Nope… The LEFT really DOES want us dead!

Has anybody had enough yet?

They are almost as numerous to keep up with as the number of attacks ISIS related terrorists have launched during the season of Ramadan in 2017.

Left leaning outlet after person after celebrity after elitist wants either Trump, his supporters, or his party’s congressional reps dead. Dead dead… they want them deadest of all the deads.

And they don’t just want them dead, they want them dead in violent extreme ugly ways of being dead.

Kathy Griffin was shocked to find out that beheading the President might frighten his young son. (Because in Kathy Griffin’s world severing the head of your philosophical enemy doesn’t seem extreme, distasteful, or cause for concern.) Beheading was also the choice of violence George Lopez wished to exercise against Trump, but wanted Vincente Fox to do it.

Mickey Rourke would like to bash the President’s head in with a Louisville Slugger.

Larry Wilmore, a defunct TV “comic” wants to suffocate the President–and went out of his way to say that he wasn’t joking, but being quite literal.

Marilyn Manson wants to be counted in the beheading category.

Pop-singer past her prime–Madonna–wanted to blow up the White House. Though we don’t know if she meant suicide bomber style or not. Fellow musician Moby also kills the President in an explosive fireball.

Actor Robert De Niro picked the most polite method of merely punching the President in the face. Rapper Snoop Dogg envisioned blowing Trump’s brains out in his music video. While the NYC public theater company just wanted to stab him to a bloody death in front of his wife. Actor Johnny Depp pondered assassinating the President while giving a public talk in England just last week.

But in addition to the direct desires of violence against President Trump himself, people that are perceived to be part of his party and “on his team” have been targeted even more aggressively.

Since May 1, 2017 more than 30 members of Congress & 2 U.S. Senators have been directly targeted and assaulted. Some as the mark of an assassin. Some through death threats, physical altercations at town hall meetings, and one even run off the road.

Any single act of violence is deplorable. Any single elitist actor or pompous pop-culture character inciting a violent end to the President is despicable (of any party to any president.)

But we’re talking about nearly 4 dozen attacks or expressed death wishes against exclusively the President and Republicans in less than 60 days.

At this point I could care less about their motivation or explanation as to why.

I just want them stopped.

Correction I want them to stop.

Actually both… either… I don’t care.

This isn’t an issue of free speech.

We are not allowed to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and to me publicly lusting for the death of everyone who disagrees with you seems more like a rule of thumb in Islamic jihad than it does the constitutional republic that IS the United States of America.

And a thought on what I’m not saying… I am not advocating that we pass a law that prevents them from saying such hateful things. What I wish for and hope that we could all agree upon is that such behavior is just objectively shameful and that we choose with our feet, dollars, and interest to not support those that hold these ideas.

Ostracizing Johnny Depp, gets Disney’s attention, and the rules of the free market can take care of themselves if we present the face to the world that his perverted obsessions of killing our lawfully and overwhelmingly elected President (33 of 50 states) earn him a trip to the leper colony.

What I’m calling for is a commitment by the public–WE THE PEOPLE–to abhor the abhorrent, to no longer excuse the explicitly inexcusable, and to call morally evil that which qualifies as such.

I understand that to do so requires us as a nation to draw at least one line in the sand to say that it is absolutely unacceptable to wish for the deaths of our fellow Americans. I also know that we don’t like absolutes in the days in which we live. To say that something is of absolute moral rightness or wrongness is one of the least popular positions to take in a society that is built on shifting ideas and the fear of being “unpopular.”

It is time to sound the alarm, for if we begin to accept the idea that our neighbor (at least the ones who disagree with us) can be “done away with” and we’d be “better off” if we did we are a nation that will have already lost every societal challenge we have to face, and in very short order will no longer be a nation at all.

We have always–as Americans–welcomed the rigorous debate, the vicarious battle for ideas, and the understanding that our differences can make us stronger.

The American left seems to have left these things in the dust as they seek absolute suffocation of anything that dares to challenge their group think.

