Olympics: “Genitals Included!”

Being a really great female athlete just got harder.

It also must really stink about now.

Title IX can’t even fix this.

The International Olympic Committee (which has had an impossible task of keeping performance enhancing drugs out of the systems of their athletes) has now sanctioned that men (complete with genitalia given at birth) will be allowed to compete against women.

The IOC believes that men who lower their testosterone level by a certain percent for a defined length of time have become sufficiently “female enough” to get to run, race, box, lift, jump, skate, etc against exclusively other women.

So now the organization that was caught looking the other way while Russia and China merely had a few athletes using some hard to detect performance enhancers, are now also expected to know and read hormone balances within the athlete’s composition to be able to determine if a male in every manner of speaking is sufficiently hormonal enough to be allowed to compete as a woman.

Without so much as having even demonstrated any commitment to the process as removing the actual member of the body referred to as “the manhood.”

Oh this oughta be good…

Human history is full of moments when truly some of the most insane ideas ever invented are made popular for some time, the ending of such ideas usually ended in throwing the globe into all out war.

Is this what we can expect when lawsuits and arguments and fisticuffs break out when actual women, (and by women I’m referring to humans born with natural breasts that can produce milk for children and are anatomically female in sexual identity from birth) start losing their individual events to humans that have muscle mass, bone structure, and leg and arm length and reach of men and used to be the third team for their respective nations?

And what’s to stop them?

If there is no more definition of a “woman” than merely the amount of hormone that you’ve manipulated a body into having or ridding itself of, why wouldn’t every nation on earth take their third string men and take win after win?

This is humanity’s ultimate collective stand against created order.

And yes I said it, “It is an order that was created.”

You God-reviling haters have had your say and you’ve monkeyed around with how families are put together and you’ve made our military your little laboratory for societal redesign.

You’ve even enjoyed having the President threaten to take away the federally funded hot breakfasts for children who live in poverty, just so that you could shake your fist in God’s face and tell Him to “eff-off.”

But here’s the thing. He’s not changing his mind.

When a child is born a sexual male, every DNA cell of that person’s body, skin, hair, saliva will read genetically as a male until the end of days.

You can chop off, tack on, cover up, lipstick, breast implant your way to absolute physical deception, but if crossing the street to get to Tranny-Prom 2019 you get struck by a bus and disfigured badly and die…

When the coroner does your autopsy he will write “sex: male” on the intake form.

The rest of all of this is window dressing.



And sadly quite destructive.

For it tells the .03% of the population who are genuinely confused about themselves that the most hope they can find–doesn’t deliver on what the sexual anarchists of our time says it does.

This absolute obsession with insisting that what was created is irrelevant to the purpose, life, and hope of a human being is one of the most destructive messages a human can hear.

You do… Matter!

You were created for great purpose, and all the ambition, zeal, and thrill that comes with finding it. 

The Olympics are laying the foundation for some of the greatest fraud, disrespect, and mockery to be leveled their direction.

They deserve every ounce of it.

This is what happens when from a scientific aspect you choose to ignore the most basic fact of human existence.

There is great freedom in knowing the truth.

It is shameful that the Olympics want no part of truth, and perhaps the world should reconsider what message it sends when it gives sway to such denial of exact science.

A Special Place In Hell…

I never thought that Madeliene Albright was all-that-bright when she was Secretary of State. But to be candid she never spoke much. Nearly always a sour look on her face a woman who honestly I barely have a memory of ever speaking.

Some mystery is good. It allows you to think highly of people (or at least more so) until they disprove it.

This weekend in New Hampshire Ms. Albright easily erased any even neutral feelings I may have been willing to credit her past stoic ways for.

Stumping for another former Secretary of State, Albright decided to go all out in the arm twisting to sex-guilt the women vote in New Hampshire.

Telling the women at Hillary’s rally that there’s a “special place in hell for women who don’t help women” the implication was: vote for Hillary or you’re off the Island. (As if any nice normal person wants to be on an island with Hillary and Albright to begin with.)

And it’s especially ironic that it’s being said in support of Hillary’s campaign. For was it not Mrs. Clinton who stood by while her husband continually cheated on her? Was it not Mrs. Clinton who stood by while he raped women? Was it not Mrs. Clinton who stood by him as he physically assaulted them–biting and tearing their faces until he had finished his sexual acts against them?

Was it not Hillary who stood by and then executed payback against the very women her cheating, abusive, rapist husband did his actions against?

Did she help those women? Is there a special place in hell for her?

While I was pondering the offensive ploy Hillary/Albright were implementing this weekend I also found myself on a documentary shoot.

Over the course of three and half hours on Sunday I shot the stories of no less than five women.

These women had all found themselves experiencing crisis pregnancies in recent days. 

Their stories were all so similar. 

Unexpectedly pregnant. Scared. And visiting Planned Parenthood clinics they came away saying “the people in that place were awful in how they treated me.”

Then all of them had found their way–via different paths–to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. This place is headed by my friend Debbie (a woman) who heads a staff (of mostly women,) who make it a sincere calling of their lives to help the women come through their doors.

They do ultrasounds, they offer lots of counseling, support, and readiness–BEFORE the baby arrives. They then continue with supplies, support, life skills training, parenting classes, post pardem assistance,  spiritual support, encouragement and friendship for long after the birth of the child.

In Hillary and Albright’s minds the “women helping women” in this narrative would clearly be the awful monsters at Planned Parenthood.

Likewise they would argue that because my friend Debbie and her staff (many of whom volunteer their time) are as much pro-unborn-women as they are pro-angry-oxygenarian women that they have a “special place in hell” waiting for them.

Not surprisingly it appears that Secretary Albright is as bad a theologian as she is feminist, or world figure. From a Biblical perspective Jesus spoke about a “special place in hell” of sorts when it came to those who would willfully harm children.

He argued it would be better for such to have a 2000lb millstone chained to their neck and dropped into the ocean.

Sounds hellish to me…

The truth is Ms. Albright and Ms. Clinton only care about women who will advance their own agenda. And if you fall outside those parameters they wish you dead. 

Or in Hillary’s cases, raped, assaulted and facially disfigured…