all heart attacks on Saturday night.

Soon–and I knew it wouldn’t take long–some of us were able to dissect the issue at hand.

Reading the executive order in question is always a good idea… But why bother doing so when you already hate the President? I’d love for my left of center friends to answer this… Sadly they stopped reading when I mentioned the emojis (or was it the cursing missionaries?)

I digress…

David A. French, a near candidate who would’ve opposed Trump in 2016, a lawyer, and a man who served his nation in Iraq then penned the best analysis I’ve seen on the matter.

I also decided to have Mr. French on today’s show and he expounded on the legal, historic, and cultural ramifications of the order (good and bad.)

Also another 24 hours since, even though there were initially 109 total people detained on Saturday. All of them were eventually allowed to get where they needed to be. The rate of detention as of today is almost nil.

The administration needed to implement immediately so as not to send the signal to those attempting to use the refugee process to suddenly burst in under a deadline. And remarkably it is all but completely calm in the detention areas of airports now.

This didn’t stop actors at the SAG awards, Bishops/Pastors/Priests in pulpits, and lots of truly uninformed mouthpieces from sounding off on things they had nearly no accurate information on.

Which is sad really… if for no more than the sake of one’s own dignity.

But let me demonstrate some points that should give EVERYONE a much greater degree of comfort.

  1. TRUMP isn’t the first President to call for a pause. FDR banned Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Carter banned Iranians. Clinton banned Haitians. Obama banned Iraqis and Cubans. And in Obama’s case with the Iraqis it was specifically because two Islamic radicals had used our refugee program against us, had begun to recruit for ISIS, and were shipping weapons to their “brothers.”
  2. TRUMP’s order is temporary. 120 days for the worst offenders. 90 days for the slightly less. If the new vetting system is not in place by the end of the 120 it reserves the right to continue to pause on Syrian refugees. (Probably should also include Yemen because both countries are Islamic radicalization cesspools.)
  3. The majority of the order is focused on instructing the Departments of Defense, National Security, and Homeland Security to focus on finding the vetting soft spots and to report back on how to eliminate them. But throughout there are timelines that they must respond by.
  4. Green Cards will be accepted and Visas will eventually have greater validity. To be candid those issued under weaker rules most likely will not always be seen as favorably. But U.S. citizens will NOT be endangered.

In the time since lawyers for the Attorney General’s office in Washington state and attorneys for CAIR have filed a lawsuit against the order claiming religious discrimination. They have. It will go nowhere.

So where do we go from here?

The embarrassment of how unimportant this issue will be within the next week will begin to set in on everyone that made it ground zero of the meltdown of the century. That’s ok. We’re going to love them as if it never happened!

The Depts of Defense, and Homeland Security are going to begin compiling the information to see how vetting systems should be improved (as the order instructs.) And this is important because Paris, Brussels, Munich (Christmas Eve rapes,) Istanbul 1, Nice, Istanbul 2, Berlin, Istanbul 3, Chattanooga Recruitment Station, Minnesota Somali Mall Stabber, and Ohio State University Driver/Stabber, WERE ALL ATTACKS carried out by people that used the “refugee” story to sneak into the victim country and worked their evil once inside.

The Trump administration will win these court challenges. The law says the executive branch can suspend people from coming in from anywhere for any reason. History says every President that has had this challenged has always won the argument because… the law says.

The vetting system will be improved, strengthened, and put back together with greater confidence.

Immigration will resume, refugees will be welcomed. And the lives of both the immigrant AND the American will be better as a result.

Lastly and this truly may be the best part. Americans will see for themselves the pathetic con that the progressive left played on us. The marchers will see with their own eyes that things are better 120 days from now, and the nation will have greater reason to focus on the other significant challenges awaiting our new President and the nation he desperately hopes to help.

Don’t let your hate for Trump blind you to the truth of actual events.

You’ll never get back all the days of bitterness wasted in such a pursuit.


No He Didn’t

In the campaign of 2008 it was the battle cry of the new found optimism of the political cycle: “Yes We Can!”

It was everywhere.

The presidency of Barak Obama had been sold, like a product to a nation that was war weary, financially disturbed, and hopeful that breaking an historic racial barrier might also bring about a better psychology to a nation that had been convinced through an effective campaign that traditional American values were the problem.

Because there had been a financial downturn, and because the war on terror had dragged on and bogged down the nation honestly believed that a purveyor of “hope and change” would bring both to life.