Resorting to violence, death wishes, and assassination attempts is their wicked expression at recourse, and its time to make it stop.


Making Vengeance Great Again

There is a new export in the Tump Enterprises portfolio. 

Last week on twitter he bragged about a hotel he did not own in Waikiki. At his victory rally he also rolled out vodka, water, and wine that bears his name, and he daily claims business triumphs in everything from airlines to a university of higher education. Now there is another product that bears his name, likeness, and image.

Trump Violence.

The difference is, he has personally offered to finance those who end up in legal jeopardy for practicing it.

The cancelled rally in Chicago on Friday night was but the latest in a long series of evidence that points to physical danger when Trump’s persona and bluster run counter to those who happen to disagree.

In the last month at rallies where protestors got verbal but not violent Trump responded:
 “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

 “In the good ol’ days they’d have ripped him out of that seat so fast.”

 “Knock the crap out of him would ya?”

 “Seriously, OK, just knock the hell. I promise you I will pay for the legal fees, I promise, I promise.”

Nobody likes to be interrupted at their own events and its understandable that any person would become frustrated. But Trump in his frustration encourages those that are dealing with the protestors to “knock the crap” and “knock the hell” out of the people that are protesting him. He appeals to the lowest instincts of our human nature. 

He has the mindset of a mob boss. He feigns that toughness on the debate stage where he then feels the need to defend the size of his own manhood. He’s insecure. Bullies usually get that way because they are.

So is it presidential?

This narrative of Trump’s allowance of punitive violence to be exercised against those that seem to oppose him feeds the rhetoric that he’s a bully and incapable of exercising true leadership beyond that of brute force.

That in turn dismantles the entire caricature that he has painted of himself in this election cycle. He’s constantly posed as the “tough guy who will find solutions.” So is he going to be tough on Iran? Or cut a deal with them? Or tough on Mexico and China or more deals? 

His past has consisted of paying off whoever he needed to in Congress to get deals done. Who does he pay off when he represents us in the White House?

Trump is no innovator. He doesn’t use creativity to solve problems. He’s not even especially equipped in the area of thinking on his feet. His debate performances have demonstrated this in spades. 

He mumbles repetitive answers with little detail and has such thin skin that he feels he must respond to almost every perceived slight from opponents or moderators.

His most consistent claim through the campaign thus far is that he can strike deals better than anyone. That may be. Bullies are usually great in negotiations. Exploiting those who are weaker, dumber, and smaller than you doesn’t take a great amount of skill. It just requires larger resources.

It is however notable that Trump may be the thinnest skinned candidate to run for office. Lashing out at people is a habit for him. He does it because he has been able to his entire life. His inability to be criticized, critiqued, or in some cases just analyzed speaks to things that go beyond his control, and his response more often than is comfortable for me has been disastrous.

It is so because it speaks to a deeper issue, which is, the character involved in dealing with people.
Former FoxNews contributor and reporter for (the most pro-Trump website on the web) Michelle Fields saw such a bad backhand from the “taking care of business” attitude that #TrumpTrain gives off that she found it necessary to file assault charges against Trump’s campaign manager.

Trump’s response—even after evidence surfaced that showed his campaign manager pulling on Fields, and her social media feed documented the bruises that ensued?

He blamed the victim.

“I think she made it up.”

Of course Trump isn’t responsible for any of the bad behavior of other people. And it seems that around him there is an epicenter of justified violence that breaks out no where else. A thinking person might ask, “why?”

But while he can’t be held responsible for the initial acts, he can and should be held accountable for the responses—particularly irresponsible responses—that encourage more violence to be allowed, occur, or even encouraged.

Trump often likes to compare himself to Ronald Reagan.

The problem being that Ronald Reagan had an element of character that while it suffered no non-sense, his inner circle, campaign, and staffers never found themselves constantly having to defend themselves against accusations of physical violence.

Reagan even engaged protestors in his runs for President.

The one thing President Reagan never did was give a racist attending his rally a blank check for legal support for “knocking the hell” out of someone for merely disagreeing with him.