By the end of his first term and with his only achievement being his late night, smoke & mirrors passage of the Affordable Care Act, it became clear that for whatever the pitch had been in the campaign he wasn’t going to do what he had promised–either literally or by implication.

Hence my best seller in 2010, “No He Can’t.”

Meticulous inventory of his pledges, paralleled with his lack of action. To date, the only additional thing he succeeded with (from the time of publication) was the eventual kill of Osama Bin Laden.

Historically and categorically it is easy to say he has been a failed two term President. Campaigned largely on dreams, and following through in as ineffective a way has been seen in the modern era–and that’s compared with Jimmy Carter, previously esteemed as the worst President ever.

Now we know that he allowed his secretary of state to do largely illegal things. He ignored the threat his predecessor warned of by emptying Iraq of strength that gave birth to the rise of ISIS. He demanded an agreement with Iran that gives them nuclear weapons a
on a fast track. And he’s turned the nation’s bathrooms into a judgment free-gender neutral assault zone that literally no one in the nation wished for.

All of that, however, was just up until the election in November.

I am convinced that President Obama will have done more to injure his legacy–and America’s standing in the world–in his final eight weeks in office than in the previous eight years.

He has attempted to throttle our own ability to find and use energy supplies that are by every right–our own.

He has pardoned and shortened the sentences of more felons than the previous Presidents of my lifetime combined.

He has stabbed one of our most precious allies in the back labeling them murderers, criminals, and occupiers.

He has consistently refused to respond to terror threats while making a show of supposed Russian hacks during the election–no worse than they have conducted for most Presidential elections in recent memory.

He has also added the equivalent of 18 new regulations per law for every federal legal statute on the books. (In short he added 97,000 pages to the legal federal code.)

He’s emboldened our enemies, he’s trounced our small businesses, he’s grabbed millions of miles for environmental whackos unproven theories, and he’s kicked our allies in the teeth at every turn.

“Yes we can,” was his election commitment.
“No He Can’t” was my best selling analysis.
“No He Didn’t” will be his enduring legacy.

Happy New Year America, a new leader has arrived and he’s already accomplished more as President Elect than his predecessor did in his entire term.

It’s time to Make America TRULY Great Again!

Kevin McCullough
“Binge Thinker”

When you vote…

When you vote in an American general election there are two outcomes possible.

There is a proactive consequence and a reactive consequence. In binary math the ultimate outcome is not the proactive outcome but the reactive one.

Primary elections are entirely pro-active. A huge field, multiple realistic options, and an extended season for candidates to raise money and make their case. Had the GOP hand-wringers really wanted to put forward someone that had a different resume than Trump’s they should have worked together proactively to do so. Cruz would have fit the perfect bill. He had the money, the organization, and a bit of the grassroots anger against the establishment. The GOP could have still sported an “outsider” for this disruptive election process, but with a bit more pedigree, and a heck of a lot fewer misfires.

But they didn’t… And now we are on to a binary election.

By the way… ALL General elections in which the binary formula is applied (one of two will be the result) the reactive becomes (by the laws of mathematics) the more important outcome.

Meaning: stopping the greatest negative takes precedence.

You should always attempt to elevate the greatest good in the primary. I know that I did that with clear conscience. But my guy did not win. And now defeating the worst option is what by necessity of saving the republic (or even delaying the decay) is what has to happen.

I’m not a Trump fan, I didn’t vote for him in the spring.

I’d LOVE for him to step aside and give it to Pence, or name Cruz…

I’d support any of those options and good deal many others.

But I would also take those names and people like them in cabinet positions, heads of committees, sitting on the Supreme Court, undoing the Iran deal, stripping the regulations throttling the small businesses of America, stopping Hillary’s quadrupling of Planned Parenthood of tax funds and abortions, and stocking our courts with constitutional purists as vetted by the Federalist Society.

It’s not 1 person we are electing, it is the 3000 appointments that go with it. It is a worldview. Ironically the guy implementing the movement isn’t the strongest on that worldview, but everyone he is putting around him is more conservative than any nominee of my lifetime. I’m not focused on Trump. I see the deficits. But every single person that focuses on him, removing the reality of what 3000 bureaucrats appointed by Clinton will render (Abedeen, Mills, Podesta) — are lying when they say the two sides are equally unacceptable.

They aren’t.


And my entire focus is defeating the reactive outcome of the worst option. And as a believer I do this with a clear conscience.

The SHOCKER of 2016!

Like you my Friday evening social media feeds got clogged up with forwards and retweets of a certain someone holding court on an Access Hollywood bus talking to “the boys” about “hot girls” and using exceedingly vulgar references in the process.

Almost immediately I began to see reaction to the lewd and piggish behavior.

Conservatives who have been looking for a way to help Hillary Clinton win just to spite the Trump campaign seemed to have suddenly found a voice. Invoking a sudden demand for purity in their candidate, most of them weren’t out there working very hard when they could have rallied around Ted Cruz early on. Now their pious pronouncements of “how can you vote for this man” seemed to not take into consideration that in not doing so you are working actively to install his opponent whose husband actually raped women and molested interns with cigars.

Liberals who hate Trump began crowing about how immoral it is for someone to vote for him, forgetting that their candidate of choice has a husband who still gets women in their twenties delivered to his penthouse living quarters while she is nowhere near the premises. That she stood beside him knowing his worst deeds were on going, and even attacked the women who spoke out about the mistreatment. She also provided legal defense for a known rapist while laughing at her ability to help him get away with it.

To date we do know that when Trump authored his book he crowed long and loud about his exploits of romantic and sexual conquest. The tape (which included the voice of the cousin of Jeb and George W. Bush egging Trump on) does not seem to indicate as to whether the male member measuring that was being discussed was anything other than stupid 7th grade adolescence. We have no evidence that Trump has ever forced himself on any woman. If he has, it should be as resoundingly condemned and prosecuted as any man should be under the same circumstances. No one should be above the law.

So how does this impact the moral question of which binary option voters of good conscience can support?

Well that is a question that should be answered by each person’s conscience. That the incident was 11 years past, that there is no evidence that Trump has ever done the things he said to the chums on the bus, that he has openly admitted that he has said and done many things he regrets and believes are wrong, that he is seemingly happily married and dotes on his wife—these are all fair points to consider.

Also fair is asking the question as to moral clarity “is there a difference between the two options for president?”

Certainly neither are saints but the question matters regardless.

One supports defunding the tax payer responsibility for the Planned Parenthood murders of pre-born children. The other said that she promises to quadruple the amount of tax-payer dollars Planned Parenthood receives. Evidently sixty million dead pre-born children isn’t enough for her blood thirst, so she figures giving two-billion additional dollars per year will satiate her.

One believes that our military families should always be granted the basic courtesy of being told the truth as to the welfare of their kin as they serve. The other abandoned our boys, lied to their families then shrugged her shoulders at Congress and asked what difference it made.

One believes in recreating all of society unto her own worldview and moral code through the leveraging of the tax code and punishing the most successful. The other believes you should be guaranteed your right to keep what you earn, and to allow the representative process we have to write the laws and enforce legality.

One openly admits his worst failures. The other lies about hers at every turn.

One says America is in trouble. The other believes America is fine.

No doubt the election trail of 2016 has been a humbling experience for Donald Trump and at times verging on humiliating for his wife and children. Being humbled and at times humiliated by our own failures is not a bad thing. In fact it has proven down through the ages to be a very useful motivation for changing one’s behavior and seeking greater sobriety out of life.

The shocker of this election season shouldn’t be that two sinners are running for office. All have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard.

The shocker is the rank dishonesty of his opponent, and the even stinkier rank hypocrisy of the electorate.

I don’t wish to be the moral nanny around the water cooler, but I have challenged men when a group have been ogling over a new staff member, or discussing someone’s “hot wife.” As men we need to be measured by much more than our appetites. And even a simple reminder that the women being discussed in such terms are made by God and in His image has often been a blow to my own conscience.

The shocker of this election cycle is that our two top candidates actually reflect with great accuracy the true moral state of the people of our nation.

They are the mirror of the people that elected them.

They are us, and we asked for them.

It would do us all good, to learn as much as can in this moment about our own hideous but hidden moral pitfalls and concentrate to the best of our ability to avoid them.

For if we want different leaders, then we ourselves must be different people.

And until we are we have little room to point fingers at others.

“Sell-Outs” Abound…

So Gretchen Carlson invited me to discuss the Trump outreach to Evangelicals alongside Dr. Robert Jeffress. 

He was an early endorser of Mr. Trump.

My assessment wasn’t as rosy as his, but I’m sure to labeled as a black list, heretic, sell out, for daring to state both the truth and the obvious: (click the image to watch)